Best Fishing Lures for Bass in Cold Water [2024 Review]

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Bass fishing is always a pretty exciting adventure even for experienced anglers. However, fishing for bass is a different ball game and without the correct lure, you may go hours without a big catch. So, what are the best fishing lures for bass in cold water?

My Top Bass Cold Water Fishing Lures Recommendations

There are not many lures that are suited for cold water bass fishing, and choosing the incorrect one puts you at a disadvantage. However, I have carefully selected the best bass fishing lures for cold water to ensure that you would not be stumped while making a choice.

Best Overall Cold Water Fishing Lure For Bass: Basskiller Minnow Lure

This lure is a certified bass killer as the name clearly states. The Basskiller Minnow Lure has a designated fixed weight that improves durability and stability for catching bass in cold water depths.

The fixed weight of the Basskiller lets you cast a great distance, and the lure falls to the depths, tempting any bass that may be congregating among the foliage and rocks. The basskiller is lighter than the Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait. However, this has no bearing on its ability to descend to the depths.

Unlike the BOOYAH Pond Magic, which is a single lure, the Basskiller comes in three pieces, ensuring that you get to enjoy product use for a long time.

This lure also features sturdy hooks that are strong enough for large captures and ensure that you do not lose your fish, as well as appealing colors that attract bass on deep seas. The split rings may break when the lure is attacked by a large catch, which is a disadvantage of this bait.


  • It comes with a fixed dedicated weight that encourages depth fishing and enforces durability
  • Quite colorful which is useful for attracting bass in both muddy and clear cold water


  • Split rings may break upon pressure from a big catch
  • The lure may get stuck amongst thick vegetation due to weight and sharp hooks

Best Durable Cold Water Fishing Lure For Bass: Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 Fishing Lure

The Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait is your best pick if you are looking for a sturdy lure for cold water bass fishing. It rattles like a crankbait and can survive large bass strikes.

During the winter, foliage decreases, making lures more appealing to fish. The Rapala is available in a variety of colors, including gold, glass ghost, multi, and hot steel, which aid to attract bass and result in a good fishing experience.

The Rapala X-Rap has two hooks on the tail and one on the body, whereas the BOOYAH Pond Magic only has one hook. This makes it effective in various water depths and allows you to make multiple catches with a single cast. The Basskiller Minnow Bait weighs less than this lure and this bass catcher only goes as deep as 8 feet, preventing it from being used for fishing in major depths.

As durable as the Rapala is, one disadvantage is that it may not be suitable for amateur anglers.


  • It is lightweight, leaving anglers comfortable even after the usage for an extended period
  • It comes with dual hooks which give you the opportunity of more than one catch for a single cast


  • It isn’t suitable for use by all anglers
  • Not suitable for bass fishing in extreme depths

Best Spinnerbait Cold Water Fishing Lure For Bass: BOOYAH Pond Magic Small-Water Spinner-Bait Bass Fishing Lure

The Booyah Pond Magic is a little lure with a powerful impact. It has a matching head and a unique color pattern that attracts bass, as well as a colorful skirt that appeals to any bass in the vicinity.

The Booyah bait is lighter and brighter than the Rapala X-Rap lure. This does not stop this lure from going deep, and it has been known to be used to catch bass as deep as 7 feet below the surface.

This lure’s slow retrieve causes vibrations in the water, simulating a wounded fish, which improves visibility and boosts the odds of a nice capture. In comparison to the Rapala, which has two hooks, the Booyah only has one hook, reducing the chances of a firm grip.

The paint on the blade on the Booyah Pond Magic tends to peel off after a while, resulting in the loss of one of its most formidable qualities – its colors. Save this one for later; the Booyah is an excellent cold-water lure.


  • It is more colorful which leads to a higher attraction from bass species
  • By creating vibrations in water, it mimics an injured fish, luring predatory bass and this will eventually lead to a good catch


  • Colors may peel off after a while, leading to a loss of its major feature
  • You might require a new one after some months of usage due to the lure’s inability to survive multiple attacks from big bass

Features to Consider for Fishing Lures for Bass in Cold Water

There are some features you should look for before visiting that online store or local store near your home for any cold-water fishing lure for bass. These characteristics influence how much you can get out of the lure and how successful your cold-water fishing will be.

Rapala X-RapBooyah Pond MagicBasskiller Minnow
Lure ColorGoldMoss Back CrawMulticolor
Lure Depth8 feet3-7 feet5-12 feet
Bait TypeJerk BaitSpinner BaitCrank Bait

Bait Type

There are a number of baits that are suitable for cold-water fishing, however, some do better than others as a result of features like design or adaptability of use.

A close-up image of the best fishing lure


Crankbaits are good for fishing in cold water and they are similarly robust. This bait can readily get to the depths where bass are known to stay when the water is chilly and they also ensure that you don’t lose your catch from whatever water depth you captured the fish. The Basskiller Minnow Lure is your best bet on crankbaits.

They are also colorful and can be used in both clear and muddy water. All you have to do with this bait is reel it in gently. Dropping the bait right in the middle of the area where you think these fish are can also be effective.


This bait is extremely adaptable. This means you can use it throughout the year. Spinnerbaits use a vibrating technique to fool larger fish into thinking a smaller one has been harmed. This is excellent for bass since their movement is restricted in cold water, and they must be forced to bite, which this bait can do with ease. A good example is the Booyah Pond Magic.


The jerk bait should be what you are searching for if you want to catch bass that doesn’t hide in the vegetation, and instead, roams close to it, waiting for a smaller fish to come along and feed them. Pushes and pumps are used to entice fish, and they are successful in catching bass from depths of 20 feet or more. The Rapala X-Rap is one of the best jerk baits available.

Lure Depth

Another thing to keep an eye out for is this feature. Because of the cold water, an ideal lure must be able to catch bass in deeper water depths. As a result, using a shallow water lure would be incorrect because these species rarely swim in shallow chilled water.

A lure with a depth of at least 7 feet will suffice. However, a lure with deeper depth would be preferable such as the Basskiller Minnow.

Lure Color

You would need to do everything you can to get that bass to take the bait while fishing in cold water. As a result, an appealing lure is your best chance. When your lure is brightly colored, such as black, green, chartreuse, or a combination of these and other dark hues, your chances of catching a bass increase.

An image of the best fishing lures for Bass in cold water

This aspect is also crucial since a bright lure like the Rapala X-Rap can penetrate deep even if the water is murky or unclear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Active Are Bass in Cold Water?

Bass is not very active in cold water, however, they are cold-blooded so they may adapt better than some other species. They would typically come to shallow water for food and back to the depths where they have more oxygen and are more comfortable. Generally, bass is not very active irrespective of water conditions.


Bass fishing in the winter can be difficult due to the bone-chilling temperatures and lack of activity from these species. However, this should not prevent you from getting a good catch, and with the right lure in hand, you can be well on your way to doing just this.