How to Fish Plastic Worms for Bass

Three pieces of red plastic bait with a silver hook were placed on a white surface

Bass are visual predators, so using live worms can be very effective as bait for them. Using plastic worms instead of live worms is a great alternative because it is more readily available in various shapes, sizes, and colors and they are easy to buy. This is why you should know how to fish plastic …

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When Is the Bass Pro Spring Fishing Classic?

A person in a blue jacket holds a black and red fishing rod with a black reel fishing in a lake

All kinds of sports and hobbies must be celebrated and all enthusiasts should be able to see how the pros practice and what they recommend. Bass anglers look forward to events that help them learn more about this sport. When is the Bass Pro Spring Fishing Classic? Get to know so you can upgrade your …

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How to Rig a Lizard for Bass Fishing

A person wearing a hoodie is sitting on a brown chair holding fishing on a wooden dock near a body of water

Some lures are not discussed as frequently as others, and soft-plastic lizards are one of them. This artificial lure can give anglers success and if they know how to rig a lizard for bass fishing, they will want to use it every time. How to Rig a Lizard for Bass Fishing A plastic lizard may …

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Best Lures for Creek Smallmouth Bass [2024 Review]

Silver fishing lures with black hooks place on a clear tackle box on top of a grass

Some bass variations are caught all year round, and anglers focus on specific species during some months. However, fishing for Smallmouth Bass can be a year-round affair if you carry the best lures for creek Smallmouth Bass. These places can be rewarding if only your tackle is packed well! Our Top Smallmouth Bass Creek Lure …

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How to Use a Jig for Bass Fishing

A person holds a freshly caught bass in the lake using a yellow and green jig with a white fishing line

Jig fishing for bass is a centuries-old technique and one of the most effective and varied methods of catching bass. While jigs can be effective for catching fish, not many anglers are aware of their potential or know how to effectively employ them. This is why you should know how to use a jig for …

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How to Rig a Senko Worm for Bass Fishing

A man in a green and yellow jacket holds a black rod fixing his bait to use for fishing while seated on a wooden chair

Do you know how to rig a Senko worm for bass fishing? If you learn this clever technique, you will be able to upgrade your sport and become a top angler for bass. It is easy to use this plastic worm and you would be surprised at how quickly it gets those big bass hooked. …

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How to Fish For Largemouth Bass From the Shore

A man in a white shirt and gray shorts wears a bucket hat using a black rod and black reel to fish on the shore

The largemouth bass is a sought-after fish for anglers who like to improve their skill and enjoy fishing while they aim for some of the most difficult fish to catch. You can collect all the tips on how to fish for largemouth bass from the shore and experience the fishing trip of your lifetime! How …

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How to Fish For Largemouth Bass in the Fall

Two men fishing using black rods and reels while seated on big rocks in the lake

Fall is a great time to fish for bass because it is hungry, and will usually bite anything to fill its belly. Novice anglers want to try this sport, and seasoned ones see it as a thrilling hobby. If you learn how to fish for largemouth bass in fall, you will want to make it …

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How to Fish a New Lake for Bass

Two men hold black fishing rods while seated on a brown rock in the lake

Fishing a new lake is exciting, however, if you have not done it before, you would want to know how to fish a new lake for bass. Catching this fish species is challenging and fun, and when it combines with the challenges of finding fish in a new lake, your trip will be adventurous. How …

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How to Fish a Dropshot for Bass

A person holding a red and white fishing rig near a yellow tackle box on top of a brown wooden table

Some anglers believe that some rigs for bass are only for experts. However, dropshot is an easy technique that ensures success. Learn how to fish a dropshot for bass and you will try it every time you are on the lake. Novice anglers can learn this rig within minutes with the help of some gear …

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What Kind of Fish Is Sea Bass?

A man wearing a black jacket, camouflage cap, and a silver ring on his left ring finger while holding a big fish overlooking the sea

Anglers who want to fish for bass often do not know the various kinds of this fish species, and where they are found. Therefore, they do not carry the most suitable tackle and don’t succeed. What kind of fish is sea bass? Get to know about this sought-after fish so that you know where and …

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How to Fish an Umbrella Rig for Bass

Three men riding on a small boat were fishing together in a lake

An exciting venture filled with lots of bass biting is what every angler wants. To achieve this, you should know some important rigs for bass such as the Umbrella rig. However, utilizing an umbrella rig when you’re completely inexperienced can be downright dangerous. So, the first step would be to learn how to fish an …

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