When Does Bass Fishing Start in NJ?

A man fishing in a lake

Bass is a popular game fish on the Atlantic coastline. New Jersey and many other states have largemouth bass lakes. When does bass fishing start in NJ? Knowing the right time will ensure that you return with a full creel every time. However, if you want to catch and release, there will be many bass …

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What Is Good Bass Fishing Weather?

A man bass fishing on a good weather

Bass fishing trips can be most successful when you carry the right gear and head out to the waters at the right time. What is good bass fishing weather? This question can help determine the fishing gear and even the bait to use. What Is Good Bass Fishing Weather? Good weather to fish for bass …

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How to Bake Bass Fish in the Oven

An image of a bake bass fish in a round plate

Bass fishing is a sought-after sport, especially since the fish makes for a delicious meal. When you go bass fishing the next time, make sure you know how to bake bass fish in the oven so you can prepare a quick and easy meal after your trip. How to Bake Bass Fish in the Oven …

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How to Fish For Largemouth Bass in Summer

A person showing how to fish for largemouth bass in summer

Summer bass fishing is one of the most exhilarating experiences for anglers, pros, and amateurs alike. While it is the warmest time of year, it is also the best time to exceed monthly catch targets. Now, if you are actually going to have any fishing success, then you absolutely need to know how to fish …

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Do I Need a Leader for Bass Fishing?

An image of a person holding a bass fish

Leaders serve as a safety net of sorts for many anglers, giving them the assurance that their fishing lines would be safe from harm underwater. However, not all fish have teeth strong enough to break fishing lines with their teeth. If you are a bass fisher, then you might wonder, ‘do I need a leader …

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How to Unhook a Bass Fish

An image of a person showing how to unhook a bass fiish

Bass anglers enjoy good catches after practicing and constant improvement in their technique. Bass fishing is fun, and after catching a few bass fish, anglers unhook the fish and release it back into the water. How to Unhook a Bass Fish The best way to unhook bass fish is to ensure that it does not …

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