How to Fish a Tube for Largemouth Bass

An image of plastic fishing lure

Tube baits are fantastic for capturing this species as a result of their motion and small size.  Anglers favor this bait type as essential for a complete bass fishing arsenal. However, if you want to have any success, you must know how to fish a tube for largemouth bass. How to Fish a Tube for …

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How to Fish for Big Mouth Bass

Bigmouth bass is one of the most popular game fish in the world and their aggression and display of acrobatics are quite the attraction. So, if you want to get in on the action, you must learn how to fish for bigmouth bass.  How to Fish for Big Mouth Bass  Fishing for big-mouth bass primarily …

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How Many Pound Test for Bass Fishing?

An image of a man fishing

The average bass measures between 3 to 6 pounds at maturity, so you need high-quality gear when fishing for them. You can determine the strength of your fishing line, which is perhaps the most important fishing equipment, from its pound test number. So, how many pounds test for bass fishing? How Many Pounds Test Do …

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When Does Bass Fishing Open in MN?

An image of a freshly caught fish

Fishing is one of Minnesota’s most popular activities with even tourists traveling down for the fishing season. With this growing level of interest, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has had to implement regulations to ensure the rivers and lakes stay stocked. So, when does bass fishing open in MN? When Does Bass Fishing Open …

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When Is the Best Time to Bass Fish in Florida

Florida has gained a reputation for being one of the best locations for fishing the largemouth bass. This is because the abundant freshwater lakes and great weather in Florida support the growth rate of bass all year round. So, when is the best time to bass fish in Florida? When Is the Best Time to …

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Best Fishing Lures for Bass in Cold Water [2024 Review]

An image of the best fishing lures for Bass in cold water

Bass fishing is always a pretty exciting adventure even for experienced anglers. However, fishing for bass is a different ball game and without the correct lure, you may go hours without a big catch. So, what are the best fishing lures for bass in cold water? My Top Bass Cold Water Fishing Lures Recommendations There …

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Best Lures for Bass Fishing in May [2024 Review]

A person showing the best lures for Bass in May

Bass fishing is a popular outdoor recreational activity; the excitement of struggling with a largemouth or smallmouth bass and finally getting it is unrivaled. Whether you’re a beginner or a tourney professional, you require the best lures for bass fishing that will attract bass in record time. My Top May Bass Fishing Lures Recommendations Bass …

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Is It Good to Fish for Bass After It Rains?

An image of a person showing if is it good to fish bass after it rains

Weather conditions are a crucial consideration when fishing for bass because temperature and oxygen saturation play a huge role in the activeness of fish. Generally, bass tends to be more active when it is raining. However, is it good to fish for bass after it rains? Is It Good to Fish for Bass After It …

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When Is Pre Spawning for Bass Fishing?

Person holding a bass fish

Bass fishing can become an adventure to remember if you know when to plan a trip for some big fish. Bass enthusiasts should know when is pre spawning for bass fishing, which can be a fruitful period if you are looking for some success in the number of catches. When Is Pre Spawning for Bass …

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What’s the Best Time to Fish For Striped Bass?

Person showing off his Striped bass catch

Striped bass are among the fiercest fighters when they are hooked. You will find many of them in shallow waters or under covers like rocks. However, what’s the best time to fish for striped bass? If you want to catch some big ones, it would help to know the best time of the day and …

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When Is It Too Cold to Bass Fish?

An image of a person fishing on a cold weather

Bass anglers often pack away their fishing gear during winters, although there is a good chance you can catch plenty of bass in any lake. When is it too cold to bass fish? Bass fishing enthusiasts can explore the answer by planning a trip in winter or getting to know more about how bass behaves …

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How to Fish for Bass in October

A man fishing on his boat

Before the winters begin, bass fish change their behavior to prepare themselves for the cold season. The fall season is an angler’s delight, and if you want to learn how to fish for bass in October, you will have to know all about this behavior change. How to Fish for Bass in October Bass fishing …

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