Best Bait for Bed Fishing Bass [2024 Review]

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Spring marks the start of the bass spawn; the water temperature begins warming up and this makes it the best time to catch bass off of the bed. To catch the biggest bass, you’ll need the best bait for bed fishing bass. 

My Top Bed Fishing Bass Bait Recommendations 

The practice of bed fishing bass in the spring can be somewhat tricky. During this period, the nests can be seen on the surface of the water due to the warmer temperatures. Both largemouth and smallmouth male bass typically guard their nests against being attacked by other sea creatures. 

Frequently, anglers have a higher success rate of bedding a bass, however, the male bass tends to be aggressive which makes the bedding process frustrating. To catch largemouth bass, you would require the best bait for bed fishing that will make your hunt relatively easier. 

Best Bait for Bed Fishing Bass Overall: Xfishman Ned Rig Kit Finesse Baits 

The compact Xfishman Ned Rig Kit Finesse Bait is an impeccable bass bed fishing bait that gets the work done. This plastic bait is a lifelike imitation of a crawfish with different colors at the top and bottom which makes it a perfect clone. The design replicates a crawfish’s natural stance with ample claws for floating, an under tail, and an underbelly for sufficient glide.

Compared to other baits, the Xfishman is more realistic and likely to fool a bass within a shorter period. In addition, this bait features a needle-piercing jighead that clutches strongly onto a bass. This multifunctioning feature also aids in a movement when in water; it produces a slow wiggle while it simultaneously lunges to the bottom of the lake, another outstanding component compared to other baits on my list.

With this jighead, you are bound to overcome any tussle with either largemouth or smallmouth bass as it ensures optimum performance and high efficiency. On the whole, the Xfishman Ned Rig Kit Finesse Bait is a 35-piece assortment with a variety of bass favorite colors including green, brown, black and blue increasing your chances of bedding bass in any water condition. A major drawback is its durability because the bait isn’t made out of high-quality plastic.


  • Mirror a crawfish that will draw bass attention
  • Variety of colors makes it usable in either clear or cloudy water
  • Ample gliding action in the water improving fishing efficiency
  • Great hook size for bedding a largemouth bass


  • Plastic material makes the bait too soft, hence, it needs to be handled with care
  • Size is quite small and some big bass might ignore the bait

Best Grip Bait for Bed Fishing Bass: Truscend Pre-Rigged Jig Head Soft Fishing Lure

The Truscend Pre-rigged Jig Head Soft Fishing Lure, also known as the paddle swimbait, is equipped with a durable and extremely sharp BBK hook with an in-built magnet. These long-lasting hooks are concealed under the body of the bait which makes it invisible to the bass. Comparatively, the paddle swimbait design is innovatively structured to cling onto a bass more effectively than the Xfishman Ned Rig Kit Finesse Bait.

This product has a two-tone injection process at different areas of the bait that helps the bait to achieve perfect balance in the water. Furthermore, this lure boasts a three-dimensional specially designed paddle tail. This feature controls the lift-like action of an actual fish and further emulates its kicking action, providing sufficient activity to attract bass.

Also, the carefully designed fin helps to maintain a flawless swimming motion and an inconspicuous rolling action that beds several basses more than other lures. In terms of longevity, you have zilch to worry about. The paddle swimbait is produced with Polyvinyl Chloride; a high-quality water-resistance material that is ideal for fishing due to its durability. However, the bait is not very weighty and would not be ideal for shore or bank fishing.


  • Innovative two-tone injection process that effectively beds a bass
  • Modern high carbon steel hook that grips bass firmly
  • Three-dimensional paddle tail for excellent floating action in the water
  • Waterproof material that ensures durability


  • The magnet that holds the hook tends to be loose and this affects the movement in the water
  • It isn’t the perfect bait for bank or shore fishing as it is quite light

Best Multi-dimensional Bait for Bed Fishing Bass: Kohox Double Propeller Frog

The Kohox Double Propeller Frog is produced from high-quality silicone and carbon steel material that ensures durability and longevity. Its smooth and soft texture is perfect for spawning bass in all water conditions because it is bite resistant. The design precisely mimics a frog with a realistic posture and an impressive multi-dimensional coating that ensures maximum floating ability.

However, the Truscend Pre-Rigged Jig head edges this product out in terms of swimming motion. Despite this shortcoming, the Kohox Double Propeller Frog, as seen in its name, possess double propeller footboards. This feature allows the frog to swim flexibly on the water surface with its rotating flippers while creating noise in the water to attract bass, an outstanding feature compared to the Xfishman and Truscend.

Also, this lure comes with double ultra-sharp barbed hooks that make it easier to catch fish. Furthermore, this bait has a three-layer spraying process that enhances the realistic nature of the frog and its body strike. This design, however, tends to be misleading as it doesn’t have a definite color.


  • Produced from silicone which ensures durability
  • Rotating flippers create waves in the water that attracts bass
  • Realistic appearance and posture that mimics a frog, drawing the attention of bass


  • No definite color which can be misleading
  • The frog can get filled with water and may sink

Features to Consider in the Best Bait for Bed Fishing Bass

Oftentimes, there are subtle or no differences between these baits and they may appear to get the job done. However, these lures have varying attributes; a lure that caught your last bass may not get your next. For this reason, you should ensure that certain features are present in your bait for bed fishing a bass.

Xfishman Ned Rig Kit Finesse BaitTruscend Pre-Rigged Jig Head Soft Fishing LureKohox Double Propeller Frog
SoundNo soundNo soundRotating flippers creates sound
AppearanceRealistic crawfish appearanceMirrors a fishRealistic frog design
HookSuper sharp jigheadHigh carbon steel hookSharp barbed hooks


Bass on the bed are always protecting their nest, so they aren’t easily distracted by regular baits. However, they are exceptionally responsive to noise or any form of sound. They tend to be attracted to the sounds their prey makes and locate the sound source.

An image of different types of bait

This makes it more likely for them to take the bait given that they have received confirmatory sounds about the presence of prey. The Kohox Double Propeller Frog is a reliable bait that possesses this attribute.


Bass in beds is similar to human mothers right after they have given birth. They want to protect their own and for this reason, they are conscious of their environment. This is where your bait’s appearance or design steps in.

A bass in bed is more likely to be attracted to realistic baits which they consider edible. For example, the Xfishman Ned Rig Kit Finesse Bait mirrors a crawfish – one of their favorite foods any time of the year and would have better odds of attracting a bedding bass than bread.


During the spawn/bedding season, bass is usually more aggressive and challenging to take on mainly because they are guarding their nest. This aggressiveness would be translated into a major fight to get off your hook.

Given that bass are naturally aggressive, they would be extra aggressive now and you would require a strong hook that will firmly hold onto a largemouth or smallmouth bass. The Truscend Pre-Rigged Jig Head Soft Fishing Lure does a good job of gripping bass well. With its ultra-sharp BBK hook, you’re sure to get a score you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

An image of the best bait for bed fishing bass

Related Questions 

How Long Do Bass Stay In Bed?

Bass can stay in bed for three weeks to two months. Staying in bed typically depends on the water temperature that incubates their eggs and the spawning period during the spring. It’s also important to note that spawn periods vary. 

Why Is Bass Aggressive During Bed Fishing?

Bass are predominantly aggressive during spawn season because they are protecting their bed. Both male and female bass can be demanding to take on, however, the female bass is considered the chief aggressor.

Why Is Bass Not Biting My Bait?

Bass tend to be sensitive during the spawning season. They pay more attention to their nest during this period and rarely make moves because they are scared. Therefore, you would likely have to explore lure options or fish bass when it is not a spawning season.


Bedding a bass with the right bait will save you a lot of time by attracting a largemouth or smallmouth bass within a short period. Ensure your lure possess the must-have components and you’re good to go.