Are Jet Skis Good for Fishing?

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Anglers around the world are always coming up with more means to make fishing an even more enjoyable and productive experience. One such method is the use of jet skis instead of traditional boats. However, are jet skis good for fishing?

Are Jet Skis Good for Fishing?

Yes, jet skis are good for fishing. Although they are smaller than regular boats, they are quite resourceful equipment when it comes to fishing. They are fit for different types of fishing, including jigging, drifting, and trolling, and are even considered safer than smaller boats on rough waters.

A green and white jet ski is on black sand near the big waves on the shore

To make the most of your jet ski fishing experience, you can accessorize your ski to make it more comfortable and efficient for fishing. These accessories include:

  • Fishing racks
  • Canopies
  • GPS, and 
  • Solar charges

Benefits of Fishing With Jet Skis

Fishing with PWCs like this offers certain unique advantages that conventional boats do not. Some of these upsides include:

  • Easy maneuverability
  • Increased speed
  • Easy maintenance

Increased Speed

PWCs like this are typically faster than traditional boats, thus enabling you to reach your designated fishing locations quickly and still have ample time to fish, especially if you want to avoid an incoming storm.

Easy Maneuverability

Even with their small size, these skis are surprisingly stable, making them very easy to use. In addition, their hulls are usually considered unsinkable. Therefore, even if the vessel falls into the water, it can be easily turned over by hand, unlike boats.

Also, the top deck of a jet ski is completely enclosed, so water can not enter the hull easily, and even if water enters the ski, you do not have to worry about sinking completely. This is because specific parts of the vessel’s hull contain flotation foams, ensuring the vessel remains afloat.

Easy Maintenance

Jet skis are naturally fuel efficient and require less fuel than regular boats, using just a few gallons of fuel per hour at full speed. Also, due to their relatively small sizes and lightweight design, skis are easier to store, clean, and maintain when compared to conventional boats.

Additionally, these vessels can be stored in any space, including a garage. However, traditional boats require outdoor storage or in marinas, where you are also required to pay storage fees. All these factors culminate in the low cost and ease of maintenance associated with owning skis.

Tips to Know When Fishing With Skis

While fishing with a jetski is not so complicated, it still requires adequate planning to ensure your safety and that you have the best fishing experience. Here are some tips to help you get started with fishing:

A green and white jet ski is near the small waves at the shore near the brown sand

Selecting a Location

The most important factor to consider when fishing is location, regardless of the vessel in use. If you are fishing in a large water body with active waves, rocks, and big fish, Then you might want to ensure that your boat is properly fuelled and in top condition to prepare for any eventualities or accidents while fishing.

Choosing the Ideal Fishing Equipment

Regardless of whether you are fishing with a conventional boat or jet ski, quality fishing gear plays an important role in the number of fish you will be able to catch, as well as your overall experience.

This equipment includes the most reliable rods, bait, hooks, and other features like specialized coolers for preserving your catch, fishing bench seats for switching from driving to fishing position, foot supports for when fishing in rough waters, etc.

In addition, a fish finder is another piece of equipment that might come in quite handy, as it uses sonar to locate schools of fish in different locations depending on weather conditions and other biological factors. Be sure to bring along safety equipment such as a well-equipped first-aid kit, a life jacket, a tow rope, a cell phone, etc.

Understand the Jet Ski Controls

Before you decide to fish using a ski, ensure that you:

  • Locate the POWER Switch
  • Identify the fuel gauge and ensure that it is full before you leave the dock
  • Memorize the controls of the ski: Forward, Neutral, Reverse
  • Get conversant with the throttle, which is the same as the gas pedal in a car. Remember that the throttles can be very sensitive; hence, do not be too forceful when operating your ski.

Related Questions

How Many Hours Does a Jet Ski Last?

Typically, 2-stroke jet skis engines last around 150-250 hours, while 4-strokes engines last 300-500 hours. However, the duration of hours of a PWC is dependent on several other factors, such as degree of use and maintenance, etc.

Do Jet Skis Flip Easily?

Yes, jet skis are quite easy to flip over when moving fast, which usually occurs when you turn too sharply. Hence, it is recommended that you slow down when taking turns. Notwithstanding, if your vessel flips over and you fall into the water, do not panic, as getting back on is just as easy.


Jet ski fishing is rapidly carving out a niche for itself when it comes to fishing, and this is because these vessels are faster, more cost-efficient, and generally enjoyable. I have provided you with helpful tips that could help you overcome the challenges of ski fishing, thus ensuring that you have an enjoyable and productive fishing experience.