Does Bass Pro Shops Install Fish Finders?

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Having a fish finder on board, as a casual fisherman, a serious angler, or just a weekend cruiser can be very beneficial. It helps you see fish and structures that you would have ordinarily missed. However, getting and installing the right one may be quite challenging, hence the need for experts. So, does bass pro shops install fish finders?

Does Bass Pro Shops Install Fish Finders? 

Yes,  bass pro shops install fish finders. You can get professional technicians at all bass pro shops and service centers to help you with the installation of a fish finder on your boat. These bass pro shop technicians can help with the professional installation of other devices such as marine radios, trolling motors, and battery chargers. 

Most technicians at Bass Pro shops charge a flat fee to install fish finders. This is a very good deal because a lot of other technicians charge per hour for installing the same technology. You will be able to save a lot of money by having yours installed at a Bass Pro shop.

Why Do You Need a Fish Finder?

The art of fishing has evolved over the years and has embraced technology, with the fish finder leading the way when it comes to the functionality and advantage it provides for anglers. A fish finder is an electronic device typically placed on the side or beneath a fishing boat. It makes use of sonar technology to identify fish and other objects in the water.

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Getting one can be quite pricey, especially if they boast increased capabilities beyond the basic function of finding fish. However, an investment in getting a fish finder is definitely worth it in the long run.

They Provide Safety

One of the important advantages you get from having a fish finder is the safety it provides. With one, you have a digital map of the water body you are fishing on and you can determine the potential hazards that you should avoid. Fish finders with GPS capabilities can even prevent you from getting lost.

They Help You Find Baits

If you find the bait, you find the fish. This is particularly true with fish finders. Of course, you could go through the process of researching the baits in specific waters where you want to fish. However, they make it easier for you to find the bait of your target fish particularly when they are suspended. This comes in very handy and helps you catch lots of fish.

They Mark Key Spots

Fish finders can be very helpful when marking key fishing spots. If you come across a specific location, say a rock pile or tree, where there are a lot of fish, you can mark the location on your gadget for future reference. This will save you a lot of time on your next fishing trip.

You can also map out your lake in real-time and determine the best locations to fish using a fish finder.

They Expose Habitats

Fish finders are very useful in determining the kind of structures and habitats beneath the water surface. This makes your fishing more efficient overall and increases your success rate.

They Reveal Water Temperature

All fish finders can read water temperature. This can come in really handy and give you an advantage when you need to determine the best range of water temperature for a specific species of fish. It also helps you develop a pattern around the best time of the day to fish for different species of fish.

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They Show Depth

One of the essential features of a fish finder is the ability to show depth. Regardless of whether you are fishing in shallow or deep waters, a proper understanding of depth is crucial. With a fish finder, you can keep your lures and baits within the strike zone for optimal results. You can also determine the thermocline of a water body.

Related Questions 

How Long Does It Take To Install a Fish Finder? 

Installing a fish finder should only take less than two hours and is a pretty straightforward task. The cost of installation is typically charged per hour by marine electronics installers. However, you get to pay a flat fee at any Bass Pro Shops.

Can You Catch Fish Without Fish Finders?

Yes, you can catch fish without fish finders. You do not need one to locate and catch fish. However, they provide very valuable information and details like water depth, temperature, and the presence of baits. This can help to streamline your activities and boost your success rate tremendously.


Having a fish finder on your boat can provide tremendous advantages. While they may be somewhat pricey, they can drastically improve your fishing and are definitely worth their price. Just like some of the other fishing equipment you need. You can always get one at any of the Bass Pro Shops around the country and have it professionally installed by a technician.