Best Lures to Catch Striped Bass [2024 Review]

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When upgrading your tackle box for an upcoming trip, make sure you have the best lures to catch striped bass. Catching this energetic fish can be thrilling, and you must be prepared to get them hooked within a short time.

Our Top Striped Bass Lure Recommendations

Anglers look forward to bass fishing because it is an exciting sport. However, I know that if you do not have the right gear or tackle, you will not be able to find many fish. Find out the best lures that are available in the market and prepare yourself for the adventure.

Best Overall Lure for Striped Bass: Truscend Pencil Fishing Lures With Vmc/Bkk Hooks

The TRUSCEND Pencil Fishing Lures have the specialty of catching bass primarily because they are very real-looking, and are suitable for all kinds of swimming techniques. Whether you cast them away from the boat, or use them for bait casting, this lure is used to success! The hard material of this lure comes with a detailed finishing and the scales shine to attract bass, which may be comparable to the Shimano Jerkbait.

While the Rebel Lures’ Minnow have rattles, the TRUSCEND has both rattles as well as the finish that makes it look more real than other artificial lures. The outstanding performance of this lure for catching striped bass is due to the unique, and natural swimming action. As you move this bait in different areas of the water, it naturally attracts striped bass because it responds to the occasional tugging on the line, and spurts in water.

This movement is enticing for stripers and they come in for a bite. The TRUSCEND Pencil comes in various shapes, for example you can buy the ones that look like a smaller fish, a lizard-like appearance or even with propellers at the tail. You can pick the one that looks like the bait available during the season when you plan the trip.


  • The recessed gills create a gurgling sound that gets the attention
  • The rattle sound attracts bass in all kinds of water
  • The surface of the lure is shiny and that adds to the enticing property of this bait


  • Anglers sometimes have to upgrade the hooks according to the fish size
  • The lure is not long-lasting because the reflective paint comes off after several bites.

Best Striped Bass Lure With Sound: Rebel Lures’ Jumping Minnow Topwater

The Rebel Lures’ Minnow is not as fancy and shiny as the TRUSCEND Pencil, although it creates a fast swimming action that gets all stripers’ attention. Bass is an aggressive predator and when it sees a fast moving small fish, it gets the challenge of catching it. Moreover, the rattling sound works every time.

The Shimano Jerkbait and Super Strike are bright colored and this walking bait comes in only four colors. However, it gets the job done well. The minnow-shaped Rebel works in various seasons although you may have to change the hooks if you aim to catch hungry predators in the fall.

Another great feature of this lure is that it is among the topwater lures that novice anglers can use without much experience. The walk-the-dog retrieval makes this lure move fast in the water. While the stripers get attracted, the anglers have an easy task to only retrieve at slow pace.


  • Durable and effective due to the blend material
  • Move naturally and have a rattle that attracts striped bass
  • These lures can be used all year round since they do not look like bait available at specific parts of the year


  • The hardware is weak and you may have to replace hooks
  • The color variations of this lure are limited

Best Striped Bass Lure for Fall: Shimano Jerkbait

Anglers love to fish for stripers in the fall, and the Shimano Jerkbait is a great match for this season. The Jet Boost technology of this lure makes it easy to cast over large areas. You can work this bait in a tight wobble action, which works well for bass because this fish species looks for commotion.

The blend material and the detailed finish of this lure make it similar to the TRUSCEND pencil, although the color and shape choices of the Shimano are much less than the latter. Another similarity in all the lures mentioned is that the line is tied at the nose, which makes these lures go forward as anglers pull the line, and the rest of the body moves with the water.

The Shimano Jerkbait is good for the fall season because it gets the attention of the predator fish and moves quickly in water, making the striper come after it with force. You can use this lure up to a depth of five feet, which attracts fish hiding in plants and between ridges, from where the topwater bait might not be visible.


  • Comes in natural colors that enhance efficiency and can be used at night or day with equal effectiveness
  • Six different sizes are available so that anglers can use this according to the depth and gear in use
  • Can work with various fishing technique like spinning, fly fishing and even trolling


  • The lure is not durable and loses its look over time
  • The lures are lighter than the specifications by the manufacturer so many anglers feel they cannot use them

Best Striped Bass Lure for Night Time: Super Strike Little Neck Swimmer

Night fishing for bass can be an adventure to remember if you have the Super Strike Little Neck Swimmer. This floater comes in numerous colors and they are all bright enough to attract hungry bass in low lighting. What makes this lure special is that you can cast it on windy days, in rain and at all other challenging times for catching aggressive predators.

Like the Rapala Minnow, the Little Neck also has rattles and this is a new addition and was not present in previous models. The rattling attracts fish in murky or dark water and that makes it an ideal pick for night fishing. Moreover, this bait can be presented up to five feet in water like the Shimano Jerkbait and therefore, it can attract the fish swimming deeper in water.

Many lures that come in bright colors lose their finish after a few casts. However, the Super Strike is quite durable and can last a long time. It can be your partner for all your night fishing trips to murky waters. This bottle plug is popular for working well with striped bass because it can take the surf and make its way a little deeper to move naturally with the water and attract bass.


  • Works well in all seasons because of its movement and weight
  • Does not lose finish and remains effective for a long time
  • Can attract fish from far with the rattling sound and the bright colors


  • Cannot be used during the day because the weight of the lure requires heavier line that can be visible in daylight
  • The 3/0 treble hooks can be a mismatch for smaller stripers

Factors to Consider for Lures to Catch Striped Bass

NameTRUSCEND PencilRebel Lures’ MinnowShimano JerkbaitSuper Strike Little Neck
ShapeThin, and long fishSmall fishSmall fishSmall fish
Colors AvailableMore than 10Only 4Only 6Only 6
Best ForAll seasons, and all timesRough waters, and low clarityFall seasonRough winds and murky water
NatureTop waterTop waterJerkbaitBottle

When you decide to go fishing for striped bass, the gear matters significantly, although the most crucial selection is of the lures. When you look for the most suitable lures, be sure to determine the best one according to a few factors.

Time of Fishing

If you are going fishing to the coast with some friends during the day, you would need a lure that works well with a lighter line because you wouldn’t want bass to get suspicious. A TRUSCEND Pencil or a Shimano Jerkbait will work well during the day. However, a bright and heavier lure like the Little Neck will not work.

Striped bass are smart fish and if they see the line attached to an attractive fish swimming away, this predator will become careful and will not come closer. No matter how well the lure moves in water, the weight and gear have to be lighter for the predator to bite carelessly.

A fresh striped bass caught by a person while in a yellow kayak

The Seasons

Some lures are designed to be used in all seasons while others are shaped like real bait that is only available to stripers during a particular season. For example, the Rebel lure will work at all times of the year because it is a small minnow which is found in water all year round.

If you use the TRUSCEND Pencil in various finishes, pick the one that resembles minnows, or shad so that bigger predators do not get suspicious. Additionally, you will have to select bait that can swim below the surface so choosing a topwater in colder months will not yield great catches.

Natural Colors

Some baits look effective, and when you use them, they turn out to be the opposite. Select lures that have natural colors like white, pink, green, shiny blue and even brown. At night, you can use bolder colors because of low visibility. However, during day time the colors are as important as the movement.

The TRUSCEND Pencil, and the Shimano Jerkbait have detailed finish and attract stripers from deep waters even. The reason is that their finish is natural and they look like real fish swimming upwards. While the movement and sound of the lure also makes a difference, the most effective lure will have a detailed finish.

Many lures available in the market are bright colored, yet they do not look natural. Similarly, a good lure might lose its finish and does not shine like it may have during your previous fishing adventures. Refrain from using lures that have damaged paint because that can make stripers get suspicious.

The Weather

If you select a day when the winds are gushing, and the water is murky, a small white colored lure will probably not be the best choice. You will need bait that can attract fish in murky water. Select noisy and bright, or shiny lures that stripers can hear if not see!

Moreover, the fast moving baits create a commotion in water and the bass can pick up the vibrations. If you want to get some quick catches, try using Shimano Jerkbait or Little Neck because they can be prominent in muddy water or low lighting.

Similarly, when the sun is out, you would need bait that can use the sunlight to attract bass. TRUSCEND Pencil is a great pick for such days when the sunlight shines on the lure and makes it glow and look enticing. Stripers cannot resist such creatures and come up to bite them and get hooked.

A person holds a fresh fish caught using a blue-colored fishing lure

The Location

Are you fishing on a lake where there are too many anglers? Is the lake deep? Striped bass are smart fish and can easily detect if the bait around them is a trap or not. If there are too many anglers, stripers can go deeper in the water and will not bite into all kinds of lures.

However, if you use a bait that can swim to greater depths than topwater lures, it will work well. Similarly, some hard material lures are good for fishing plantation covers, and rocky areas. Some striped bass hide in the plants especially when the surf is low and water is clear. Presenting a lure in depths will help attract these hidden predators.

If the surf is rough, you can use Super Strike Little Neck as it can go to a greater depth and has bright colors to attract bass. Moreover, the weight of this lure is greater so it does not give in to the water movement and remains steady. This convinces the cautious predator and it comes out to bite!

Related Questions

Novice anglers and first-time bass anglers may have a lot of questions regarding how and why some lures work better than others for striped bass. You can always see what answers they get to ensure that you know more.

What Baits Do Striped Bass Like?

Striped bass eat all kinds of small creatures such as shad, minnow, worms, eels, and even frogs and lizards. Larvae of insects and flies are also on the menu for bass. However, they like to target bigger and faster fish so use a bait that moves efficiently and creates sound.

How Can I Get Bigger Stripers?

Fish for big stripers at night and use bright colors and noisy lures that can attract these predators when the lighting is low. Additionally, use bait that moves naturally near the surface because at night, bass will come up to eat as many small fish as they can.

Can I Use Worms for Striped Bass Fishing?

Yes, worms are a good choice for stripers because they move naturally with the water current and are long, which means that they are more visible and can attract fish from far. Moreover, these worms can be rigged in various ways to suit the different seasons and present at different depths. 


When selecting the best lures to catch striped bass, there are a few factors that anglers need to keep in mind. Select the best lures so that you can catch some big bass and enjoy the sport that all anglers find most thrilling.