Best Spring Time Bass Lures [2024 Review]

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Spring time is the opening season for bass anglers, and everyone enjoys it because this species is hungry and ready to eat anything that they can find. The best spring time bass lures can help you get a big fish and enjoy the sport as it should be enjoyed.

Our Top Spring Time Bass Lure Recommendations

After a long winter in the depths of water, bass fish can explore waters that have higher temperatures now. They look for bait on the surface, in the ridges, and even in the thick vegetation cover. If you carry the right lures, you will be able to attract these predators and get them hooked within minutes.

Our Best Spring Time Lure Overall: Bill Lewis Rat L Trap Lipless Crankbait

The Bill Lewis Rat L Trap is a lipless crankbait that can sink into the water, and the bright color gets the attention of fish at all times of the day. The blend material is durable, which makes this bait good for hungry fish that bite hard and can be brutal with the bait.

No matter what the clarity is and what the depth of water is, this bait will work within minutes. The dark and chrome colors work well with bass, and the treble hooks ensure that catching big fish will be easier. This crankbait creates noise as well, which adds to its efficiency.

This bait looks like real fish, and so does the Storm Arashi. However, the Yamamoto Senko worms and Rage Craw look different. Nevertheless, these baits imitate living creatures, and that is why they are effective. Bill Lewis can work at all times of the day and in all kinds of waters.


  • Dark and chrome colors to attract hungry fish
  • Easy to use, so novice anglers can use it too
  • The treble hooks are strong and will not hurt the fish


  • The small bait may fall loose if a fighting bass breaks free from it
  • Anglers will have to select from a vast variety of colors and will need to select one that suits their fishing trip timing. You will not be able to use the same color at all times of the day. Switching between various colors can be confusing for new anglers

Best Spring Time Bass Lure for Heavy Cover: Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits Senko

The Gary Yamamoto Senko worms are filled with salt water that adds to their natural look. The long and soft Senko worms move in the water naturally, and when bass see them moving forward slowly, they cannot resist.

These worms do not come with a hook, of course, although you can try to rig them in various ways according to the water conditions and depth and even the density of plants. The Texas or Carolina rigs and even the other ways of presentation work well with this bait.

These worms do not create any sound like the Bill Lewis and are not deep sinkers like the Strike King Rage Craw or the Storm Arashi. However, they get big catches very soon! You will like the way these worms work and are so easy to use.


  • The worms fall naturally in water if you use them without weight, and this movement makes bass come in for a bite
  • This worm bait gives anglers the liberty of presenting it in various ways using Texas, Carolina, or Wacky rigs
  • Because the hook is not visible to the fish, this worm bait works well for smart and alert fish like bass
  • These worms work well in areas where there are plants because they do not get snagged, and the hook does not get stuck in the weeds


  • The colors are not as bright as visible in pictures, and anglers might not like the dull look
  • New anglers may feel overwhelmed if they do not know how to rig the worms

Best Spring Time Bass Lure for Quick Bites: Storm Arashi Glide

The Storm Arashi Glide comes in various colors and has a flexible tail that makes its movement natural. When hungry bass see a small fish swimming as its body moves in the water and it looks healthy and energetic, a quick bite is inevitable!

The blend material of this bait is durable and can stand the strong bite and even the fight after the bass gets hooked. You can enjoy catching some big fish within a short time with this little bait. The treble hooks on Storm Arashi are comparable in quality with the Bill Lewis bait. The finish is more detailed than Bill Lewis, although their appearances are similar as both look like fish The Yamamoto, and Strike King look different.

The movement of this bait is similar to the Strike King Rage Craw as they both sink a few feet into the water and swim with their heads down, which looks real and is enticing for bass. Both these baits are sensitive to even the slightest tug.


  • Easy to use as it requires a simple retrieval tactic to move naturally in water
  • The detailed finish and movable tail make this bait look real
  • The various colors are suitable for all times of the day in spring


  • The removable tail can fall off if the bass gives it a hard tug while trying to eat it
  • The finish looks real, except the eye which look as if the fish is angry

Best Spring Time Bass Lure for Deep Fishing: Strike King Rage Tail Craw Bait

The Rage Tail Craw Bait is a good choice for your tackle box when you plan a fishing trip in spring. This blend material bait is built to create turbulence so that the prespawning, and hungry bass in deeper parts of the lake come to bite it.

Anglers can use this lure with a Carolina rig setup or they can even jig these artificial craw and get bass to come in for a bite. Like the Yamamoto Senko worms, this lure does not have attached hooks and requires rigging.

The Rage Craw are easy to use, and they do not require a lot of time for set up. These lures can reach deeper than the Bill Lewis or Storm Arashi, therefore, they are a good pick when you want to target bass in deeper waters.


  • Sinks into the water naturally and attracts fish from all directions
  • Easy to use so all anglers can set these lures without difficulty
  • The blend material of this lure is durable and lasts a long time


  • You will have only two color choices and both of them are slightly different
  • The lure will not work in muddy water or on windy days when the water is not clear

Factors to Consider for Best Spring Time Bass Lures

NameBilly Lewis Rat L TrapGary Yamamoto SenkoStorm Arashi GlideStrike King Rage Tail Craw 
MaterialBlend materialSoft plasticBlendSoft plastic, blend
ColorNumerous color optionsNumerous color options in bright and dark colorsChrome, and natural finish colors optionsBright colors
DepthStays near the surfaceCan sink deep into the waterCan sink deep into the waterCan sink deep into the water

When you think of planning a trip to catch bass, the appropriate gear and tackle are most crucial. In spring, bass season begins with hungry fish coming up to feed aggressively because they spent a few months in the depth of the lake without eating enough.

These hungry fish are a challenge to catch because they resist and will fight aggressively as they feed on bait. You will have to select lures in accordance with a few factors. Get to know how you can select the most suitable bait for spring season if you aim to catch bass.

The Weather

If the weather is clear and the sun is out, the water will have moderate temperatures. This would imply that bass are swimming closer to the surface where the temperature is suitable for them. You can use a topwater bait, or a crankbait that can entice bass with its natural movement and appearance.

The Bill Lewis crankbait works well on a clear day as the colors and appearance look real. However, if you fish on a windy day and the water turns muddy, this bait will still work because it creates sound. Another bait that will work in this weather is the Storm Arashi, which has a flexible tail that causes commotion in the water and attracts bass.

A man holds a black fishing rod and fixes the fishing lure to fish in the lake

Depth of Lake

If you are fishing in a deep lake, you will have to select lures that can sink in water and are visible to bass swimming lower in the lake. Spring season means that the water is warm during the day, and gets cooler as the sun goes down. If you are fishing in the evening or early morning, some bass will be hiding in heavy covers or will be deeper in the lake because the water near the surface is cooler.

The Yamamoto Senko and the Strike King Rage Craw are good choices for dim light timing in spring. Moreover, the deeper fish are able to see these lures and will leave their comfort spot to come and bite them hungrily.

Colors of the Lure

The colors and appearance of the lure matter significantly for bass at all times. Whether you head out to the lake during the day or early morning, the colors of the lure must look natural and convincing for bass. If you use a bright lure during the daytime when the water is clear, it will not have the effect you desire.

Similarly, if you use dark and subtle colors when the water is muddy, bass will not be attracted to them. All anglers must select the lure that is prominent against the water as that is when the bait becomes more visible and will entice bass to come and bite.

The idea is that while the appearance and movement of the bait are life-like, the colors should be convincing too. It is essential to use colors that are prominent, yet natural. Dark colors, chrome finish, or even lighter shades of minnows and craw can be appealing and may work at different times of the day in spring.

Related Questions

All anglers and enthusiasts about the most suitable tackle for spring time. You can learn more about the choices and which one to select by seeing what experts suggest.

What Color Lure Works Best in Spring for Bass?

Anglers can select dark and natural colors like brown, blue, black, and even chrome finish so that the lure becomes prominent against the water. Bass will rush in to bite a lure that has a shiny finish and a dark color.

What Color Lure Will Work on a Windy Day?

Bright color lures work well in muddy waters, however, if you select an artificial bait that also has some vibration, it will work even better. Bass are attracted to any lure that will look real and will be visible to them. If the lure you choose is bright and creates some noise, bass will be able to locate it in muddy water when visibility is low.

What Is the Best Lure for Bass in Spring?

The best lures for bass in spring can be crankbaits, craws, and worms that you can use with Texas or Carolina rigs to make them move naturally. Shaky heads and soft plastic baits are also going to be a good choice during this season when bass is hungry and attacks bait aggressively.


The best spring time bass lures will vary with the weather, depth, and a few other factors. You can select the right lure when you know what kind of waters you are exploring. The right lures will make your fishing trip more successful and fruitful.