Best Late Winter Bass Lures [2024 Review]

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Many anglers believe that fishing is off during the winter season. However, if you have the best late winter bass lures, you can catch this aggressive fish at a time when it is hungry. All you need to do is make sure that you present the bait that will make it expend energy to come and bite!

Our Top Late Winter Bass Lures Recommendations

When you head out to the water in late winter, the bass is hungry and looking forward to spring. During this time, if they see a natural-looking lure, it will be hard to resist. Make sure that you carry the artificial bait that will entice the bass enough to leave their spot to get some food.

Best Late Winter Bass Lure Overall: Reaction Tackle Tungsten Breaker Blade Jig Heads for Fishing

The Reaction Tackle Tungsten Breaker is an excellent lure for winter fishing for bass because it has some sound and some shining body parts and that makes it irresistible for the hungry bass hiding at the bottom of the lake.

This lure is different from the Magic Man crankbait as it has sound due to the blades, and therefore, it can attract bass even when the lighting is low, and bass is more sensitive to moving objects that create some noise. Moreover, there is only one hook on this bait, which is similar to the Strike King. Whereas the Magic Man has two treble hooks.


  • The 3/0 Mustad hook is strong enough to tackle a hungry fish
  • The bait vibrates even when you turn the reel by a quarter only, and that means quick action to attract bass
  • Works well with a bait casting rod and a heavy braided line for winters


  • The lures do not have a durable finish and metal might become visible when the paint wears off
  • The hook can be slightly bigger for bass and may hurt them while they are trying to break free

Best Late Winter Lure for Quick Catches: 13 Fishing Magic Man Lipless Crankbait

The 13 Fishing Magic Man is an excellent purchase for all those who want to fish out bass from the depths of the lake in winter. This lure has a nose-down motion, and that attracts bass at the bottom of the lake because when they see a small bait, looking towards the floor and swimming slowly as if looking for weeds and food, they come rushing to grab it.

Anglers can crawl this small fish that has a high-definition paint finish that makes it look real. Moreover, the weight of this bait is ideal for deep water fishing. The ring of this lure is above the body around the gills area. This makes the little fish-shaped lure bob in the water as if it is picking small bits from the lake floor. This lure does not have any vibration and only has a visual effect, unlike the Breaker Blade Jig. Moreover, it is different from the Strike King as it is shaped like a small fish.


  • There are two treble hooks for a higher chance of catching bass
  • It works well in dark places because of the shiny finish
  • This bait can be used with sinkers or on its own, and it will move naturally to attract bass


  • Many anglers will find the hooks to be smaller than needed
  • This lure might not work well after a few bites from hungry and aggressive bass

Best Winter Lure with Blade for Bass: Strike King Tour Grade Spin Head Jig

The blade on the Strike Tour Spin Head jig has a shiny surface that helps attract bass. Moreover, it also helps in presenting the lure a little closer to the floor of the lake and acts as a weight. The fish head looks like a small broken part of bait, and the bass does not see any danger or chances of resistance and attack.

This bait has a slow retrieve action like the Tungsten Blade and will move even if you wind the reel shortly. The bait has a detailed finish and looks like a natural object, like the Magic Man bait, which looks like fish. The ring of this lure is also above the head, like the Magic Man.


  • This bait does not require additional weights
  • Works better than other spin blade jigs because of the hook size
  • Looks like a fish head so bass come to attack without suspecting any traps


  • The small lure may not work well in dark lakes
  • The hook on the lure is 4/0, which may be big for bass

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Late Winter Lures for Bass

NameTungsten Breaker Jig HeadMagic Man CrankbaitStrike King Spin Head
Hook Size3/03/04/0
Color OptionOnly 7More than 20Only 3
AppearanceReaction tackle does not look like fishLooks like small fishLooks like fish head

When looking for the best bait for bass in late winter, anglers have to understand that the fish are hungry and have expended much of their energy in the cold season. They have had very little to eat and are now going to be attacking whenever they see a small fish or a part of dead fish. Moreover, the sound of anything moving will be enticing.

Colors and Appearance of the Lure

The colors of the lure will have to be shiny and bright so that the fish can see it in the darker waters at the bottom of the lake. In late winter, the snow on top melts in several places. However, some lakes still have ice covering that makes them even darker. A bright lure like Magic Man or a vibrating lure like the Tungsten breaker will get the job done well!

The appearance of the lure is also crucial, as the bass will not use its energy to chase a small artificial bait that does not look or sound like a real creature. The baits like the Strike King and even the Tungsten Breaker either look or sound like a living creature moving. The Magic Man appears like the head of a dead fish, and bass will come to eat it in an instant.

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Related Questions

If you still have some questions regarding the best lures to use in late winter, the expert replies to questions from other anglers might interest you.

What Colors Do Bass Like in Winters?

Bass like dark colors like blue, black and deep red, or even chrome because they are more prominent. When the bass is covered in plants, they can spot darker colors at the bottom of the lake easily.

Do Worms Work in Winter Fishing for Bass?

No, worms do not work well in winter for bass fishing. These lures are more effective for trout and other smaller lake fish.


The best late winter lures for bass have to be darker and shinier colors while lures can be presented lower in cold water where bass are found during the cold season. Ensure that you pack the correct tackle to enjoy more catches during the late winter season.