How to Fish a Trick Worm for Bass

Two pieces of neon green plastic worms with black and silver glitter were placed on top of a gray surface

The Trick Worm is no newcomer to the game of bass fishing. For decades, it has been the go-to for anglers seeking a bass fishing bait that is both easy to use and effective in a wide variety of conditions. Its effectiveness and versatility make it essential to know how to fish a trick worm …

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How to Fish a Buzzbait for Bass

A man in a yellow and green jacket holds a red fishing bait while seated on a brown wooden chair

Despite being a very effective lure, a lot of anglers seem to be forgetting about the buzzbait. The buzzbait is an old-school topwater lure that is simple to use and effective in fishing for bass. This piece covers everything you need to know about how to fish a buzzbait for bass. How to Fish a …

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Best Bait for Morning Bass Fishing [2024 Review]

Different types and colorful baits for fishing are placed on a blue surface in a room

The different times of the day can have an impact on the number of fish you catch. For bass anglers, the early hours of the day can be a good time to bag some big fish. Pack the best bait for morning bass fishing and prepare for an adventure you will remember for a long …

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What’s the Best Bait for Fishing in a Canal?

An image of a person holding worms

Canals offer fishing opportunities to anglers all year round, making them one of the most exciting places to fish. Baits are a must-have when fishing in a canal because they significantly increase your chances of getting a bite. So, what is the best bait for fishing in a canal? What Is the Best Bait for …

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Best Bait for Winter Trout Fishing [2024 Review]

An image of a man fishing during winter

Whether you want to go fishing in ponds, reservoirs or lakes, winter fishing can be a good time to catch some big trout. Anglers should ensure the necessary gear and the best bait for winter trout fishing, and they will be surprised to see the amount of fish they can get during the cold season. …

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Lake Trout Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

A rod and reel combo used in a lake trout ice fishing

You don’t have to stop fishing for trout in winter. If you have the right lake trout ice fishing rod and reel combo, there can be many big fish to catch under the icy surface. Anglers who prefer to fish in other seasons are in for a big surprise if they go to the lake …

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Best Bait for Trout Fishing in a Lake [2024 Review]

An image of trout fish

Trout species are popular game fish that typically inhabit deep and cold lake regions. From June to August, they are targeted by a large number of anglers using a variety of lures. If you want to strike multiple scores, you must choose the best baits for trout fishing in a lake. Our Top Trout Lake …

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How to Bait a Hook for Trout Fishing

A freshly caught trout near a fishing rod

Trout fishing is exciting, and most anglers begin the sport by fishing for this fish in a trout fishery or lake. If you have not yet learned how to bait a hook for trout fishing, you are missing out on some big adventurous fun. How to Bait a Hook for Trout Fishing Trout is a …

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Best Fishing Bait for Lake Powell [2024 Review]

An image of Lake Powell

Lake Powell is an excellent place for anglers as this large lake is full of ridges, cliffs, and canyons that provide some great opportunities for anglers looking for big fish. If you have the best fishing lures for Lake Powell, your trip will be a rewarding adventure. Our Top Lake Powell Fishing Bait Recommendations Lake …

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Best Bait for Haddock Fishing [2024 Review]

An image of a man fishing

Haddock is a tasty treat for everyone and anglers who like to celebrate their catch and love to fish haddock. If you have the best bait for haddock fishing in the tackle box, you will be able to enjoy a big fish without staying outdoors for hours. Our Top Haddock Fishing Bait Recommendations Haddock is …

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Best Live Bait for Walleye Ice Fishing [2024 Review]

A close-up image of Walleye

Every year, several anglers wait a long time for the ice to get thick enough to go ice fishing for walleye. However, not all anglers get lucky. This is why it’s important to use the best live bait for walleye ice fishing as their feeding pattern changes. Our Top Walleye Ice Fishing Live Bait Recommendations …

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Best Bait for Tiger Fish [2024 Review]

An image of a tiger fish

Fishing for the tiger fish species can be a difficult task especially if you’re doing it for the first time. To improve your chances of catching some of this freshwater predatory species, you would need to learn professional techniques and procedures, and fundamentally, use the best bait for tiger fish. Our Top Tiger Fish Bait …

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