Best Time to Use Frog Lures for Bass [2024 Review]

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Throughout the year, bass feed on various kinds of baitfish, and knowing what is most favorable during each season will help anglers catch bass quickly. Fishing with frog lures can be fun. However, that means you must know the best time to use frog lures for bass.

Best Time to Use Frog Lures for Bass

The best time to use a frog lure for bass is when the water temperature is between 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which coincides with the time from late spring to early fall. Frog lures are an excellent way to catch bass during this extended period in ponds and lakes that have shallow water areas with thick plant covers.

Bass fishing is adventurous, and many anglers take it up when they feel ready to test their skills. This fish is hungry in spring because of the long winters spent in deeper waters without much to eat. Coincidentally, spring is also when frogs swim around in the water.

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The water temperature is higher in summers, and bass swim at greater depths. Even so, this fish will come up for a floating frog if you plan to go fishing during the evening or night. The water temperature during the hot summers falls when the sun goes down, and frogs swim about at the surface.

What Is a Frog Lure?

A frog lure is made of soft rubber and looks like a frog. This lure can be a hollow body, with two hooks close to the ‘skin’ and silicone legs. Soft plastic frog-shaped baits are used on the water surface. You can pull them along easily until a big splash occurs and you get the bass hooked.

Hardbody plastic frog baits can be used as crankbaits, topwater baits, or walking baits that move like real frogs and attract hungry bass. This lure works best in clear waters where frogs swim on the surface.

Do Bass Fish Eat Frogs All Year?

The fact that these lures work well for bass implies that bass eat frogs and will come up to the surface at any time of the day to catch them. During the warm months, frogs are a staple food for bass and they enjoy catching these amphibians in waters with vegetation like lily pads and cattails.

Bass eat almost all kinds of small fish, and frogs are a regular food in ponds and lakes where there are green patches underwater and near the surface. This is why frog baits work excellently in catching bass when fishing in lakes where there is plenty of vegetation.

Many anglers believe that these types of lures are an important part of their summer tackle because I see more frogs in lakes during summer. However, frogs swim around in water from spring till early fall. Winter is the only time when frogs are not found in lakes and ponds.

Fishing With Topwater Frog Lures in Spring

Fishing with topwater frog bait might be a tough technique for new anglers; however, when you master this, it can become a rewarding and fun way to catch bass. During spring and fall, bass swims in shallow waters, and as it comes to the surface to catch the lure, the splash of water and the explosion of energy in the water and on your fishing rod is exciting.

Topwater frog baits work at all times of the day during these seasons. Bass fish remain close to the surface when the water temperature is moderate. However, it moves lower when it is daytime and it can find cool water at greater depth. Even when the bass is swimming deeper, it comes to bite these plastic amphibians at the surface.

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The best way to fish with a topwater frog bait is to let the lure float around, and as you twitch the line, the lure moves its limbs like a live frog, and bass fish find that irresistible. A hungry bass will come up to grab the lure, and anglers get their desired experience.

Summer Bass Fishing With Frog Lures

The vegetation in lakes and ponds grows luxuriantly during summer. The water lilies, riprap, and cottontails thrive, and it can be hard to throw a baited hook and catch bass within a short time. Frog lures can come to the rescue for anglers during this season.

These plants are a good cover for bass that hide under covered areas to ambush prey when they see any movement. During summer, anglers must target these dense vegetation areas with frog lures to get many hidden bass hooked within minutes. A hollow-body frog lure floats above the plants and attracts bass.

Even when the temperature rises to more than 65 degrees Fahrenheit during summer, some bass swim shallow while most go deeper into the water. However, you can use frog-shaped bait in the evening or at night by walking the bait and then giving the line a slight tug to make it move. You will catch big bass every time.

Frog Fishing in the Fall

Fall is one of best times to fish for bass as they chase shad and other baitfish aggressively. You can use topwater frog bait to catch the attention of bass swimming in shallow waters under lily pads or in the heavy grass areas. Throw in a frog lure and watch bass come up to bite it with a big splash.

After spawning in summer, bass returns to shallow waters and feeds aggressively. Bass anglers say that this season is best for catching big fish because they feed heavily to prepare for winter. You can maximize your success by throwing frog lures in the water to get a quick bite and a big catch!

Best Time of the Day to Use Frog Lure for Bass

During the day, you should focus on heavy vegetation areas where bass hides under lily pads and grassy spots to wait for prey. However, if you fish in the evening or at night, the open water areas will also be a good spot for frog fishing.

Bass come up to feed during the dark hours of summer months. Using the proper gear and bait will allow anglers to catch more bass, and it will be within minutes that they come to bite the amphibians, which appear to be swimming from one lily pad to another.

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Gear for Frog Fishing for Bass

Using frog lures is to give the bass a natural food source that it would come after and bite. The best setup for frog fishing is to use the following gear:

  • A medium to a heavy rod
  • A braided line of around 50 pounds to allow retrieval without breakage
  • A high gear ratio reel
  • These frogs can be hollow bodies, hard plastic, or rubber

The Right Spots for Using Frog Lures for Bass

The use of frog-shaped plastic bait for bass fishing is common in Maryland ponds, lakes, and bays, where many recreational anglers fish for bass throughout the year. Bass fishing is also common in water bodies where frog farms or frog raising exists. Using these lures in these spots can be a good idea.


The best time to use frog lures for bass is when the water temperature remains around 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Anglers can use this bait to maximize their success from late spring till early fall. These lures work well in heavy vegetation spots.