Best Yo Zuri Lure for Trout [2024 Review]

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Yo-Zuri has been making quality lures for more than 50 years, and each type of lure can give anglers success with particular fish species in the lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and sea. These Japanese fishing accessories have a way with trout. Before you go fishing, look for the best Yo-Zuri lure for trout and you will return with more fish.

Our Top Trout Yo-Zuri Lures Recommendations

When you complete the fishing rig for trout fishing, the best kinds of lures will be needed because it is not easy to engage trout, and attract it to the bait. This energetic fish likes small fish and will come only if the bait moves like live fish.

Best Trout Yo-Zuri Lure Overall: Crystal 3D Minnow Floating Lure

Plastic lures shaped like fish work well for all fish because bigger fish eat smaller ones. The Crystal 3D Minnow is a great choice for trout because it is a floating diver in attractive colors. The small shiny plastic fish can go to a depth of three feet, which is good when you are looking for trout.

The lightweight lure moves with the water and creates movement like a real minnow. There are two treble hooks that improve the chances of catching fast and hungry trout. However, the 3D Crystal Minnow by Yo Zuri does not have a long-cast mechanism, so you cannot use it on shores or from bridges.

Compared to the F1157, the Crystal can only sink to three feet. However, it is a good depth for trout fishing. The weight of the Yo Zuri Crystal lure is the same as Twitchbait and F1157 lures, however, the lengths and materials ensure that the depth of this bait remains less than the other lures.


  • Realistic colors like Sardine, and Blue Silver that attract trout
  • The hooks are strong enough to handle big trout
  • The shiny plastic lures make it possible to fish in muddy water


  • Not suitable for very deep lakes or reservoirs as it can sink to three feet only
  • May not be a good choice for trout fishing at the shore

Best Yo Zuri Lure for Deep Water Trout: F1157 HHay 3DS Minnow Suspending Lure

The F1157 HHAY 3DS Minnow is a suspending lure that can help fetch trout from deeper waters. This lure can go up to six feet deep in water and as it imitates minnow, trout will be coming in for a bite. Trout feeds on minnow and as this plastic lure moves like a real fish, it will bring success every time.

The 3D internal prism gives this lure a realistic look and the shiny colors are visible underwater. The treble hooks are strong and will not miss any catch. If you want to fish for trout on the shore, you can replace the hooks with slightly bigger ones to catch fish in sandy water.

Compared to the 3D Crystal, the F1157 has less variety in colors. However, other than the holographic Ayu, you can buy the painted minnow. The finish of the painted lure might not be as good as that of the Twitchbait or 3D Crystal, however, it can work for a few seasons.


  • The suspending action is close to live fish
  • Good for deep water fishing because it can sink to six feet
  • The ring is large and tying the line is easy


  • The finishing of the painted minnow can wear off quickly
  • Suspending might not be useful for trout fishing on the shore

Best Yo Zuri Lure for Sinking: 3D Inshore Twitchbait Slow Sinking Lure

Trout fishing is adventurous because trout swims quickly and you need quick starting action, which is a prominent feature of the Inshore Twitchbait. When you need to use the sinking technique to get trout fish swimming deeper in the water, this lure is a good choice.

Compared to the 3d Crystal and F1157 HHAY, the sinking action of Twitchbait is better although the other two lures can go as deep as three feet, and six feet respectively. This lure comes with saltwater grade hooks, which make it a good choice for shore trout fishing.

The internal 3D prism means that the shining fish will keep attracting trout even when the outer layer of the lure wears out. However, this bait is not for catching trout close to the surface, and that limits its function for anglers looking for trout in smaller and shallow lakes.


  • Excellent for targeting trout in sea water
  • Works well in deeper reservoirs and lakes
  • Imitates real fish and remains attractive despite old outer plastic


  • Due to the sinking quality it is not the most suitable lure for shallow waters
  • The hooks are not suitable for smaller trout

Factors to Consider for Best Yo Zuri Lures

3D Crystal0.04 pounds3.5-inchFloating Diver
F1157 HHAY0.04 pounds4-inchDiamond-shaped lip
Twitchbait0.04pounds3.5 inchFlat sided lipless

Before you buy the best Yo Zuri lures for trout, there are a few factors that you would want to consider to ensure that you buy the most suitable lure. Mark down these factors and your selection of the most suitable lure will become an easier choice.

Place of Fishing

Trout is found in lakes, rivers, and even on the sea shore. If you are looking for a trout fishing trip in a lake, the hook style and the weight of the lure can allow deep water fishing. The lakes have limited bait fish, so trout come rushing in when they see a moving fish near the surface of the water. A lure that looks real will work for anglers.

Sea trout fishing is not as common as lake fishing, however, if you want to try out this adventure there are various Yo Zuri lures that can meet your requirements. Ensure that you pick the right kind of hooks, and the weight of the lure so that it can get you some big trout from the shore.

Weight of the Lure

Some lures are lightweight and sink to a few feet below the water surface. Some Yo Zuri lures can go as deep as six feet, which is a good depth to catch trout in the cold season. The Twitchbait is a sinking lure and weighs 0.04 pounds, which is heavier than lures meant for other fish. Trout requires heavier lures.

Best Yo Zuri lure for trout

The Ring Style

Some Yo Zuri lures have a bigger line ring, while others have a smaller, fixed one. A suspending lure will have a more profound ring so that the plastic fish can hang loose and move with the water. If you are fishing for trout in calm water, the F1157 HHAY will work well because it is suspended and moves with the light movement of the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anglers who have not used Yo Zuri lures before may have a few questions regarding the best ones for trout. If the factors to determine the most suitable lure do not answer your questions, there are a few answers that may help you.

Is the Color of the Lure Important? 

When you are fishing for any specific kind of fish, the lure must be similar to the bait fish it eats. When you go for any lure that is not appealing to your target fish, it will be of no use. Trout feed on minnows, and other smaller fish that swim near the surface or in vegetation-heavy areas in the lake. Choose a lure that looks like these small fish.

What Is the Best Hook Style?

Lures like the Yo Zuri 3D Crystal, or the F1157 HHAY have hooks that can work well in freshwater. The Twitchbait hooks are more suitable for saltwater and have a longer hook to support the bigger trout found in the sea.


The best Yo Zuri lures for trout for you will vary according to the location, weight, and numerous other factors. Whichever lure you select must also be according to the gear you choose for trout fishing. Yo Zuri is a famous brand of lures and every variation is a unique model with diverse properties.