How to Fish Plastic Worms for Bass

Three pieces of red plastic bait with a silver hook were placed on a white surface

Bass are visual predators, so using live worms can be very effective as bait for them. Using plastic worms instead of live worms is a great alternative because it is more readily available in various shapes, sizes, and colors and they are easy to buy. This is why you should know how to fish plastic …

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Best Fishing Jet Ski [2024 Review]

A black and white jet ski placed on a vast body of water

Recently, jet ski fishing has become very popular. Flying across the water on a ski provides an adrenaline rush, just like reeling in a big haul of fish. Many fishermen, however, need to learn what kinds of boats are best for fishing. You can make or break your fishing trip by picking the wrong jet …

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How to Fish on a Jet Ski

A red and white jet ski near a white jet ski is on the shore with white sand and blue sea

One of the oldest and most common aquatic pastimes is fishing. Whether you’re fishing on the nearshore or farther out to sea, reeling in a big catch can be the pinnacle of exciting recreation. This is particularly true when you try fishing on a jet ski. Here is how to fish on a jet ski. …

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When Is the Bass Pro Spring Fishing Classic?

A person in a blue jacket holds a black and red fishing rod with a black reel fishing in a lake

All kinds of sports and hobbies must be celebrated and all enthusiasts should be able to see how the pros practice and what they recommend. Bass anglers look forward to events that help them learn more about this sport. When is the Bass Pro Spring Fishing Classic? Get to know so you can upgrade your …

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Best Spring Time Bass Lures [2024 Review]

A man holds a black fishing rod and fixes the fishing lure to fish in the lake

Spring time is the opening season for bass anglers, and everyone enjoys it because this species is hungry and ready to eat anything that they can find. The best spring time bass lures can help you get a big fish and enjoy the sport as it should be enjoyed. Our Top Spring Time Bass Lure …

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How to Rig a Lizard for Bass Fishing

A person wearing a hoodie is sitting on a brown chair holding fishing on a wooden dock near a body of water

Some lures are not discussed as frequently as others, and soft-plastic lizards are one of them. This artificial lure can give anglers success and if they know how to rig a lizard for bass fishing, they will want to use it every time. How to Rig a Lizard for Bass Fishing A plastic lizard may …

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Best Lures for Creek Smallmouth Bass [2024 Review]

Silver fishing lures with black hooks place on a clear tackle box on top of a grass

Some bass variations are caught all year round, and anglers focus on specific species during some months. However, fishing for Smallmouth Bass can be a year-round affair if you carry the best lures for creek Smallmouth Bass. These places can be rewarding if only your tackle is packed well! Our Top Smallmouth Bass Creek Lure …

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What Is Tenkara Fishing?

A man wearing a blue cap and a blue long-sleeve shirt is holding a black and brown fishing rod with a neon green fishing line near a lake

Fly fishing can be quite tasking. It requires a fair amount of preparation, from gathering the necessary equipment to learning how to tie the various flies and tackles. However, Tenkara fishing, a style of fly fishing, is praised for being both easy to learn and effective. So, what is Tenkara Fishing? What Is Tenkara Fishing? …

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How to Use a Jig for Bass Fishing

A person holds a freshly caught bass in the lake using a yellow and green jig with a white fishing line

Jig fishing for bass is a centuries-old technique and one of the most effective and varied methods of catching bass. While jigs can be effective for catching fish, not many anglers are aware of their potential or know how to effectively employ them. This is why you should know how to use a jig for …

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How to Use a Tenkara Rod

A person using a fishing rod with a green fishing line to fish in the lake

For many anglers, the simplicity, intuitiveness, high efficiency, and great presentations afforded by Tenkara rods are enough to sway them to try their hand at the sport. A mastery of the rod’s techniques is essential, and the basics begin with learning how to use Tenkara rod. How to Use a Tenkara Rod The lack of …

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Best Shimano Rod for Trout Fishing [2024 Review]

An image of fishing rod angler

When trout fishing, having the proper equipment boosts your chances of success as well as makes the fishing experience a seamless one. As a result, using great fishing gear, such as the best Shimano rod for trout fishing increases your chances of success and can make your fishing trip an unforgettable one. Our Top Trout …

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How Long Should a Tenkara Line Be?

Tenkara rod with yellow fishing line placed on rocky ground in a lake

The Tenkara line is a crucial component of your gear. With all the lines, colors, and sizes available, it might be challenging to get everything just right. However, it becomes a lot easier after you have figured out what you enjoy and what works for you. So, how long should a Tenkara line be? How …

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