Vibe Yellowfin 100 Review

An image of a woman doing kayak

When fishing, you need a kayak that can provide comfort, stabilization, and storage. It’s also essential that a kayak strikes a balance between safety and convenience. For this Vibe Yellowfin 100 review, you can determine if the features can improve your next fishing and kayaking adventures. Vibe Yellowfin 100 Overview A fully-equipped yet lightweight kayak, …

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Vibe Skipjack 90 Reviews

Two girls using kayaks

If you’re looking to invest in a portable and durable kayak that provides the best value, our Vibe Skipjack 90 reviews will provide the necessary information. We’re sharing the features that make this kayak a showstopper and why some design aspects may be beneficial or not for your fishing trips. Vibe Skipjack 90 General Overview …

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Best Lure for Yellowfin Tuna [2022 Review]

Different types of the best fishing lure for yellowfin tuna

Due to their speed, strength, and sharp instincts, yellowfin tuna is one of the most difficult species of tuna to catch. However, with the best lure for yellowfin tuna, you can make a great and productive sport out of your fishing experience. Our Top Yellowfin Tuna Lures Recommendations Lures generally come in different shapes, types, …

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How to Catch Tuna

Two men showing how to catch a tuna

Catching tuna for the first time can be nerve wracking. Most people hire a guide to help them get started. However, being prepared before the day of catching is also important. Learning how to catch tuna makes the experience smooth, fun, and maybe will help you land a large catch! How to Catch Tuna Tuna …

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Best Tuna Fishing Reels [2022 Review]

Gold colored reel

Fishing for tuna can be quite difficult, especially if you lack the right gear which makes your experience easier. Tuna fishing reels are a key part of your fishing gear and using the right reel is vital to having a successful expedition. This is why using only the best reels on the market would do.  …

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Best Fishing Line for Tuna [2022 Review]

An image of a fishing line that is best for tuna

During any fishing process, the right fishing line plays a huge role in determining whether you go home with a good catch or you go home empty-handed. To assist you in purchasing right, we have compiled the best fishing line for tuna, alongside helpful tips to make your fishing more fulfilling. Our Top Tuna Fishing …

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Best Tuna Fishing in Florida

Fishing boat returning from fishing in Florida

Whether you are a local trying to broaden your options on the best places to fish for tuna in the state, or whether you are a tourist hoping to have a swell time on your next fishing trip, here are the best tuna fishing spots in Florida. Best Tuna Fishing Spots in Florida Hoping to …

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Is Skipjack Tuna Good to Eat?

An image of skipjack that is good to eat

Tuna is a popular delicacy and its meat is so good that it is graded for its quality. There are different types of tuna and some people will tell you that there are some tuna not worth eating. Does this include skipjack tuna? Is skipjack tuna good to eat? Is Skipjack Tuna Good to Eat? …

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How to Catch Skipjack

An image on how to catch skipjack tuna

Learning how to catch skipjack tunas will require a combination of the right skill and proper fishing gear. These pelagic fish travel in schools and fish trolling is the most preferred method of seizing them. Although other fishing means may work, as well. How to Catch a Skipjack Tuna Arguably, skipjacks are best caught by …

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Best Fillet Knife for Tuna [2022 Review]

An image of one of the best fillet knife for tuna

When filleting a tuna fish, the right knife can make all the difference you need to take your cooking to a higher level. The best type of fillet knife is one that is sharp, efficient, comfortable, and easy to use. In order to help you choose right, we have compiled the best fillet knife for …

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Best Bait for Tuna [2022 Review]

An image of best bait for tuna that you can use

Planning your fishing vacation and you want to catch a big tuna? For that, you want the best bait for tuna so you increase your chances of catching one. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best bait for tuna we can find so you will have an easier experience. Our Top Tuna Bait …

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How to Bleed a Tuna

Cutting the head of a tuna

If you’ve ever been out at sea fishing tuna with some experienced anglers or fishermen, you may have noticed them cutting some parts of the tuna and letting it bleed. This is a technique to keep the meat clean. Impress your fellow anglers on your next fishing trip by learning how to bleed a tuna. …

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