Best Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Locations

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You might have to fish deeper, and good things are usually found in specific places! Yellowfin tuna is indeed a big fish and we need to know where to find them. The best Yellowfin tuna fishing locations can be the next holiday destination for anglers who love to catch this giant of the seas!

The Best Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Locations

Yellowfin anglers will be happy to know that this tuna species dwell in the tropical waters, while sub-tropical seas also get a fair share of the Yellowfin visitors! You can head out east, west, or even south, and there is a chance that you will catch this tuna in all its glory as it splashes in the water, exhibiting its force and playful nature. 

Man holding a fishing rod

Galapagos Island, Ecuador

The eastern Pacific is the hub of Yellowfin. This much is evident by now! Off the coast of Ecuador in South America, the Galapagos Islands are the most scenic, peaceful, and abundant in Yellowfin! 

You will not have to wait for long until a Yellowfin falls for the bait. However, we cannot guarantee easy combat as these feisty sea fish know how to give anglers a hard time.

The Revillagigedo Archipelago, Baja

The eastern Pacific off Baja California Sur, Mexico, is the home of some of the largest Yellowfin, and if you take a trip once, you would want to go again! The biggest fish do not migrate from these waters due to their warmth. That only makes Baja a lucky spot for tuna anglers!

The best time to visit Baja is during the summers or early fall, and you will find huge fish not too deep into the water. 

Southeast Australia

The southern waters are a good option for all those who want to enjoy fishing during the winter months, except that if you are from the Northern hemisphere, it would be summer when you leave home and winters in Australia when you get there!

May till September is the ideal Yellowfin tuna fishing season, and you can learn a lot about the traditional fishing methods that anglers of the region use to get the 400-pound fish in the boat. 

Best Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Locations in the United States

The USA is surrounded by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, which are the home of this giant tuna species. Therefore, many towns in the United States are perfect holiday spots for anglers looking to catch some Yellowfin tuna.  

Man holding a yellowfin tuna that he just caught

Oahu, Hawaii

Imagine the warm summer sun overhead and the cool sea breeze in your hair as you set sails to catch some big Yellowfin in the Pacific. The summer months are the best period for tuna fishing in Hawaii, and the options for your next trip include Oahu, and Honolulu. 

The Yellowfin game is strong in this area, and if you are the only enthusiast in the family, don’t worry because there are plenty of scenic spots for your family to enjoy. This trip is a win-win situation that will end with photos of blue waters and your trophy catch of the season.

Rhode Island, New England

The states in the Northeast have their eastern coast in the Atlantic. This region is rich in tuna fishing, and Yellowfin tuna can be your catch of the day! Rhode Island gives the best view of the Atlantic waters, and the Yellowfin schools are huge! Narragansett is a small coastline and still manages to be one of the best Yellowfin tuna fishing locations. 

If you hail from Asia, or the land down under, or even from the Gulf of Mexico, you might not have heard of Rhode Islands as the hot spot for anglers, although it is a big star on the map for anglers in the country and nearby. 

Catalina Island, California

The California coastline offers a wide array of fish species for anglers. The magnificence of the Yellowfin makes Catalina Island a popular area for fishing yellowfin tuna, and here’s why! 

The average size of fish in these waters ranges between 300 to 450 pounds, which is much bigger than other fish, and among Yellowfin, it can be considered on the lower side! Long-range boats that can go up to 500 miles into the waters will be rewarded for their adventure spirit by giant Yellowfin tuna that you might be able to see on the boats from afar!

Over-Fished Yellowfin Tuna Locations

There are numerous spots where overfishing of Yellowfin tuna occurred during recent years. Anglers should look for other places to protect the species. The most overfished locations in the world are

Man waiting patiently for a catch in a location suitable for fishing tuna
  • Eastern Pacific, south of Alaska on the western coast of North America. 
  • The Indian Ocean, off the coast of the Philippines

These two locations are not favorable for Yellowfin tuna fishing anymore. Anglers must plan their Yellowfin tuna fishing adventures in places where this fish is more abundant. 

Tips to Find Yellowfin Tuna 

The destinations discussed here are not the only Yellowfin tuna fishing locations, however, they are most famous. We have selected diverse and scenic spots to give you ideas for your next fishing trip. Even though there can be many places that you find more scenic and favorable for yourself and your angler friends.

If you are looking for some undiscovered spots, here are a few tips that can get you closer to the kind of location you desire:

Mark the Map

By now you know where the Yellowfin tuna is found, so you can mark the map and visit all the places along the coastline of the seas. If you want to catch this tuna, you can follow the coastline from the different places mentioned in this article.

Once you know where to find this fish, start noting down the names of all the exotic places that are near these waters. Get into the details, and then pack your bags for some Yellowfin fun in the sun!

Know the Fishing Season

To understand the best place for tuna fishing, it is essential that you first mark out the Yellowfin tuna fishing season in your calendar. The best months to fish for this type of tuna are from May till November. Mark the dates on the calendar and send ‘save the date’ notes to your angler friends. 

Whichever coastal city or town from this list that you choose will have plenty of heavy yellowfin tuna waiting to get into a fight and then trying your skills of getting it on board.

Man proudly showing off his yellowfin tuna

Before You Set Out for Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

Whenever you travel to a foreign place, don’t you feel that you have to know more about the culture, traditions, language, and food? Similarly, all anglers must know the correct fishing methods and equipment that the locals use.

If you are an old-time player, you would know trolling, live bait, and even tuna feathers used to attract the big fish and secure a winning position at the end of the trip. Yellowfin tuna are found in large schools, and they are big fish that can give any angler an exciting challenge that skill and expertise can beat.

Be sure to pack the tuna fishing gear according to the requirements, and of course, you must be aware of the laws of the chosen location.

License, Laws, and Fishing Rules

The local government supervises every fishing location, and you must abide by the law. If you have to acquire a license, or if permits are issued through a normal process, you must know about them.

It is best to research the rules and regulations of your destination so that when you catch the Yellowfin tuna, you get to savor the victory instead of fearing some sirens! Since Yellowfin tuna is giant and feisty, there can be rules regarding the depth of the ocean that you can cross or even the method of fishing that the native administration deems fit for this kind of fish. 

Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna Habitat

If you are a regular angler, you may have noticed that Bluefin and Yellowfin tuna fish locations are not very distinct. However, there are specifications that you have to keep in mind. For example, Yellowfin is most abundant in the Pacific and North Atlantic.  

When you understand the areas of the various tuna fish and the favorable fishing seasons according to the variations, you will be able to plan a successful trip- probably the trip of a lifetime! 


We have discussed the best Yellowfin tuna fishing locations in the world for all anglers to enjoy the exotic destinations while fishing big tuna. These locations are some of the best spots, and if you know the location of Yellowfin tuna and understand their spawning and fishing seasons, you can find a good place by yourself!