Best Bait for Tiger Fish [2024 Review]

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Fishing for the tiger fish species can be a difficult task especially if you’re doing it for the first time. To improve your chances of catching some of this freshwater predatory species, you would need to learn professional techniques and procedures, and fundamentally, use the best bait for tiger fish.

Our Top Tiger Fish Bait Recommendations

Similar to the South American piranha, the tiger fish is an aggressive predatory freshwater species with a menacing outlook that has a muscular and robust body with razor-sharp teeth powerful enough to tear through human skin. They are predominantly found across African lakes, streams, rivers, and the basins of Congo.

They also vary in size; the smaller-sized fish who hunt in schools and the goliath tiger fish which are enormous in size. Despite their intimidating outlook, they are relatively easy to bait and often feed on what’s available to them such as carps, tilapia, gobies, and clairid catfish.

Therefore, to capture this species, you need an effective bait that will attract them in no time. With my well-curated guide, you are bound to lure a tiger fish easily.

Best Overall Bait for Tiger Fish: Jmgook Multi-jointed Swimbaits

The Jmgook Multi-jointed Swimbaits is my finest and leading bait for tiger fish because of its exemplary attributes that seamlessly make it compatible for tiger fish fishing. This lure is superbly constructed with a sturdy ABS material partitioned into a 7-segment multi-jointed body that uniquely mirrors a freshwater fish, luring this species in for a bite.

This bait is further coated with life-like fish scales which are great for baiting the piscivorous tiger fish. It features a one-of-a-kind robotic gravity device that steadies the bait’s center of gravity in water and releases a sound that attracts mammoth predators like the tiger fish, setting it apart from other baits on this list.

To further enhance its effectiveness, the Jgmook multi-jointed swimbait is equipped with a 3D holographic eye and life-like swimming action that provokes the predatory tiger fish. This product’s flexibility is inimitable; it is ideal for both freshwater and brackish waters, as well as any water layer. Therefore, you can use this bait for any ocean fishing activity as it sinks slowly and flexibly. However, its floating ability is subpar and can be quite disappointing.

Furthermore, the Jmgook swimbaits come with a double durable hanging loop that holds a piercing hook at the base of the lure’s fin and mouth ensuring you don’t lose your catch. This hook’s alloy-steel construction assures maximum piercing action into the tiger fish’s mouth.

In comparison, the Skylety Fly Fishing Flies high-grade carbon steel hook pierces more effectively and latches onto the mouth of a tiger fish than the Jmgook Multi-jointed Swimbaits. For the most part, this bait guarantees maximum performance plus its distinct components makes it ideal for both professional anglers and amateurs.


  • High-tech gravity device that creates sound to attract tiger fish
  • 3D holographic eye and life-like appearance to enhance the realistic appearance to entice tiger fish
  • Suitable for any water layer, improving versatility significantly
  • High-quality and waterproof ABS material guarantees durability


  • Poor floatability makes it unsuitable for topwater fishing
  • The hook could be inefficient on occasion

Most Versatile Bait for Tiger Fish: Animated Lure Classic Self-Swimming Fish Bait

The extensive technological properties of the Animated Lure Classic Self-Swimming Fish Bait make it one of the most dynamic and versatile baits for tiger fish. Forged from the combination of imperviable metal and ABS stainless steel, this bait promises maximum longevity and durability.

Its outlook features a four-part segmented body fastened by metal hinges including 30 distinct skins with protective layers on the body to mimic baitfish which draws tiger fish to bite, making it stand out on this list.

The Animated Lure Classic possesses a water sensor and waterproof motor which are both powered by a USB-charging mechanism, and allow you control and keep tabs on your bait in the depths.

With a charge time of 1.5 hours, the charged battery powers the bait to create realistic swimming motion which can last up to 150 minutes in any water condition, allowing you to fish in effectively. This mechanism enables the bait to sink as deep as 82 feet, making it effective at targetting tiger fish. Once it’s submerged in water, the bait automatically begins to swim, making fishing hassle-free.

In addition, this impressive lure features a double sharp hook that would hold tiger fish firmly and is similar to the Jmgook multi-jointed swimbait, however, its stainless steel hook may not effectively pierce through the tiger fish’s muscular body.

Further, it is available in three versions; classic, mini, and saltwater. Each of these versions varies based on size, skins, and mechanisms plus they are ideal for lake fishing and saltwater fishing respectively.


  • Multiple skins and layers create a realistic appearance that attracts tiger fish
  • Modern technological properties that enhance maximum performance 
  • Suitable for saltwater and lake fishing implying versatility


  • Weak hooks hinder maximum penetration
  • It takes a long time to charge

Most Realistic Bait for Tiger Fish: Pumowu Fishing Lures

The Pumowu Fishing Lures has a well-designed lifelike appearance that it almost feels like it’s handmade. It is made from hard ABS material and adopts a multi-jointed body with bright pearl powder coating alongside a 3D naturalistic eye that simulates the attack of tiger fish.

To further create a realistic illusion, this bait possesses a built-in steel rattle ball that sends out sound waves that simulate the impulse of a tiger fish and forces it to strike. In contrast, the Animated Lure Classic has a farther casting device than this product.

When submerged in water, this lure swims excellently well; it adopts an S-shaped swimming action that allows for the bait to move in a lifelike manner which easily deceives the tiger fish. Comparatively, the Pumowu Fishing Lure has less swimming depth, 6 feet to 8 feet, when set against the Animated Lure Classic Self-Swimming Fish Bait, 75 feet. Irrespective of this drawback, the bait is flexible in water and sinks quite well. Also, it functions effectively in a natural tiger fish habitat including oceans, lakes, and any other water layer.

Additionally, it is equipped with an ultra-sharp metal treble hook on both sides of the lures’ body which is strong enough to puncture through the muscular body of a tiger fish. With this bait in hand, you will undoubtedly hook the tiger fish where you want it.


  • High-resolution body detail creates a natural outlook
  • S-shaped swimming action mimics real-life fish movement
  • Built-in steel ball creates bass vibration to trigger tiger fish attack


  • Limited variety of colors to choose from compared to other baits
  • Sub-par swimming depth may affect tiger fish fishing experience

Most Lightweight Bait for Tiger Fish: Skylety Fly Fishing Flies Streamer

The Skylety Fly Fishing Flies Streamer is equally as reliable and effective as other lures for catching tiger fish plus it has a high catchability rate. This lightweight wooly streamer is made of a high-grade carbon steel hook that captures the lower jaw of the tiger fish and prevents it from escaping quickly. Its realistic shape of a fly and swift movement in water helps to attract the piscivorous tiger fish.

This bait has a practical design and in comparison, it has the most range and variety of options with a total of 30 pieces per package and 5 color options including red and black which typically interests a tiger fish. Further, its design features a delicate and vivid feather which is exactly its prime component. When immersed in water, the feather makes an active motion that attracts the fish. Because of a tiger fish’s insatiable appetite, it is quite likely to fall for this bait.

A distinct attribute that sets it aside from other products on my list is its impressive depth limit.  Due to its simple structure, Skylety Fly Fishing Flies can sink as far as your line can go. However, you may lose this bait when fishing in larger water bodies because of its petite profile. Also, it can be used by novice and professional anglers plus it is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater. For the most part, this bait guarantees consistent returns and durability.


  • High catchability rate
  • Modern and simple design ensures swift movement in water
  • Variety of high-grade colors that attract tiger fish
  • Sharp hook that guarantees strong pull


  • Too light and may get lost in a large body of water
  • No sound to emit sound frequencies, limiting effectiveness

Features to Consider in Best Bait for Tiger Fish

Tiger fish is renowned for being ferocious and aggressive. They are one of many sea creatures that will certainly make you break a sweat. Therefore, you must be battle-ready by ensuring certain features are present in your bait that will help you capture the warm predator.

Jmgook Multi-jointed SwimbaitsAnimated Lure Classic Self-Swimming Fish Bait Pumowu Fishing LuresSkylety Fly Fishing Flies
Bait MaterialABS plastic and alloy steelABS and anti-corrosion stainless steelHard ABS plasticCarbon steel
Design7 segment multi-jointed body and 3D holographic eye4-section multi-jointed body with premium lookalike fish skinMulti-jointed design with 3D naturalistic eye\Practical fly shape
Swimming AbilityRobotic gravity device with lifelike swimming action USB-charging mechanism activates automatic swimming motionS-shaped swimming actionEnergetic swimming motion
HooksAlloy steel double sharp hookStainless steel double sharp hookUltra-sharp metal treble hook High-grade carbon steel hook
Underwater SuitabilitySuitableSuitableSuitableUnsuitable 

Bait Material

The teeth of a tiger fish are incredibly sharp and strong enough to rip up its prey in seconds and even attack humans. Its teeth have also been compared to a great white shark’s. Thus, their bite force allows them to effortlessly cleave their prey in half.

For this reason, your bait must be made from a sturdy material that ensures durability and can also withstand the bite force of the predator long enough for the hook to pierce through its jaw.

Tiger fish are also frequently seen in the depths of their environments. As a result, you’ll need a lure made of waterproof materials that won’t absorb water. The Jmgook Multi-jointed Swimbaits and Animated Lure Classic Self-Swimming Fish Bait are examples of bait with good bait material.


The outlook of your bait is paramount to a successful fishing experience. Fish utilize their excellent vision to locate their prey and tiger fish are no different; they are always fixated on their meal appearance. Consequently, you must ensure that your bait mimics a tiger fish’s go-to food in any weather condition or any water layer.

Luckily, tiger fish have an open appetite; they eat anything. However, they are also regarded as piscivorous creatures, so, it’s best your bait is mirrored after a fish. The Pumowu Fishing Lures and Animated Lure Classic Self-Swimming Fish Bait are ideal examples of well-designed baits.

Swimming Ability

Tiger fish predominantly live within the depths of waters that are well-oxygenated with a moderate to high current. Hence, you should purchase a bait that has excellent swimming ability for underwater fishing. The bait must also be able to sink properly and descend to the depths.

This ability is commonly powered by advanced technological components present in the bait. For example, the Jmgook Multi-jointed Swimbaits and Animated Lure Classic Self-Swimming Fish Bait both have premium tech features that enhance their lure’s swimming ability.


Hooks are indispensable features of good bait. As combative predators, tiger fish will always put up a good fight and resist being caught. However, with a strong hook, you can firmly catch onto the fish’s jaw.

Tiger fish have muscular bodies and penetrating them can be challenging. This is why your bait’s hook must be of good quality such as stainless steel and metal. It contributes to durability and enhances good catchability. Skylety Fly Fishing Flies is a perfect example of a lure with a reliable hook.

An image of a tiger fish

Underwater Suitability

Tiger fish are deepwater sea animals that are typically found in tropical and subtropical oceans and outer coastal environments. The goliath tiger fish is most likely to be found in Africa in large lakes and rivers in the Congo River Basins such as Lake Upemba, Lake Tanganyika, and Lualaba River.

Hence, you have to ensure that your bait is suitable for underwater fishing by being sinkable so you can effectively target your prey. Also, they are frequently found in moderate current which a sinking bait is ideal for as it targets specific pockets. The Animated Lure Classic Self-Swimming Fish Bait, for example, is appropriate for underwater fishing. It can sink as deep as 82 feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big Can a Tiger Fish Get?

A fully grown goliath tiger fish has an average weight of about 90 to 100 pounds and is about four to five feet long. It can take up to a decade for a  tiger fish to get this big. They usually have up to 10-20 upper teeth and 8-14 lower teeth.

Each tooth in the mouth of a Goliath tiger fish can be up to seven inches long which is almost as long as a great white shark’s teeth. The biggest tiger fish ever seen is a male adult that weighs 154lbs and is 4.9ft long.

Can Tiger Fish See Color?

There are no records or pointers that tell whether tiger fish can see color or not. However, like other aquatic creatures, they are likely to be responsive to red or black. In addition, they have excellent eyesight which is used to track and hunt their prey.

Is Tiger Fish Related to Piranha?

No, a tiger fish isn’t related to a piranha. Though they appear somewhat similar, they are two different species. A tiger fish belongs to a Hydrocynus zoological family found in African lakes and rivers while a piranha is a South American species belonging to the Serrasalmidae family.


Fishing for tiger fish will take a lot of hard work and stress plus their unusual temperament may make the entire fishing experience nerve-racking.  However, with the right bait, you may entice the predatory fish faster than normal. With the appropriate bait features and requirements, you’re in for a fishing adventure.