Best Early Spring Pike Lures [2024 Review]

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Spring pike fishing is fun because it comes for a quick bite, and no matter how many baitfish are out there, there will still be enough hungry pike for you to catch. The best early spring pike lures will get you some big fish.

My Top Early Spring Pike Lures Recommendations

Pike fishing in spring is an adventure because pike are hungry and feed heavily during this season. Every lure will not work for this fish because it will only chase the plastics that imitate natural baitfish.

Best Early Spring Pike Lure Overall: Rapala X Rap Jerkbait 08 Fishing Lures

The synthetic material Rapala x Rap Jerbait comes in size eight, which is a convenient hook size to catch pike. This lure is lightweight, available in natural colors and moves like a clownfish. These features make them a good attraction for pikes.

The Rapala has two treble hooks while the Suick Thriller has three. However, the synthetic material of this lure makes it move naturally and you can catch pike every time. This lure looks like a real fish while the Mepps lure is not shaped like a bait fish, that increases your chances of success.

One thing that the manufacturer can improve with this bait is durability. Over a while, this lure loses the eyes, and the hooks bend. If you use this lure with a heavier or more aggressive fish like bass or trout, the lip comes off, and the lure begins to look like a flexible piece of plastic.


  • Running depth of three to eight feet is suitable for pike fishing in most lakes and ponds.
  • The darting action of this lure will get the fish every time.
  • Darting action makes this lure better than all the other options.


  • This lure comes with treble hooks only, and anglers who are more comfortable with J hooks will find it challenging to release.
  • Rapala requires a certain level of expertise and may not be suitable for entry-level anglers or first-time pike fishing.

Best Early Spring Pike Lure for a Quick Catch: Suick Thriller Hi Jerkbait

Since the 1930s, Suick Thriller Jerkbait has been the partner for anglers looking for pike. This season means hungry pike, and an aggressive bite. Moreover, the fight from the hooked pike is also a challenge that only a sturdy lure can combat.

The quick action of this lure combined with the retrieving action of the line makes pike bite hard into it and get caught. These lures are not as detailed as the Rapala X and look like a green worm, however, do not underestimate the success rate of this lure!

This lure is easy to use and is sturdier than the Rapala X, which can become a little technical to retrieve and unhook. Unfortunately, the Suick lure is available in sizes eight and nine only while Black Fury comes in many sizes.


  • Comes in two different colors: chartreuse and fire tiger, which are good bait for pike.
  • Has a fixed eye and so you don’t spend a lot of time in tying the knot.
  • The paddle tail and minnow imitation makes this lure highly attractive for hungry pike.
  • Suick has the suitable size for pike fishing.


  • The Suick Thriller is now made in plastic and may not be easy to unhook.
  • The older lures were sturdier than the present ones, as they were made from wood.

Best Early Spring Pike Spinning Lures: Mepps Black Fury

The best lures to use with spinning rods, the Mepps Black Fury is made of blended material that can tolerate the hungry early spring pike’s strong bite and the intense fight that follows. This lure will help you catch aggressive pike because of its matching strength.

While Suick and Rapala X are baitfish imitations and move to attract pike, the Fury does not look like fish and does the work well. The treble hook catches the fish, and since the shank of this lure hook is longer, anglers can release it from the fish quickly.

One thing that may put some anglers off is that this lure comes in various sizes, and the labeled sizes are not according to the universal hook and lure size. Moreover, you might want to use a soft plastic lure and move like natural baitfish.


  • Easy to tie and quick to use, so will save your time.
  • The treble hook on this lure is high-quality and ensures a secure catch.
  • Black Fury comes in various sizes, which can help with fishing in different depths.


  • The hook can snag the inside of the pike’s mouth.
  • The packages are not labeled correctly, and you may buy the wrong size.

Features to Consider for Best Early Spring Pike Lures

Anglers can consider some common factors when buying the best lures for pike fishing in early spring. Before buying pike lures, understand what makes a particular brand and model the right choice.

NameSize for PikeColor OptionsAction
Rapala X LuresSize 8Comes in 2 colorsActs like clownfish
Suick ThrillerSize 9Comes in one colorImitates small fish
Mepps Black FurySize 5Comes in 5 colorsDoes not imitate fish, best for spinning.

When you select lures for pike, look for the following features so that you can catch big fish. In spring pike are hungry and can swim a significant distance to get to the bait. Keeping the behavior of fish in mind, be sure to select the lure that offers the following.

Lure Action

If the lure action is good, it can catch some big fish for you. Rapala X is an excellent addition to your tackle for pike because it can cast far, and you can retrieve it at any speed. Some lures are not sensitive to a light tap or twitching, although the Rapala X will move like a real fish when you slightly twitch it.

Similarly, the Suick lures are close to nature and bob in and out of the water to attract hungry pikes. The triple hook points are a sure shot for pike during this season. These lures are an excellent choice because they have been around for so long, and that proves their success with pike.

Different fishing lures

Easy to Use

Anglers will find it easy to work with a lightweight and easy lure for pike fishing. Black Fury is tied to the line without any difficulty. The free movement of this lure makes it an attractive lure for pike, and anglers can catch fish sooner than they expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color of Lures Work Best for Pike?

The natural-looking lures work best for pike. The silver, gray, white, and green baits look real, and if the movement is also natural, pike will come for a bite—the fish-shaped lures made with soft plastic work best for pike.

Why Does Early Spring Require Different Lures?

Pike behaves differently in all seasons. In spring, it begins to feed aggressively after a long winter. Therefore, you will need lures that move like real fish so that the hungry pike comes to take a bit.


The best lures to fish for pike in early spring can make your fishing trip a big success. Be sure to select the proper pike lures for this season when the fish feeds hungrily and will come for a natural-looking lure quickly.