What Is a Secondary Point in Bass Fishing?

A man trying to fish

Bass anglers love to explore rivers, creeks, and lakes at all points although some of them may not be the most populated areas for fish. If you are an entry-level angler, you might get to know where the primary point may be, however, what is a secondary point in bass fishing? Once you find that, …

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What to Fish With in April for Bass?

An image of young man and elderly fishing on lake

Bass fishing becomes the sport of choice for anglers as soon as spring comes around. If you are also planning to fish for bass this season, you might wonder what to fish with in April for bass. When you have the right gear and a well-packed tackle box, bass fishing will become a success. What …

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Coronado Islands Fish Report 6/27/22

After devoting most of our fishing trips to bluefin tuna, and the expensive fuel bills and exhausting days that come with it, it was a nice change of pace to fish the Coronado Islands. There had been reports of a handful of Yellowtail being caught as well as plenty of Barracuda and Calico Bass so …

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Spinning Rod Length for Trout Fishing

An image spinning rod for trout fishing

Trout fishing on the shore or in lakes and rivers will have different requirements. You can start preparing for a fishing trip by getting the right spinning rod length for trout fishing. Although, first, you will need to decide where you are heading to! What’s the Best Spinning Rod Length for Trout Fishing? The best …

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What to Fish With in the Winter for Bass?

A man fishing in the winter

Bass fishing in the winter can be fun, and it challenges the anglers to enjoy the adventure further. You can head out to any lake with a frosty top and there is a chance you will come back with many catches if you know what to fish with in the winter for bass. What to …

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How to Grab a Bass Fish

An image on how to grab a bass fish

Bass gives anglers a good fight and can be fun to catch. However, if anglers do not know how to grab a bass, they may not be able to return them to the water due to mishandling or injury. When you go fishing, learn to hold bass safely. How to Grab a Bass Fish You …

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How to Set up Bass Fishing Lures

An image on how to set up bass fishing lures

Anglers have to improve their game constantly if they want to become better at fishing for bass. Catching bass is exciting and everyone wants to catch some big fish. If you learn how to set up bass fishing lures, there will be bigger catches and you will enjoy the trip! How to Set up Bass …

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How to Fly Fish for Bass in a Lake

An image of how to fly fish for bass in a lake

Bass fishing is the most adventurous type of fishing. Anglers enjoy catching aggressive fish and they put up a fight, which makes it more exciting. If you know how to fly fish for bass in a lake, you can make any fishing trip a memorable event. How to Fly Fish for Bass in a Lake …

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Best Yo Zuri Lure for Trout [2022 Review]

Best Yo Zuri lure for trout

Yo-Zuri has been making quality lures for more than 50 years, and each type of lure can give anglers success with particular fish species in the lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and sea. These Japanese fishing accessories have a way with trout. Before you go fishing, look for the best Yo-Zuri lure for trout and you will …

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How to Set up a Rod for Trout Fishing

An image of fishing rod

Some fish species are more fun to catch because they do not allow the hook to slow them down. You have to prepare for such species so that you catch them every time you throw the hook in the water. Before planning your next trip, learn how to set up a rod for trout and …

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How to Fish a Rattle Trap for Bass

Different types of fishing lure

Bass anglers constantly look for ways to improve their skill. While bass fishing is one of the most exciting sports, it requires some skills and supportive gear and lures to catch more fish, and bigger ones too. If you want to improve your sport, get to know how to fish a rattle trap for bass. …

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How to Tie Hook for Bass Fishing

Novice anglers enjoy every step of planning and packing for a fishing trip. However, tying the knot on the hook is a simple step that overwhelms most of them. Before you set out your sails to the middle of the lake, be sure you know how to tie hooks for bass fishing. How to Tie …

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