Best Flathead Trolling Lures [2024 Review]

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Trolling is not as simple as casting a bait, making it run a short distance, and hooking up a big fish. The technique, use of bait, and even the selection of the location are crucial. When you are targeting flathead, the first step is to get the best flathead trolling lures. Things can get easier from there.

Our Top Flathead Trolling Lure Recommendations

Trolling is not a new concept. However, if you select the right lures to carry out this technique of fishing, things can get interesting. The best flathead trolling lures ensure that you get big catches and you also enjoy the sport. Ultimately, fun and success are synonymous when you are using this fishing method with the correct tackle.

Best Overall Trolling Lure for Flathead: Yo-Zuri Bonita Trolling Sinking Lure

Since you will be trolling for flatheads in the shallow sea areas, the Yo-Zuri Bonita Trolling Sinking lure will work well. This lure will hit the bottom of the shallow area, and that will create a frenzy that flatheads will not be able to refuse!

The dark shades of blue and purple make this lure different from the Seiranlure, which comes in a metallic finish and the Rebel Teeny Wee, which is also bright colored although it is not as dark as the Yo-Zuri. The construction of this lure is plastic, while the other two lures mentioned are metal and blend material.

Yo-Zuri is a reliable lure brand and this bait is long-lasting and made to take the strong bite. The circle hook, or treble hook choice improves the chances of catching flatheads. The Seiranlure and Rebel Teeny have treble hooks unlike the Yo-Zuri.


  • The depth of this lure is more so it can get more flatheads to notice it
  • The fast trolling action makes this lure move naturally, which gets a quick catch


  • There is too much tension in the line as this lure goes deeper in the water and this can cause a break
  • The paint can come off after a few uses and that makes this lure useless

Best Metal Lures for Flathead Trolling: Seiranlure Saltwater Jigs

The Seiranlure Saltwater jig might confuse novice anglers as jigging is different from trolling. However, this lure is designed to move naturally when moved in water at high speed. The short, and quick movement of this bait is similar to the Rebel Teeny Wee.

Although the finish of this lure is bright and shiny unlike the Rebel Teeny Wee, the size is better and it attracts flatheads from the bottom of the shallow seas due to its bright chrome finish rather than movement only.

The construction of Seiranlure is metallic while the Rebel Teeny and Yo-Zuri are blend and plastic material respectively. The movement of this lure depends on the fast trolling action, however, this lure can sink to a greater depth than three feet. Yo-Zuri can go deep in the water as well, although Rebel Teeny is more of a surfer.


  • Multi-layer finish ensures that the lure will remain new despite use in saltwater
  • Three hooks on this lure mean more chances of catching fish
  • High-speed movement means flathead is bound to notice it and come for a bite


  • Use in rocky sea areas can chip the paint
  • The lure has a strong paint smell that may not attract fish

Best Flathead Trolling Lure for Quick Catches: Rebel Super Teeny Wee R

The Rebel Super Teeny Wee is available in various colors that attract flatheads, and due to their light construction, you can use them for trolling in shallow areas in the sea. Flatheads get attracted to these colorful and fast-moving baits.

The lightweight lure is easy to work around difficult spots such as rocks, submerged timber, and plants. This lure has a puffed-up look, which makes it irresistible for hungry flatheads. The wiggling action of the lure is attractive, and it creates a frenzy when the boat leads it through an area at high speed.

This lure works better than all others because of this wiggling action. Flatheads at the bottom of shallow sea spots can see the bright lure moving actively near the surface. While the Seiranlure and Yo-Zuri are also fast lures, they create more commotion than the Rebel Super Teeny Wee.


  • Two treble hooks for a better chance of hooking up,
  • Bright colors that attract flatheads
  • The blend material makes this lure capable of going through rocks and heavy plants.
  • Is best for shallow trolling because it can go up to three feet deep in the water.


  • The treble hooks are small for flathead, and you may have to change them
  • The Teeny Wee is so small that if a fish swallows it, you will have to remove it from its throat or belly.

Factors to Consider for Best Trolling Lures for Flathead

NameYo-Zuri Bonita Trolling Sinking LureSeiranlure Saltwater JigRebel Super Teeny Wee
DepthCan go more than five feet deepCan go up to three feet deepStays near surface
Hook TypeTreble or circleTrebleTreble

Whenever you think of buying lures for trolling for flatheads, you have to keep a few factors in mind. These factors will help you select the best option, and the results will be much more fruitful. Every lure is designed for a catch. However, which one can be the most suitable for you?

A person holds a green flathead lure in his left hand in a dim lit room

Depth of the Water

When you are fishing for flathead, the depth of the water is an essential statistic as this fish is found near the bottom of the water. You will have to see which lure can go deeper and which one will remain at the surface. For example, the Yo-Zuri can go deeper than the other two baits, so you can choose that if you are going to fish in a deeper area.

The action of the Lure

The action of the lure plays a crucial role in how it will behave in water. Metal lures can go deeper. However, some blend and plastic lures have the same action, so they sink deep when moved fast. The Rebel Super Teeny is a blend material, while Seiranlure is metal and Yo-Zuri is plastic. All of them are fast action.

Color of the Lure

The color of lures for trolling has to be bright so that the flathead near the bottom of the water is attracted to them. Yo-Zuri, Rebel Super Teeny, and Seiranlure are all bright in color and can be seen from a distance.

Related Questions

Anglers should clarify all confusions before they go fishing so that they find good catches with the proper technique and use of lures. You can find a lot of helpful tips from questions that other anglers ask about the trolling lures for flatheads.

What Is the Best Lure for Flatheads?

The best lures for flatheads can go deeper and move naturally when trolled. Whichever material you choose, look for good action lures that can move fast with a boat. Metal lures or blend materials work well for lures used to fish for Flatheads.

Can You Troll Soft Plastics?

Soft plastics are effective trolls for flatheads and can give you the desired results as they can be a great addition to the setup for sea locations where the water is less than five feet deep.


The best flathead trolling lures can make a big difference in your angling experience as they help in getting the fish to come close and bite. Anglers must select lures that have fast action and are bright enough to be noticed from a distance.