Best Lure for Trout Fishing in Lakes [2024 Review]

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Heading down to the lake to fish for trout can be an ideal pastime for any angler. The sport is exciting, and thrilling at all times. However, the best lure for trout fishing can make your fishing experience a memorable event.

Our Best Lure for Trout Fishing Reviews

Trout is an energetic fish species and can give anglers the challenge of pulling them onto the boat after getting hooked. This fish is not an easy one to fool, except when you have some excellent lures to attract them.

Our Best Overall Lure for Trout Fishing in Lake: Leland’s Lure Trout Magnet

The Leland’s Lure Trout Magnet is an excellent pick for various reasons. First of all, it looks like a small fish colored, and moving like a real fish. This kind of bait is not going to let you down, as it has high-quality treble hooks that will set in the corner of the mouth or throat of the fish.

The small rattles create sound, which ensures that your target fish will come rushing and this jerk bait will keep moving to create the stir with the stop and go action while it can go a few feet deep in the water. This lure is the only one that has rattles, while all Trout Killer and Fishing beads do not have any sound.

Anglers will find this lure to be better than the other choices because of the variety of colors, while the Wicked Trout Killer is available in bright pink with a shimmering front. However, the difference in hooks between these two lures is significant as the octopus hook on the Trout Killer may not ensure the safety of the fish like the treble hooks on Leland’s ensures.


  • The Trout Magnet is made of a blended material that makes it mimic real fish.
  • The two treble hooks are a great way to ensure a catch.
  • The evenly weighted lure is designed to go a few deep into the water


  • The ring on the lure is small if you want to use a heavier line
  • If a lake has bigger trout you might want to remove the hooks to add bigger trebles.

Our Best Lure for Quick Trout Fishing: Wicked Killer Pink-Chartreuse

Wicked Killer in Pink is made of plastic, and it moves efficiently on the surface of the lake so that it can get the attention of trout swimming a few feet deep into the water. Moreover, this lure has a shimmering coin-like isocline that adds to this action.

The material of this lure is plastic, which makes its function similar to the Glow Fishing Bead, and Panther Martin Holograph. However, the octopus hook is a distinguishing feature of this lure. If you want a lure that can go deeper in the water, Leland’s may be an obvious choice. However, Trout Killer does a good job of getting trout to the surface to bite.

The bright pink color adds to the attraction factor, although anglers prefer this lure for trout trolling. This lure is good for shallow spots, whereas the Trout Magnet sinks into the water and may not be good for shallow areas like narrow quarries between rocks or at the edge of lakes. However, if you are using a sinker, there should be no problem in using this lure in the deep.


  • Shiny and bright for trout to get attracted.
  • Suitable for various fishing methods as it is a crankbait that can float and mimics real fish.
  • Good for trout in most seasons except when the fish move to the bottom of the lake.


  • The plastic material is not as sturdy as blended material and can get damaged very quickly
  • The octopus hook may not be the best choice for bigger trout.

Our Best Lure for Lake Run Trout Fishing: QHDJIANHUI Glow Fishing Bead Oval Rubber Bait

The QHDJIANHUI Glow Fishing Bead may look like a round bead, although it is made to look like roe or eggs, and can attract Lake Run trout within minutes. You can tie a few beads at the end of the line or below the swivel, and they will become an irresistible attraction for the fish in the lake.

These beads work well because of the movement in the water and as you tie them in a line, they move naturally with water. Unlike the Trout Magnet, these beads are made of soft plastic and will look like eggs. You do not have to worry if this lure will work during a specific season as it manages to get big fish every time to use them.

All the other lures here like Trout Magnet and Wicked Killer have treble or trout hooks, whereas the Rocky MT beads act like hooks. The trout comes up for a quick bite and swallows the bead to get stuck with the line down its throat. Due to the plastic, Lake Run trout can hold on to the beads for longer, and they will not be able to throw them up before you reel them in! However, anglers use hooks with these beads to ensure a catch.


  • Colorful beads attract trout quickly,
  • Move naturally while tied to the line and can lure trout to come and bite
  • Since there are no shiny hooks attached, the fish does not suspect any trap


  • These beads can only be used a few times.
  • Entry-level anglers might not feel the vibration in the line when the trout swallows the beads.

Our Best Spinning Lures for Trout Fishing in Lakes: Panther Martin Holograph Trout

The Panther Martin Holograph is a good spinning lure for trout fishing in lakes because it is lightweight and sends out sonic vibration to attract trout. This lure is a good choice because it can be useful in all seasons. The blades create sound while the heavy-weighted body of this lure can sink deeper into the water.

The small plastic bait is good for spinning and will fall far from the boat, or where the anglers stand. The Trout Magnet is shaped like a fish, and the Glow Fishing Bead is shaped like an egg, whereas this lure is not designed to mimic any real fish. However, that does not make it any less effective. Unlike the lighter beads, this lure has some shine and is attractive from a distance.

The hook on this lure is a single treble, whereas the Wicked Killer has an octopus hook and the Glow Fishing Bead does not have any hook at all! The Holograph and Trout Magnet sink below water, which works for the anglers’ advantage in every season.


  • The heavyweight body is small, which makes the overall weight light enough to spin from the boat.
  • The hook is strong and big, which is sure to catch a big trout.
  • Works well in heavy covers and trout can see it from where they are hiding.


  • The small lure might not be a good idea for muddy waters or shallow spots
  • The hook may be big for smaller lake trout.

Factors to Consider for the Best Lure for Trout Fishing in Lake

NameLeland’s Lure Trout MagnetWicked Killer Pink-ChartreuseQHDJIANHUI Glow Fishing BeadPanther Martin Holograph Trout
MaterialBlendPlastic with shimmering isoclineSoft plasticPlastic
FunctionCan sink a few feet in the waterStays on the surfaceCan sink in waterCan sink in water
Hook TypeTwo treble hooksOctopus hookNo hookTreble hook

When you select any lure, there are numerous factors that you must consider. The anglers have individual choices, however, the best lure will depend on not just personal choices. Take the following things into account before you select the lure for your tackle box.

The Presentation

The best lure will be the one that has a good presentation on the water where you go fishing. If you are going to a large lake, select a lure that covers more water. However, if you select a narrow quarry where there are plants or rocks, be sure to choose a lure accordingly.

An image of a man fly fishing

The Fishing Season

The season in which you go fishing will also play a role in deciding which lure will work best. In the cold season, trout move lower in the lake, which means you will need lures that submerge in water.

The Panther Holograph and Trout Magnet are good choices for all seasons as they can sink a few feet into the water. Anglers planning a trip in spring can use flies, worms, and jigs that stay on the water surface.

The Technique of Fishing

Do you like to go spinning, fly fishing, or bait casting? Whatever your method choice is, select the bait that will suit the style. If you buy a small fly lure or a worm that floats on the surface while you are going to cast the bait into the water.

The Types of Fish

Although you will be fishing for trout, there are more than a few kinds of the species. Whether you go for lake trout or brown trout, the lures will have to be selected with care so that the color is attractive for each variant.

The Function of the Lure

If you are planning a trout fishing trip in the fall, the fish will be hungry and therefore, you should select a lure that looks like the bait fish they eat. If you select a bead in winter, it will not work because eggs are not common during the season.

Similarly, the use of crankbaits like Panther Martin Holograph will attract fish in all seasons because it is visible. The function of each lure must suit the time of the trip. Make sure that you select the lure that trout will be attracted to!

Material of the Lure

The material of the lure plays an integral role in its action, therefore, the material of the lure must be considered before buying. Anglers will like soft plastics and metal lures because they are sturdy. However, hard plastic can also be a good choice for trout.

If you are fly fishing, you will need soft plastic fly lures, while the metal minnows or small fish-shaped bait will be good for spinning and bait casting. Select whichever lure material is most suitable for your style of fishing.

The Type of Hook

Every lure is made of either plastic or steel and has a hook attached to it. The most common hook types on lures are treble, however, octopus, J-hooks, and even circle hooks can be found on fish. Select the lure that has hooks with a long shaft.

If the hook with a short shaft gets stuck at the corner of the fish’s mouth and you pull it, the fish might get injured and anglers would not want that. Selecting a strong, and long-shafted hook will ensure that the fish will remain safe.

An image of freshly caught fish

The Shape of the Lure

Some lures are shaped like little fish, and other lures have shiny parts although they do not look like fish. Select lures that mimic fish as trout will find them more attractive. Using egg-shaped beads is also a good idea.

Lures like the QHDJIANHUI Glow Fishing Bead are a good choice because they look like a natural egg, floating in the lake or submerged a few feet deep. All lures that look like fish or move like natural creatures will be good bait.

Some Related Questions

What Lures Do Trout Like the Most?

Trouts like different lures according to the seasons. The most commonly-liked bait include jigs, spinners, spoons, jerk baits, and worms. Anglers can select a variety of lures according to the fishing technique. However, these kinds of bait will work well for catching trout.

Are Lures Good Bait for Lake Trout?

Lures are good bait for Lake Trout and they are an excellent way to catch fish. Minnows are good bait because trout eat these small fish and using them to attract this species is a good idea.

What Color Lures Do Trout Like?

Trout like pink, white, red and white, or even pink and white lures because they are closest to the natural colors of bait fish found in lakes. Black lures are good for night time and other dark colors work well in low light hours.


The best lures for trout fishing in lakes can be the game changer for all anglers who plan to catch this energetic and active fish this season. When you set out to fish, there can be some techniques that help, however, adding the right lures to the tackle box will pay off well.