Best Bluefin Tuna Fishing in the World

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Adventurers and fishing enthusiasts are always looking for the best Bluefin tuna fishing spots around the world. Tuna is one of the most challenging to catch. For that, people can travel to new places and explore the coastlines that are not only scenic, but they are also home to the most active fish. 

Making a list of the various destinations is always a good idea. Starting from home, you can locate Bluefin tuna fishing spots on almost all the continents. There are numerous spots in America, as well other countries that you might like to select as your next big adventure.

The Best Bluefin Tuna Fishing Spots in the World

The one thing that every angler wants is to catch a trophy fish! The largest and most active Bluefin tuna fish are found in the Atlantic and Pacific waters. If you are ready to explore the rest of the world, the choices are countless.

An image of a Bluefin tuna

Westport, New Zealand

The Pacific waters are home to some magnificent Bluefin tuna that can weigh up to 650 pounds. There can be heavier ones waiting for you to try your luck and skill! While Hoki fishing is done commercially, Westport in New Zealand can be an excellent spot to catch big-sized Bluefin tuna.

Due to more focus on Hoki, the Bluefin tuna in this region is left unattended. The sea at Westport is not the calmest. If you are looking for some real adventure, this can be your number one destination.

Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island

The Canadian Maritime is among my top choice as you can find a whopping Bluefin here, and I leave the fishing force and challenge for you to imagine! This isn’t a tiny catch and can put you on the map of angler champions.

The Nova Scotia coastline in the Northern Atlantic waters is a good spot for undisturbed and big-sized Bluefin, so try and make the most of it. Anglers have caught many granders-plus in this region. Try your luck as you enjoy the beauty of this place.

Canary Islands, Spain

Spain is known for its friendly people, and the Spanish archipelago welcomes you to discover the most exquisite Bluefin tuna. You might not find the best boats here because not many people go fishing off the coast when there is European history to discover in the country.

Anglers can never miss this spot as Bluefin tuna around the islands weigh between 300 to 900 pounds, which is good enough for any enthusiast! Brace yourself for the fast-moving tuna here, as they come in between March and May and are some of the earliest arrivals every fishing season.

A Bluefin tuna in a body of water

Sardinia and Sicily, Italy

Another European beauty with the Mediterranean waters on the Western side, the Island of Sicily is an excellent destination for nature lovers and anglers. The best time is between May and December when the Bluefin tuna is active and ready to give you some serious competition.

With the Mediterranean coast nearby, Sardinia Island is a great place to enjoy some traditional Bluefin tuna fishing. Fish among the natives who have carried on this summer celebration for over six centuries.

Fishing enthusiasts and tuna anglers always want to raise the bar and enjoy the adrenaline rush from catching the big Bluefin in exotic islands and faraway places. If you are one of them, choose one of these places and add it to your photo albums.

The Top American Destinations for Bluefin Tuna Fishing

The coast of America is home to numerous fish species and anglers can find many cozy spots to ensure success. Apart from the renowned spots, there are many choices for Bluefin anglers around America.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod is an excellent spot and ranks high for the best Bluefin tuna fishing, and not just cod. The New England coast, Cape Cod, and the Atlantic shores are great for Bluefin fishing.

Anglers travel to this state and enjoy the summer sun while the tuna give them a good fight before giving in. You will be posing with some big catches this summer if you plan a fishing trip at Cape Cod this year.

Florida Keys

How can I miss the Sunshine State when I talk about Bluefin tuna fish! Florida has some of the grandest Bluefin tuna in America. The best Bluefin tuna fishing in the world includes this scenic spot, not only because it is a good holiday destination! The fishing season here lasts till October.

While the southern coast of the United States is famous for Yellowfin tuna, you will feel lucky if you select the right time for some Bluefin tuna fishing! The Florida Keys gets the best of both worlds as you can go off the coast of the archipelago, and catch all Bluefin as well as Yellowfin tuna!

An image of a freshly caught Bluefin tuna

Tuna Fishing Permits and License Acquisition

All anglers must ensure before their big adventure that it is always best to go by the law! Be sure to take a look at the license permissions in different places before you set up camp. For every country, and every fishery spot, the rules can be different.

For example, if you are planning a trip to the Canary Islands, get to know the fishing rules and license information so that when you are ready to take a picture with your big catch, there are no cops in the background!

Similarly, the Canadian Maritime also has regulations and fishing seasons marked out for all anglers who fish for pleasure. You will have to ensure that the hired vessel is licensed and registered so that you can avoid any complications.

It is always best to leave home after comprehensive research on what you will be allowed and what will remain strictly forbidden. The best bluefin tuna fishing in the world can never be without rules!


The best Bluefin tuna fishing in the world is not a tedious search as you will find a lot of destinations in the Atlantic and Pacific regions. A list of the best places, where big-sized and speedy bluefin tuna is an attraction for anglers, can be useful to make the most of this season.