Best Lures for Creek Smallmouth Bass [2024 Review]

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Some bass variations are caught all year round, and anglers focus on specific species during some months. However, fishing for Smallmouth Bass can be a year-round affair if you carry the best lures for creek Smallmouth Bass. These places can be rewarding if only your tackle is packed well!

Our Top Smallmouth Bass Creek Lure Recommendations

If you do not carry the right lures for fishing in creeks, the presentation can do more harm than good because bass are smart fish, and they may become wary if they are not convinced that a particular lure is a real fish. In fast-moving water, select the artificial bait that will get Smallmouth Bass hooked in a short time.

Best Overall Lure for Creek Smallmouth: TRUSCEND Pre-Rigged Jig Head Soft Fishing Lures

The Truscend Pre-Rigged Jig head will work very well for Smallmouth bass or creek smallies as they look like small bait fish in bright colors. When the water is coming in fast, bass can spot these bright fish and get ready to bite in with force.

The silicon material of this jig head makes it move to slither, entices the target fish because bass like to ambush small fish that move swiftly and actively. The barbed hook on the top is entirely invisible, especially since creeks have fast currents, and your target fish will only be looking at the moving fish! Rapala Shad is made of a blend material, while this lure is all silicone.

The hook style on this lure for Smallmouth bass looking for food in the creeks differs from the other lures. The Bomber Model A and Rapala Shad jig head have two treble hooks attached to the lure.


  • Quick catches with this lure are possible due to its life-like movement
  • The finishing is sturdy, and wear and tear is not visible after many uses
  • The hook is not prominent, so the bass does not suspect any trap
  • Anglers can cast this lure over a large area as they are light yet heavy enough to flow with the water like a real fish


  • While the hook is not prominent, it catches on to twigs, leaves, and plants and can even get caught between rocks
  • The specific technique of keeping the hook lower demands skillful anglers, which means novice anglers might have a more challenging time with this lure

Best Creek Smallmouth Lure for Fast Catches: Rapala Shad Rap 05 Live Lure

The Rapala Shad Rap 05 is an excellent choice for creeks because it moves like real fish in the fast water of the stream, and when Smallmouth bass are waiting for the incoming bait, they bite these life-like lures with full force.

The blend material of this creek lure is long-lasting and can take the force of the water and the fight of bass as it gets hooked, and the fish might try to pierce into this small bait to try and break free from the hook.

The two treble hooks increase the chance of catching Smallmouth bass because they are the right size for the bass species with a smaller mouth than other species found in lakes. There are only two color options, unlike the Truscend Pre-Rigged Jig or THKFISH Soft Swimbait. Moreover, the color of this lure is subtle and dark compared to Bomber Lures.  


  • The small fish has a detailed finish that helps in enticing Smallmouth bass
  • The 5/0 hook size is suitable because it does not injure the bass
  • It can be used for casting and spinning, which are both good fishing techniques for creeks


  • There are only two colors available, and they might not work in all creeks due to the dark shades
  • The hooks are more prominent because the lure is small, and there are two treble hooks attached

Best Creek Smallmouth Bass Lures for Various Rigs: THKFISH Soft Swimbait Soft Plastic Fishing Lures Bass Lures Swim Baits

The THKFISH Soft Swimbait is so unique, and it is completely different from the Rapala Shad or Truscend Jig Head because it is made of soft plastic and has a ribbed design which adds to the movement. Whether you are using this lure with weight or you want to cast this on the surface, it will work with every kind of rig.

THKFISH has a sparkling finish and is available in a variety of colors. This feature is also unique as the various lures, like Rapala Shad, come in only two or three different shades. The ribbed body moves in water like a small bait fish swimming fast. This movement is enticing for hungry bass, so you will be getting a big one hooked within a short period. Additionally, this lure has a scent that attracts fish, which is a unique feature.

You can twitch the line to make this lure move near the bottom of the creek, or you can retrieve it slowly to make its tail move fast as it glides in water. The same movement is needed for the Rapala Shad. This lure does not have attached hooks. The Truscend has a barbed hook on the top, while the Bomber Model A has treble hooks.


  • The life-like movement is attractive to predator fish
  • Bright colors attract fish in fast-moving water
  • The unique shape makes many fish come towards this lure as it piques their curiosity


  • You have to provide your own hooks or jig head
  • A smaller hook can be tough to push thru the soft plastic body of this lure and may cause anglers some distress

Best Creek Smallmouth Bass Lure for Summer: Bomber Lures Model A Crankbait

The Bomber Lure Model A comes in a wide variety of colors that can be used when the lighting is low, or the water is not clear. Creeks are usually rocky streams, and using this small fish with interesting colors will invite predators from rocky regions where they hide during the summer.

Some lures are made of silicone, like the Truscend jig head, and others have blend material, like the Rapala Shad. However, the tough construction of this lure makes it long-lasting because it can withstand the tough rocky areas and the stoned gravel at the base of the creeks. This lure has a rattle that will create sound, and the vibrations can get spawning or hide fish from under the ridges to come out for a bite.

Many anglers use this lure for casting or trolling, while it is also good for spinning and allows you to cover larger areas as you retrieve this small fish slowly. The THKFISH lure is soft plastic, while this one is harder and can make its way through crevices with ease.


  • Comes in colors especially good for creeks, for example, Creek Craw
  • The hard construction makes it sturdy because it does not lose finish even after bumping into rocks and ridges
  • The treble hooks are small and will not hurt the smallies


  • The size of this crank bait may be too small for fast streams
  • The lure is heavier and may not be a good choice for other seasons when fish are near the surface

Best Creek Smallmouth Bass Lures for Spinner Action: Heddon Torpedo Prop-Bait Topwater Fishing Lure

The Torpedo Topwater is an excellent lure to create a commotion in the water. Creeks are already moving water, and a tiny fish at the surface, rushing into the main lake body will be a good way to target schooling fish waiting for bait.

There is a fan at the tail of the lure, and the two treble hooks make this artificial fish a good choice for spinning. Many creeks are shallow, and a topwater lure with rattles will get the attention of the predator fish.

This topwater is different from the THKFISH Soft Swimbait because of the hard material that cannot flex. However, this bait is similar to Bomber Model A, which also has a tough construction. The rattle is a special feature, as all lures do not create noise.


  • The bright colors are visible even when the lure is near the surface
  • The movement of this lure requires slow retrieval, and anglers can do that easily in shallow waters
  • The Torpedo topwater has strong hooks that catch fish and do not injure them


  • The propellers of the fan on the tail bend easily
  • Hooks do not move freely because they are not attached to chainrings

Factors to Consider for Best Creek Smallmouth Bass

NameTRUSCEND Pre-Rigged JigRapala Shad Rap 05THKFISH Soft Swim baitBomber Lures Model AHeddon Torpedo Prop-Bait Topwater
Type of LureJigheadSpinner baitSwim baitCrank baitTop water
Hook TypeBarbed, circleTrebleNo hookTrebleTreble
ColorMore than 10 colorsOnly two colorsSeven colorsNumerous colorsNumerous colors
MaterialSiliconeBlendSoft plasticHard plasticHard plastic

Novice anglers might need more guidance in picking out the best lures for Smallmouth Bass in creeks. Therefore, it is essential to know some factors that impact your choice when you plan to fish in the creeks.

Whichever lake you are on, if the lure is not suitable for the kind of spot you select, it can result in no catches. However, the lure selection depends on a few things, and if anglers can narrow down the lures that will work, they would want to plan similar trips again.


While all seasons are suitable for fishing bass, there are some specifications that can make a big difference. Creeks have this specific fish in the fall season, and carrying lures to suit the fall will be a great idea. Spinner baits, jig heads, and even crank baits can be great choices.

Gold and red colored fishing lure with a gold hook placed near a green fishing lure on top of a white surface

You can cast your bait deeper in the creek because the water is shallow. Using a Carolina Rig jig head lure can make a lot of difference when bait casting in creeks. THKFISH Soft Swimbait is going to be a good choice for anglers who want to lower the plastic to the bottom of the lake. The life-like movement of this soft bait can attract creek smallies waiting for food. In fall and spring, the topwater will work because the fish is near the surface.

Smallmouths live in big bodies of water, and if they are swimming in a creek, it is purely for food. The presentation of the perfect lure according to the season can make a lot of difference, and you will be glad that you packed the right kind of lure.

Depth of Creek

Creeks are not too deep because they are the channels that open up in the main lake area, rivers, or marshes. Smallmouth is found in creeks in fall, as that is the season when they are hungry and need to feed on the bait fish coming into the main body of water.

To catch this species in creeks, you must ensure that you have the lures that work for the season. However, you may also fish in these creeks in summer, spring or winter. Nevertheless, if anglers use weights, sinkers, and eggs with the correct rig and lure, the catches will never stop!

Rocky Ridges or Slow Stream?

Some creeks are fast and shallow, while there can be some that are slightly deeper and have soft earth at the bottom. The water clarity of these creeks depends on how much clay and earth are below the surface, and anglers need to use dark colors in muddy waters.

The THKFish Swimbait, and TRUSCEND Pre-Rigged Jig Head are available in darker colors. You can catch much fish if you use baits that imitate real fish and come in prominent, dark colors.

Additionally, you can use lures that have scent or vibration that helps attract fish from the depth of the creeks. The THKFISH and Bomber Lures Model A have rattles and propellers, which create a stir in the water, and your target fish will be waiting to bite it.

Plantation Covers

Predators like to hide in plants so that they can ambush their prey as soon as they see them. If the creek has a heavy plantation underwater, anglers will need lures that can get into the plantation and are alluring enough to cause the fish to bite.

Moreover, these lures need to be sturdy, and their finish must be long-lasting. The Truscend Pre-Rigged Jig head and Bomber Model A have a detailed finish, and they can withstand constant brushing and tangle with weeds and long grass.

Silver fishing lures with black hooks place on a clear tackle box on top of a grass

Technique of Fishing

Again, since creeks are shallow, you will need to apply a technique that allows casting the bait to a depth of a few feet. Moreover, the creeks are not too broad that you can cover a large area with the fishing line to cast the lure away from the boat.

There are so many techniques that apply in narrow streams, and they all require life-like baits, which can move at the bottom of the water and can look like small fish looking for weeds or other plants to eat.

The rod and reel combo for creek fishing is also lightweight. The rods can be short, and the line can be either fluorocarbon or monofilament. However, the lure has to be compatible with the rod and reel while being a good target for smallmouth bass.

Related Questions

If this is your first time fishing for bass in the creeks, you may have more questions regarding the best lures for this fish species. However, anglers get to learn a lot from what other people ask and what the experts have to say about artificial bait.

Will There Be Any Bass in Creeks in Spring?

Yes, the smallmouth bass is found in shallow creeks in seasons when they feed heavily and want to get as many small bait fish as they can in shallow creeks. In summer, the fish swim deeper, and in winter, the level of water in the creeks reduces, and there are hardly any fish there.

Will I Be Able to Catch Fish With A Soft Plastic Worm?

No, the smallmouth bass is smart fish and they can understand that the creeks bring in small fish. Worms usually do not swim in creeks as the water is constantly moving and the floor of the creek is not too deep.

Is Topwater Bait a Good Choice?

Yes, topwater baits are a good choice for catching the target fish in creeks. This is because this kind of lure can move near the surface and look like all the real fish coming in with the water.


The best lures for creek smallmouth bass depend on a few factors and can be useful if you use them with the right rig and technique. There are numerous kinds of soft plastic and hard construction lures that work when you want to target the aggressive predator waiting for bait in the creeks.