Best Bait for Haddock Fishing [2024 Review]

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Haddock is a tasty treat for everyone and anglers who like to celebrate their catch and love to fish haddock. If you have the best bait for haddock fishing in the tackle box, you will be able to enjoy a big fish without staying outdoors for hours.

Our Top Haddock Fishing Bait Recommendations

Haddock is a member of the cod family and can weigh between six and twenty-two pounds normally. This fish feeds on small bait at the bottom of sloping rocky beaches and shallow sea areas. If you have the right bait for this fish, they will come up for a strong bite in no time!

Best Overall Bait for Haddock Fishing: Hogy HMS .75 Heavy Minnow

The heavy minnow lure is the best choice for haddock because of the depth at which this species is found. You cannot rely on topwater jigs or even crankbaits that only submerge a few feet in the water. The Hogy HMS .75 Heavy Minnow is a great lure as it sinks down to the bottom of the water and looks like a small fish.

The hook attached to this metal lure is good enough to catch a big haddock, without injuring it. The durable construction and the reflective scale finish add to the attraction of the lure as haddock come rushing to bite. Moreover, this bait looks like a minnow, which haddock feed on all around the year.

The Hogy HMS is a shiny lure that will attract haddock every time. However, it is not fluorescent like Truscend Shrimp, which glows in the depths of the water. Nevertheless, Hogy HMS, and Goture Vertical Jig are similar in their finish and action.


  • Heavy metal core makes this lure sink deep where haddock swim
  • Works well in heavy winds and high tide
  • The treble hook has good quality, which enables anglers to catch fish without hurting it.


  • Only available in silver color, whereas haddock feed on various colorful bait fish
  • Made of metal and therefore may lose shine after a few uses in saltwater

Most Efficient Bait for Haddock Fishing: Truscend Swimbait Fishing Lures

The Truscend Swimbait fishing lures are some of the most reliable baits available for haddock. Although they are meant for bass and other feisty fish, these metal lures sink to the bottom and are shiny, which gets the attention of the haddock swimming near the bottom of the water. These lures have a high simulation movement and are shiny so haddock at the base of the water will be attracted to them.

The detailed finish makes this bait look real. However, when compared to the Hogy HMS, the Truscend are lighter in weight, although it still works successfully. This bait is suitable for haddock only because of the weight and finishes, however, it serves the purpose well as anglers can lower this lure to the depth of water and as it moves haddock comes close and bites.

The size of the lure is suitable for the fish to swallow it and get hooked without getting hurt. Furthermore, the Truscend has elastic between the breaks of the body that makes it move. The other baits for haddock are all a single piece of metal. Hogy HMS and Truscend Shrimp do not have elastic pieces.


  • The treble Mustad hooks on this lure are strong and are the right size for haddock.
  • The finish is real and can lure haddock like real bait fish.


  • The bait’s finish can get spoiled by the sharp Mustad hook getting caught in the elastic band.
  • If you lower the lure in water it sometimes drags on the floor and does not move naturally if the water is still.

Best Shrimp Bait for Haddock Fishing: TRUSCEND Pre-Rigged Jig Head Fishing Lures, Premium Shrimp Lure

Haddock feeds on shrimp, and that is why this bait always gets some big fish. The weight of the Truscend Pre-Rigged Jig is 0.4 ounces, which is less than the weight of Hogy HMS and Truscend Swimbait. However, it works well because of the colors and realistic appearance.

While the Shrimp does not have elastic pieces like the Truscend Swimbait, it has a segmented body that adds to its realistic appearance and makes it move. Haddock fish will be attracted to this thermoplastic lure.

The shrimp is a good way to attract haddock although it could be made with a metal center to increase its weight. If the bait sinks deeper in the water, it can attract haddock in a short time. Nevertheless, this bait works well and anglers return with big fish every time.


  • Available in many colors, which means that haddock will be attracted by each of them
  • The fluorescent lure helps attract fish in deeper, and darker areas of the water
  • This lure can stretch, which increases its bite resistance


  • The weight of this bait is not high enough for it to sink to the depth of the water body
  • The circle hook can be too big for smaller haddock.

Best Boat Haddock Fishing Bait: Goture Lead Vertical Jigs Saltwater Artificial Bait

The small fish lure that reaches the depth of the water to attract fish, Goture Lead Vertical Jigs are a great addition to your tackle box when you plan a haddock fishing trip. These lures are not only attractive, they also have the right size of hook.

The various colors of this stainless steel artificial bait contribute to the fishing experience as haddock come rushing towards it. Moreover, the seven-layer paint gives this lure a long-lasting look and you can use them repeatedly.

However, when you compare it to the Truscend Swimbait, this lure does not have a detailed finish. The Goture hook is a vertical jig, which means that it behaves like an injured fish when you pull it upward. On the contrary, Truscend Shrimp and Hogy HMS imitate swimming bait.


  • The various weights available in this lure make it all the more fun to use for haddock fishing.
  • Can be used for small, and large size haddock
  • This lure is suitable for anglers who target various kinds of fish


  • The ring is small enough for various kinds of lines
  • Goture bait is best for times when there is no water current, otherwise it takes a long time to sink.

Features to Consider for Best Bait for Haddock

When buying suitable bait for any particular fish, there are a few factors that can help you get the best bait that will add to your fishing trip. Haddock is a delicious fish, and many anglers want to catch this species because of the fishing adventure, and the rewarding treat.

 Hogy HMSTruscend SwimbaitTruscend ShrimpGoture Vertical Jig
MaterialMetalMetal and PlasticPlasticStainless Steel
Weight4.96 ounce1.4 ounce0.4 ounce2.12 ounce
FluorescenceNo, shiny paint.No, shiny paintYesNo, metallic finish


Since haddock swims deeper than many other species, the most suitable lure will have to be one that sinks to that depth. Worms, and topwater baits are made with soft rubber so that they can remain in shallow waters.

However, stainless steel or epoxy baits covered with various materials for finish may be a good pick for haddock. Hogy HMS, and Goture are made of metal while the Truscend Swimbait has steel wire that makes it heavy. Truscend Shrimp is made of plastic, due to which it does not sink deep in the water.


Haddock feeds on small bait fish or shrimps and clams. You can use any artificial bait that looks like food for haddock. Truscend Shrimp and Swimbait look like real shrimp and fish. The Swimbait moves in a way that it looks alive, and this makes haddock rush in for a bite.

Some plastic bait can have unnatural colors. However, if you select one that looks real, it will work every time and you will be able to catch haddock from the depth of the water. Anglers who go boat fishing can find numerous types of bait that look like real bait and can sink deep into the water.


Lightweight topwater lures or rubber worms will not work for haddock. Anglers should focus on getting bait that will look real, and can sink deeper. Haddock bait must be heavier than the usual jigs and crankbaits so that they can go deeper in the water.

Hogy HMS, and Goture baits are heavy, and can sink lower into the water. These lures will work for haddock because the closer they are to the fish, the higher the chance for a strong bite. If you use light bait, it will not be visible to the fish at the bottom of the water.

An image of a man fishing

The Fishing Rig

If you are fishing for haddock, you can use various kinds of lines with your fishing rod. These lines can be of varying thicknesses. However, if you use an artificial bait with a small ring, it might not be suitable for use with a braided line that cannot pass through the narrow ring.

For example, Goture Vertical Jig has a small ring and you can use it with a monofilament, or fluorocarbon line. However, you will not be able to use a braided line with this kind of lure, which otherwise proves successful for haddock. Match the lure with the line that you will use.

Type of Hooks

The hooks most suitable for haddock is between the size of 5/0 and 7/0. Anglers find treble hooks and circle hooks to be most effective for all kinds of saltwater fish. Hogy HMS, and Truscend Swimbait has treble hooks while Goture and Truscend Shrimp have circle hooks.

These hooks are sharp and strong. Therefore, they can take the water resistance and get deposited in the mouth of the fish without injuring it. Anglers find these hooks easy to remove as well, and that adds to the comfort of using them.


If a lure shines in the dark, it will work well for haddock. In the depth of the water, haddock will be attracted to any small fish that is visible. Anglers can select lures that glow in the dark, or have a shiny appearance so that the big fish comes for a bite.

Truscend Shrimp bait is fluorescent, while Hogy HMS, and Truscend Swimbait have a metal finish. Goture bait is made of stainless steel and the paint finish is also metallic, which makes it easily visible in deep waters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Haddock Fishing Hard?

Haddock fishing may not be as hard as other fish, however, since this species is found at a greater depth, you may find it to be more challenging. The right kind of lure and the right location make a difference.

How Do You Catch Big Haddock?

You catch a big haddock by using the right kind of bait. Some anglers prefer live bait, however, artificial lures also work well. You can use any bait that looks like real bait fish. Haddock feed on small fish, shrimps, and clams. If you select the right bait, you will catch some big haddock.


Anglers looking for haddock in the deep waters must select the best bait for haddock fishing so that they can take some big fish home. The artificial lures you select for this kind of fish should be able to go deep, and should have a few other characteristics that will make your trip worthwhile.