How Much Are Tuna Fishing Rods?

An image of a man holding his fishing rod

Tuna fishing is one of the most exciting water sports because of the active, aggressive, and always ready-to-fight tuna fish. If you are a new tuna angler, the next adventure plan needs more prep, and you might be wondering how much are tuna fishing rods? How Much are Tuna Fishing Rods? Tuna fishing rods can …

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How to Find Tuna Fishing Spots

An image of a man showing how to find tuna fishing spots

Every angler wishes to go tuna fishing because it is more fun and adventurous than catching any other fish. To catch some big fish, it is essential to know how to find tuna fishing spots. There can be many ways of locating a school of fish. We need to get to the right place first. …

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How Long Does the Tuna Fishing Season Last?

Bluefin tuna wrapped in rope

Offshore anglers enjoy tuna fishing more than other fishing trips because of the adventure, and challenge of catching the fish that puts up a long fight. However, it is essential to know how long the tuna fishing season lasts. How Long Does the Tuna Fishing Season Last? The tuna fishing season lasts from March to …

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Best Fish Finder for Tuna [Review 2022]

An image of one of the best fish finder for tuna

A tuna fish finder is a device that can locate tuna fish underwater. The best fish finder for tuna uses the Sound Navigation and Ranging system, SONAR, to estimate how deep and for the tuna is from the boat. Tuna is a fast and energetic pelagic fish in the vast ocean. You can rely on …

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Tuna Fishing Gear List

Fishing gear on deck

The fishing gear can vary according to the type of fish you are going to catch. Tuna fish are fast, and they are strong. You will have to prepare your fishing gear according to the occasion. Preparing a tuna fishing gear list can be helpful so that when the right time comes, you are ready …

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Where Is the Best Place to Fish For Tuna?

Freshly caught tuna lined up in a boat

We keep hearing about the best locations for fishing, however, when you decide to head out, there has to be an exact location where you can go to catch the fish you want. Where is the best place to fish for tuna? Anglers looking for a big adventure must be aware of the best spots …

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Best Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Locations

Man waiting patiently for a catch in a location suitable for fishing tuna

You might have to fish deeper, and good things are usually found in specific places! Yellowfin tuna is indeed a big fish and we need to know where to find them. The best Yellowfin tuna fishing locations can be the next holiday destination for anglers who love to catch this giant of the seas! The …

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Best Bluefin Tuna Fishing in the World

An image of a freshly caught Bluefin tuna

Adventurers and fishing enthusiasts are always looking for the best Bluefin tuna fishing spots around the world. Tuna is one of the most challenging to catch. For that, people can travel to new places and explore the coastlines that are not only scenic, but they are also home to the most active fish.  Making a …

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Best Tuna Fishing Rods [2022 Review]

When it comes to tuna fishing, there is just no way to go about it without a good fishing rod. In the waters, you are left with just your fishing skills and your fishing rod and you should definitely have the best of both worlds. Going tuna fishing with the right rod can make all …

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Best Tuna Lures [2022 Review]

A close-up image of tuna lure

In saltwater bodies, there are various species, types, and sizes of tunas, and as a result, using a single lure for all of them will not lead to the desired result. So, before beginning your venture into tuna fishing, it is essential that you get the best tuna lures. Our Top Tuna Lure Recommendations Selecting …

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Best Trolling Lures for Tuna [2022 Review]

Different types of best trolling lures for tuna

Planning your fishing vacation and you want to catch a big tuna? For that, you want the best bait for tuna so you increase your chances of catching one. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best bait for tuna we can find so you will have an easier experience. Our Top Tuna Bait …

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Vibe Yellowfin 100 Review

An image of a woman doing kayak

When fishing, you need a kayak that can provide comfort, stabilization, and storage. It’s also essential that a kayak strikes a balance between safety and convenience. For this Vibe Yellowfin 100 review, you can determine if the features can improve your next fishing and kayaking adventures. Vibe Yellowfin 100 Overview A fully-equipped yet lightweight kayak, …

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