Best Lures for Bream and Flathead [2024 Review]

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Fishing for bream and flathead are popular sports and table recreational activities common amongst anglers. Despite belonging to distinct families, these dominating species share comparable characteristics and a similar environment. Moreover, they might be attracted to the same bait. Let’s find out the best lures for bream and flathead.

Our Top Lure for Bream and Flathead Recommendations

Bream and Flathead are among the most accessible fish to catch with lures. They are opportunistic predatory feeders that frequently wait in deep water, especially around ebbing tides, for popular baits such as batfish to swim by. Additionally, they are known for being predominantly bottom feeders.

Therefore, breams are more likely to be found towards the bottom in regions with swift currents, behind weed beds, or fallen lumber. Flatheads, on the other hand, typically conceal themselves beneath sandy bottoms, waiting to aggressively attack their prey.

Best Overall Lure for Bream and Flathead: Amarine Made Soft Shrimp Lures

The Amarine Made Soft Shrimp Lures are the most successful lures that attract these fishes with relative ease. The artificial lure is made from a sturdy plastic substance and mimics the appearance and swimming motion of a regular shrimp.

It drags slowly when used as a topwater bait, twitches at mid-level, and leaps at the bottom level, making it the most unique swimming action on my list. This lightweight lure also has a free-rotating anti-bite connection that stops an aggressive bream or flathead from biting the leader line and escaping.

The Amarine Made Lures are offered in a variety of fluoro colors that are attractive to these species and may be utilized as a bottom fishing technique. Included among these hues are green, crimson, black, and dark yellow, however, the paint quality is pretty subpar.

In addition to its multicolored variety, the lure is embellished with a powerful barbed hook and a sharp thorn that ensure total penetrability and prevent any of the slippery predatory fish from escaping. Comparatively, this bait’s multiple hook performs better than the Truscend Fishing Spinners hook with the former offering more penetrative power and steadiness.


  • Available in a variety of colors allowing for use in various water bodies
  • Suitable for all water levels implying versatility
  • Strong hook with sufficient penetrating power ensuring that the fish does not wriggle off
  • Anti-bite wire connector for safety from fish bite


  • It is too light for lengthy casting distance
  • Average paint quality that is not very visible in murky water

Most Realistic Lure for Bream and Flathead: Santkol Soft Plastic Paddle Tail Lure

When fishing for these species, the Santkol Soft Plastic Lure is an excellent swimbait that combines optimum productivity and assures several strikes. Unique in design, this plastic object features a scaly texture, a thick, circular profile, and great flexibility when immersed in water.

In both saltwater and freshwater, this bait is certain to attract bream, flathead, and other predatory feeders.

In addition, the texture of the bait is infused with natural aroma oil and the organic odor of shrimp, which are sensed by the target species, ultimately improving the bait’s authenticity and enticing the fish to bite. This bait is the only one on my list that emits this aroma that may attract bream and flathead.

Further, the lure creates a substantial amount of underwater reflection due to its brilliant sheen and reflective foil, which glows in both clear and murky water. The Santkol Soft Plastic Paddle Tail Lure, like the Amarine Made Soft Shrimp Lures, produces an unsettling swimming motion that entices these fishes to bite. By virtue of its unique paddle tail shape, the lure generates a vigorous kicking and splashing movement.

The Santkol lure has a twin hook groove design for penetration, allowing you to place a sharp hook in either the top or lower hook slot or both. However, it doesn’t come with hooks, implying that you would need to get those.


  • Double hook slot for multiple penetrations
  • Reflective sheen texture that illuminates a light in clear and murky water
  • Natural oil and organic shrimp scent attract the species
  • Unique paddle tail design for unsettling movement in the water


  • Low sinking ability may impact bream and flathead bottom fishing techniques
  • Does not include a hook in its pack, implying an additional purchase

Most Versatile Lure for Bream and Flathead: Truscend Fishing Spinners

Truscend Fishing Spinners are the most adaptable lures for popular game fish such as these species. They have the most intricate coloring and 3D eyes. It is outfitted with two sizes of spinners and a high-quality swivel that delivers steady vibration and an enticing flash in order to attract both target species.

In contrast to the reflecting texture of the Santkol Soft Plastic Lure, the blades of this product emit more light and tend to reflect in low visibility conditions.

With this bait in hand, you can cast as far as necessary. The lure is paired by a Truscend weight balancing mechanism that makes it suitable for casting and retrieving at any retrieve speed even in the deepest bodies of water.

Furthermore, it is fitted with a high tensile super sharp hook constructed from stainless steel material which makes it the strongest hook amongst my lures. It simply latches and pierces both species with minimal snagging difficulty.

However, the bait is only available in a limited number of colors, reducing its effectiveness in certain water bodies. The upside is that its spinner produces a sufficient underwater presence for fish to trace in situations of poor visibility. Overall, the bait has a high rate of catchability and promises continuous strikes in numerous bodies of water.


  • 3D eyes and detailed coloring for realistic outlook
  • High-grade swivel for vibration and noise to attract fish
  • Excellent casting and retrieval making fishing efficient
  • Good hook with enough piercing power to grip fish


  • Available in limited colors reducing versatility
  • It is available in just three pieces per pack implying constant replacement

Features to Consider in the Best Lure for Bream and Flathead

Amarine Made Soft Shrimp LuresSantkol Soft Plastic Lure Truscend Fishing spinners
HooksSingle barbed hookNo hookHigh tensile super sharp hook
Reflection Available in a variety of fluoro colorsSparkling foil provides underwater reflectionHigh-quality blades and swivel reflect light
VibrationNo vibrationPaddle tail shape creates splashing noiseHigh-quality spinners and swivel produces vibration

More often than usual, these species, alongside other sportfish such as bass, walleye, and trout, will fall for anything you feed them. They both inhabit the same regions, particularly along the margins of forests and fields where there are gaps in the foliage and are always on the lookout for a free meal.

However, you stand a better chance of attracting these species in little or no time by ensuring that certain features are present in your lure.


Hooks are considered one of the major components of a good lure; they are capable of impacting your fishing experience. Before heading out to fish, you should first evaluate the quality of the hooks on your bait, their effectiveness in the water, and, most importantly, their rust resistance.

The best advice is to go for high quality, durable, and super-sharp when fishing for either bream or flathead. Flatheads, for example, are aggressive territorial predators even to their kind. Catching this species will require a certain level of precision and also a super sharp hook.

Ensure you buy a lure with sufficient penetrating force to quickly attach to the head or mouth of your target fish. If your bait lacks a hook like the Santkol Soft Plastic Paddle Tail Lure, get one from your local tackle store and attach it.


Bream are famous for inhabiting muddy ponds, huge streams, and rivers with flatheads hiding mostly in the sand near drops and rock bars. These places are often characterized by limited visibility, therefore you should use a lure that emits enough light to attract bream or flathead from any distance.

An image of gilt-head bream fish

In addition, both species have excellent eyesight, which they utilize to find prey. Therefore, it is recommended to acquire lures in hues that these fishes can see, such as pink, yellow, and green.

The Amarine Made Soft Shrimp Lures and Truscend Fishing spinners are good examples of bait with bright colors and high reflection.


Although it is not absolutely required for your bait to have a vibrating mechanism, you should take advantage of this perk. It enhances the likelihood of attracting both target species. The Truscend Fishing spinners is an ideal example of an artificial lure that produces unsettling vibration to attract bream and flathead.

Frequently Asked Question

When Is the Best Time to Fish Bream and Flathead?

You may fish for these species year-round, regardless of the weather. Winter and spring are ideal times to catch Bream during the first few hours of the ebbing tide, between noon and five o’clock. Flatheads are also prevalent between 10 am and 5 pm throughout the winter months.


Bream and Flathead are not picky eaters, therefore they may be readily attracted to the proper bait. Ensure you have a variety of lures in case they reject specific baits, and patiently wait for either species to strike. Happy fishing!