Coronado Islands Fish Report 6/27/22

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After devoting most of our fishing trips to bluefin tuna, and the expensive fuel bills and exhausting days that come with it, it was a nice change of pace to fish the Coronado Islands.

There had been reports of a handful of Yellowtail being caught as well as plenty of Barracuda and Calico Bass so we figured we’d give it a shot.

For this trip we were joined by my friend Chuck and my dad Bob. We got a mellow start for the day and got to the dock at 630am with the goal of fishing no later than 2pm.

After getting bait, we were on our way and arrived at the islands around 8am.

We put the trollers out and started looking around and within 30 min we were catching Barracuda. While the Barracuda are not the most prized catch from an “eating” standpoint, they can be fun to catch.

Well, there was NO shortage of Barracuda and we ended up catching over 30 for the day casting surface iron lures – which at least made it far more enjoyable than catching them on live bait.

In fact, we couldn’t really even catch them on bait, because their teeth are so sharp we were constantly having to re-tie leaders and use new hooks.

Luckily, we managed to also catch 5 Yellowtail too, they were mostly on the smaller side except for 1 standout 20lb size Yellowtail that bit Chuck’s live sardine.

By 1:30pm we had enough fun and decided to call it a day and get back home by dinner time so off we went – and yes, we made it home in time for dinner!

A fun day on the water.