Best Lures for Brackish Water [2024 Review]

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Anglers who fish in ponds and lakes know what kind of gear and rigs work best for them. Similarly, sea anglers may be well-informed about the kind of lures that would work in saltwater. For more adventurous fishing trips, you will need to know the best lures for brackish water.

Our Top Brackish Water Lures Recommendations

In all the coastal states where freshwater streams open up in the sea, a mixed water environment is created and this is a good spot to catch various fish. You can catch freshwater, and saltwater fish in this location if you have the best lures in your tackle box.

Best Overall Lure for Brackish Water: Bucktail Jigs Saltwater Hair Jigs

The Bucktail Jigs are bright in color and have circle hooks, which are an excellent addition for saltwater fish species. The detailed look of this lure, with eyes and scales painted in bright colors, is attractive for a variety of fish found in fresh and saltwater.

Anglers can catch a large variety of fish with these lures as they have the best-suited hooks, and the hair at the tail moves in a natural way and moves in a way that every type of fish in the area would like to take a plunge. You can use these bucktail jigs in all seasons, and that is why it is the overall best.

These lures are more detailed in finish, although this jig loses its luster very quickly. The WANBY Shrimp is also not very long-lasting. However, the bucktail jig does not have any lights or fans that make it move like the Robotic Swimming Lure.


  • The hair creates an attractive movement
  • These lures are small and can move with the current in these water regions
  • The sharp hook is good for all saltwater and freshwater species


  • The line ring is small, and anglers will have to tie the knot with care
  • The lure will lose its detailing after a few uses, and you will need a replacement

Best Brackish Water Lure for Quick Catches: WANBY Fishing Shrimp Lures

The WANBY Shrimp Lures are a great addition to your tackle box when you go fishing in mixed water regions. These lures look real, and since shrimps are a popular bait for all the fish in this region, these lures will be successful with all kinds of fish. Shrimps live in these waters year-round, so you can use them.

The shrimps move side to side and attract fish quickly. Since these lures can sink a few feet into the water, the fast current and the inflow of water make it move fast. The fish that are deeper in the water will also be able to see these shrimps swimming above them!

The Bucktail jig has deer hair attached to the tail, and the hook is concealed. However, the circle hook on these shrimps is attached to the center, and as the shrimps move, this hook is concealed because it is on the lower side.


  • Luminous lures make it easier to use in mixed water because visibility is usually low due to water channels opening up in the sea
  • A detailed finish ensures that the shrimps look real and alive
  • It can be used for a vast variety of fish because shrimps are bait for many species


  • The finish seems to come off after a few times only
  • The hook may be small for some larger fish species

Best Brackish Water Lure in Low Visibility: Robotic Swimming Fishing Electric Lures

The Robotic Swimming Fishing lures are unique and the rechargeable LED light wobbler ensures a quick catch because of the hard-to-miss light, and the breaks in the body of the fish-shaped lure make it move like a real creature.

There are two treble hooks attached to this lure, unlike the TRUSCEND Top Water and the flexible part works on this artificial fish in a way that it seems as if it is moving from side to side. The same movement will be observed by the Bucktail jigs. The small fan at the mouth of this little fish will help in creating a stir, adding to the frantic movement, and attracting many fish to swim around.

Moreover, the light and movement stop after a few seconds to alarm the predators that come in for a quick bite before they feel that the little fish has sensed their presence and is about to act! The hooks are good quality metal and do not hurt the fish.


  • The fan at the mouth makes the fish lure swim upwards, and this makes it look real
  • The vibration and light turn off when the lure is out of water
  • The light makes it visible in mixed water, which is usually muddy


  • The charging takes a long time and may cause problems for anglers
  • The charge can run for 20 minutes only, so anglers need to carry other lures too

Best Brackish Water Lures for Shallow Areas: TRUSCEND Top Water Fishing Lures

The TRUSCEND Topwater Lures are an excellent choice for areas where the water is not too deep, and you are not targeting fish that live near the bottom of the water. The small, colorful lures shaped like fish have a fan at the tail, which moves like the Robotic Swimming lures.

Moreover, there is only one treble hook attached to the tail. The fish moves near the surface of the water, and the natural movement makes it an attractive bait. However, the colors of this bait are similar to the WANBY Shrimps as they are shiny. These lures work well for bigger fish like bass and trout.

Anglers can use these lures time and again as all the details and finishing coats are by hand, and that ensures the longevity of this artificial bait. These small fish-shaped lures make a splash in the water, and the rotary motion at the tail makes them look like tiny fish looking downward to pick up food.


  • Natural look and movement that works well for all fish species
  • Bright colors and shiny appearance is attractive in muddy water with lower visibility
  • High-quality treble hook does not injure the fish


  • This lure depends on water current for movement
  • The small fan at the tail might not move if the water is still, and therefore the small fish appears to be still

Factors to Consider for Best Lures for Brackish Water

NameBuckTail JigsWANBY ShrimpRobotic Swimming Fish LuresTRUSCEND Topwater Swimbait
ColorsBright colorsNormal colorsShiny finish and bright colorsShiny finish and bright colors
Type of HookOne circle hookOne circle hookTwo treble hookOne treble hook
Distinct featureDeer hair attached at tailShaped like shrimpsSilicon parts that help the lure move, and fan at mouthFan at the tail

When looking for the best lures for mixed water areas, anglers must first understand what kind of fish will be present. There will be hungry saltwater fish that swim around these areas to bite any small fish coming in from the tributaries or freshwater streams.

Moreover, there will be freshwater fish swimming swiftly near the surface along the water current. For both kinds of fish, you will need lures that allow you to target all the fish. These lures must have a few characteristics that help in catching fish within a short time. Watch out for the factors that will determine the right lure for you.

Colorful lures near a clear tackle box placed on top of a brown wooden table


Brackish water is not clear as freshwater is rushing into shallow sea areas. You will need bait that moves naturally and is brightly colored so that fish can see it from a distance even. The TRUSCEND Top Water and Robotic Swimming Fish are shiny, and this makes them visible from a distance.

Similarly, the WANBY Shrimp has natural colors so that saltwater fish bite into them quickly! The natural look of the lure is determined by the colors, and more colorful lures get the big fish every time. Anglers must ensure they have bright color baits when they head for specific water areas.


Small treble hooks are good for smaller fish, while circle hooks can be a good choice for bigger fish. Since you will be getting a variety of freshwater and saltwater fish in these regions of mixed waters, the type of hooks you select can help you target all kinds of fish.

Since shrimps are food for saltwater fish, the WANBY Shrimp has a circle hook attached at the end. When a fish bites into it, the circle hook will catch the fish in the corner of the mouth, and in both these cases, anglers will be able to remove it easily without harming the fish.

On the contrary, treble hooks are good for smaller fish, although they can also be used for saltwater fish like sea bass. These hooks are also safe for use as they do not injure the fish and ensure that you get a live, and active fish hooked every time.

Distinct Features

When you are looking for attractive lures, pick the ones that are attractive to you as well! The best lures for salt and freshwater areas should have some distinct features that make fish look at them even when there may be small bait fish coming in with the freshwater current.

The BuckTail jigs have hair at the tail that helps jig this lure and also move in a way that is enticing for the fish species that you want to catch. Similarly, the WANBY Shrimps are shaped like real shrimp, which sea fish love to gorge. These shrimps are finished with natural colors and move slowly in water, imitating the real sea creature.

Every lure that you use must have some apparent feature that makes it enticing and easy to spot. When there are smaller fish swimming around, why should the big fish come towards your bait? Make sure you see the distinct feature that will make the lure stand out among the rush of fish in these waters.


Many lures for water areas where there is a mix of salt and freshwater have fans, silicon movable parts, or even hair and rattles that make them the center of attention for big fish. You can get artificial bait that has such movable parts that make them attractive to bigger fish.

In any water body, if there are small baits that move naturally, bigger fish are bound to try and come close to them. If their movement is real, they will bite into it and get hooked in no time. The lures that do not move like real fish will not work in brackish water because of the visibility factor. The movement will create vibration, and rattles can create sounds that make big fish attentive.

A person organizing colorful lures in the yellow tackle box near a clear tackle box and fish baits placed on top of a wooden table


All anglers want baits that can be used for a more extended period. Having to buy new lures before every trip is not fun! Be sure to pick a material that will last longer and will also endure the fast current and the wear due to saltwater.

There may be some freshwater lures that lose their detailed appearance and paint coats if used in saltwater. Similarly, metal lures are used in waters where anglers want to reach deeper. Mixed water areas are usually shallow since these are spots where streams or lake tributaries open up in the shallow seas.

In these areas, you will not need a lure that sinks a few meters into the water. Select a lure that stays near the surface and is made of blended material or plastic. These materials are good for shallow areas and move like energetic small fish with the water current.

Related Questions

Before heading out to any mixed water areas, anglers must find out all they can to ensure that they buy the best lures. Here are a few questions that anglers ask, and they may even help you find the best match of lures for your trip.

Will There Be Many Fish in Brackish Water?

Yes, there will be many fish in brackish waters as you can catch a variety of freshwater and saltwater species there.

What Kind of Lure Is Most Effective in Brackish Water?

Lures that have bright colors, real looks, and some sound vibration will work best in brackish water. Since this kind of water is not very clear like lake water, the visibility is low, and therefore, bright color lures work well.


The best lures for brackish water will get you all kinds of fish. Select a lure that can attract saltwater and freshwater fish while ensuring that the hook will be good for catching a variety of fish. Brackish water fishing can be a lot of fun and full of surprises. Make it more fun by selecting the right bait.