Best Lures to Use in Cold Weather [2024 Review]

Person holding one of the best lures to use in a cold weather

Winter months are hard for anglers because of the reduced fish activity. However, it becomes a memorable adventure when you have the best lures to use according to the weather. Get your winter gear ready, and you will be surprised at the success you can have out in the water. Top Lure Reviews to Use …

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How to Rig a Lure for Trout Fishing

A person showing how to rig a lure for trout fishing

Trout fishing could be a pretty technical business, however, knowledge of how to rig a lure can give you a good edge. A lure rig allows you to exploit the appealing action of a lure to the maximum. So, knowing how to rig a lure for trout fishing is essential. How to Rig a Lure …

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Best Striper Trolling Lures Freshwater [2024 Review]

A top view image of a trolling lure

Trolling for and catching stripers, such as striped bass, can be pretty frustrating especially if you are not using the right equipment. A key ingredient in your success when trolling in freshwater is the lure type that you choose to use, particularly if you are trolling for stripers. This is because getting the best stripper …

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Best Lures for Crappie in Summer [2024 Review]

A person arranging the best lure for crappie in Summer

Both black and white crappies are highly sought after because they are good to eat and equally fun to catch. However, catching these attractive yet aggressive fish can be tricky because of their picky eating habits. To help you overcome this, I have compiled a list of the best lures for crappie in summer. My …

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