Best Lucky Craft Lures for Halibut [2024 Review]

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Halibut fishing is exciting, and it can be much more fruitful when you have the right rod, reel, and lures. Beach fishing comes with its own challenges so let’s make it easier to catch halibut on your first trip out there. The best Lucky Craft lures for halibut are a crucial addition to your tackle box.

Our Top Lucky Craft Lures Reviews for Halibut

Lucky Craft is one of the best manufacturers of lures, and you can find a variety that can be overwhelming for new anglers. Moreover, the various kinds of fish will require different lures to make sure that you get the big ones hooked in no time. Halibut can be a difficult catch, and the right lures will be helpful.

Best Overall Lucky Craft Lure for Halibut: Lucky Craft Flashminnow 110

The LC Flashminnow 110 comes in various colors, and all of them are good enough to catch halibut in the surf. Beach fishing is not an easy task since a lot of sand comes rushing in with the water, and it is hard to see halibut. However, this lure can make the job much easier.

The various colors include metallic sardine, sexy smelt, black aurora, and laser ghost. The soft plastic and the fish appearance play an integral role in getting your halibut as this lure imitates real baitfish action.

The wobbling and vibrating movement of this lure will attract halibut even as you retrieve it. This movement is unique; you can use it in deep water as well as in the surf, while Lightning Pointer is for deeper waters and Surf Pointer is for surf only. On the flipside, Flashminnow is not very long-lasting and may not carry on for multiple seasons.


  • It sinks to the best depth for halibut
  • Effective action to attract fish within a few minutes
  • The colors are all realistic, which adds to the lure’s success rate
  • Efficient in rocky areas and reefs


  • The lure is light and can begin to move backward as the tide comes in, so it requires some skill from the angler to keep it in place
  • The paint on this lure chips easily, and it may become useless after a few halibut catches

Best Lucky Craft Lure for Halibut Depth: Lucky Craft Surf Pointer 115 MR

The LC Surf Pointer 115MR is a 0.77 ounce metallic sardine color lure that can go five feet deep in the water. This lure is heavier than the FM110, which means that it can sink more. The FM110 weighs 16 grams, and can go to a depth of two feet. The weight of Surf Pointer makes it suitable for catching halibut swimming deeper in the water.

The Surf Pointer is meant for the surf, although it can give you success in slightly deeper waters as well. The treble hooks on this lure are short-shank which means that you will have to retrieve the lure with care to keep the halibut from injuries. The hooks get embedded in the mouth, which may cause a slight bruise.

The downside of this lure is that the finish withers off with time, and the lure does not last more than a few catches. This wear is due to the halibut bites that can chip the paint and make the plastic lose its shiny look.


  • Great action in the water and casts well
  • The hooks are sharp and will never miss the fish
  • Mimics baitfish and remains at a significant depth


  • The paint flakes easily
  • This lure requires time to figure out as it can attach to a monofilament line directly
  • It can be a tough attachment for braided lines

Best Lucky Craft Lure for Speed: Lucky Craft LV 500 Max

The LV 500 Max lures are an good choice to catch halibut when you have limited time. Although the smaller lures are best for big fish that can swallow it, this lure is suitable for halibut fishing in the surf. The shiny plastic lure has two hook points, which is good for the fast-swimming halibut.

Lucky Craft gives a wide variety of colors in this lure, and you can attach your line to the top of the lure so that it imitates natural baitfish. You can cast these lures at a distance, and as the water comes rushing in, you will catch the fish within minutes. Surf fishing lures do not require a lot of depth because the water is shallow.

However, the LV 500 Max remains in water at the correct depth wherever you decide to fish. Unlike the Surf Pointer 115, LV 500 Max does not need a monofilament line and can be used with any braided or fluorocarbon line. Moreover, this lure is heavier than FM110 and Surf Pointer, making them more suitable for surf or deeper in the sea.


  • The hooks are size 6, which can be removed easily from the fish
  • These lures come in a wide variety of colors
  • The small lure is heavier than many other crankbaits and can be used in deeper water


  • The lure is often only available in limited colors
  • The LV 500 can break easily if you are fishing in a rocky water body

Best Lucky Craft Lure for Maximum Halibut Bites: Lucky Craft Lightning Pointer

The LC Lightning Pointer is a suitable addition to your halibut tackle as you can cast it at a great distance, and it moves fast in the water, making halibut come close for a bite. This lure will get you more bites in a short time.

The Lucky Craft lures are made with reliable material, and Lightning Pointer is light enough to move around, and you can retrieve it without exerting much force. The flat sides of this lure allow it to swim naturally. The long shank treble hooks are easy to remove without injuring the fish.

The 0.49 ounce lure falls to a depth of five feet, and the center of gravity keeps it moving in a natural way. When compared to the Surf Pointer, Lightning Pointer is lighter, however, it sinks to the same depth. The lightweight lure shines as it moves and this makes hungry halibut come up quickly. Compared to the LV 500 and FM 110, this lure attaches to the line from the tip of the mouth.


  • Lightning Pointer moves smoothly and attracts many halibut in a single day
  • Lasts longer as it has three treble hooks
  • Comes in various colors and is only one size, which entry-level anglers find more convenient


  • Not the easiest lure to attach to the line
  • It begins to look old and chipped after a few bites

Best Lightweight Lucky Craft Lure: Lucky Craft Pointer 78

The Lucky Craft Pointer 78 will imitate a slow and calm baitfish and will be able to catch some big halibut. This lure is similar to all other Lucky Craft lures as it is made with good quality plastic and can imitate baitfish well. However, it is among the lightest lures at 0.03 pounds for halibut.

Halibut fishing with Pointer 78 becomes easy as this lure does its job well and ensures a quick catch. Like the Lightning Pointer, the Pointer 78 is attached to the line at the front and not the top. Lucky Craft lures come with treble hooks, and like the FM110, this lure has a longer shank that makes it easy to remove from the mouth of the fish.

While the LV 500 sinks deeper than five feet, the Pointer 78 remains above five feet. The slow suspension works well for anglers fishing halibut for the first time. Unlike the FM 110, you will not need expert skills to work with this lure.


  • Pointer 78 is easy to attach and use.
  • This lure works in deeper seawater and for surf fishing.
  • The hooks are longer and can be removed easily.


  • The oval snap ring on the line attachment ring is too narrow.
  • The slow suspension can be too slow for seasoned anglers.

Factors to Consider for Lucky Craft Lures for Halibut

NameWeightColor SizeMaterial  
Flashminnow 1100.58 ounce6  colors4.33 inchesPlastic 
Surf Pointer 115 MR0.77 ounce4 colors4.33 inchesPlastic 
Craft LV 500 Max0.81ounce9 colors2.95 inchesPlastic 
Lightning Pointer0.49 ounce9 colors4.33 inchesSoft Plastic 
Pointer 780.32 ounces20 colors3 inchesPlastic 

Every angler is different, and their destination for catching halibut may also be unique. As every angler does not head out to the same place for halibut fishing, the same kind of lure does not work in every circumstance. There are numerous factors to consider which Lucky Craft lure will work best for your halibut fishing trip.

Surf Fishing or Deep Fishing

Halibut is a saltwater fish, and there are many beaches in North America where you can plan a halibut fishing trip. However, some people go surf fishing on the shore, while others like to hire a boat and go into the sea.

If you plan to go surf fishing, a Lucky Craft lure that can go only one or two feet deep will work well for you. However, if you plan on going in the boat, you will require a lure that sinks to five feet in depth. The LC Surf Pointer 115 MR is a good choice for deep water fishing.

Style of Fishing

Jigging, spinning, or deep suspension will require compatible lures. When selecting a Lucky Craft lure for halibut, you must plan the style of fishing, which again depends on the location. If you want to fish for halibut in deep water, the selection of lure can be a slow suspension, a deep sinker that can attract halibut swimming deeper than two feet.

An image of fishing lure

Furthermore, topwater lures and crankbaits can be a good choice if you are looking for halibut in shallow waters. For surf fishing, the FM 110 is an appropriate example of a shallow water lure. This Lucky Craft lure sinks to a depth of two feet, and at the beach, anglers will abundantly find halibut at this depth.

Anglers who fish deeper in the sea would like to suspend the lure deeper in the water to attract halibut. The best lure for this is Lucky Craft Pointer 78, as it moves like live bait in the water and successfully attracts halibut from the depths.

Weight of Lures

Halibut fishing requires heavier lures that can sink underwater. Lucky Craft lures that weight more than 0.45 ounce are a good choice for anglers looking for halibut. The lure has to take the tide and still remain in motion as if it is a live fish.

All halibut lures are heavy, and Lucky Craft is the master of manufacturing the best options in terms of underwater action. All the lures in the list are heavier than other options in the market so you can aim to catch halibut using any of the lures mentioned.

Color of Lures

The lure color may seem insignificant if the action is good. However, the more natural the lure looks, the quicker the bite will be. Lucky Craft LV 500 Max is small and comes in a variety of colors. The Aurora Black, Wakin, and American Shad colors play a critical role in attracting the fish.

Lure Types

The Lucky Craft lures used for this particular species of fish look like small baitfish that act naturally in water. Most of these lures have a top ring where you tie the line and as you retrieve the line, the lure begins to move as if a small fish is swimming in the water. This movement attracts halibut.

Time of the Year

When you look for the best Lucky Craft lure for halibut, you should observe the depth at which you will be finding the fish. This depth is determined by the season as well. Halibut looks for fish moving in the water, and if they are near the surface, lighter lures like Lightning Pointer, which weighs 0.41 ounces, will be suitable.

A close-up image of fishing lure

However, Halibut moves to the bottom of the water in cold season, so you will need a lure that can sink to more depth during this time of the year. A heavier lure like the LC 500 Max weighs 0.81 ounces and can sink deeper to attract halibut. If you go fishing in the cold, the Lucky Craft lure you select will have to be heavier.

Similarly, for spawning, halibut moves to freshwater and you will not have to fish in the surf if you go fishing in summers. Fall and spring sees fish swimming closer to the water surface so you can work with a Lucky Craft that can go as deep as three feet only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many first-time anglers have questions related to the right spot, Lucky Craft lures, live bait, and all other factors to consider before they head out to catch halibut.

Does Halibut Location Impact Lure Choice?

Halibut location may impact the choice of Lucky Craft lures for you. In deep waters, and often on the shore, Halibut is found at various depths. The Lucky Craft lures you choose will have to be according to the depth of the fish.

Which Live Baits Can I Use With the Lucky Craft Lures?

You can use live baits such as salmon, octopus, herring, and squid with Lucky Craft Lures. Halibut feeds on bigger fish and will rush towards the bait if you use any of these live baits. However, Lucky Craft lures are pretty efficient in helping a quick catch.


Lucky Craft is an excellent manufacturer of lures, and you can catch some big halibut if you use the right lure from this brand. You can select the right lure according to the style of fishing, weight, color of the lure, and the place where you plan to go fishing.