Fishing Syndicate: Trout Rods

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If you are heading out for a fishing trip, you may want to get the best tackle and fishing equipment from a reliable place. Most anglers discuss the Fishing Syndicate on various angling platforms online. You can also look through the Fishing Syndicate: Trout Rods to find a reliable and suitable fishing rod to catch trout.

Fishing Syndicate: Trout Rods

Fishing Syndicate is an online shop and resource center developed by fishermen for anglers of all ages. You can find various angling equipment and apparel for catching various fish species. When you decide to fish for trout, you must know the kind of gear you will need.

An image of brown trout fish caught by fishing rod

Trout fishing is exciting, and since this species is abundant in lakes and ponds, you can focus on catching it without any difficulty, if only you are carrying the right rig. This online space is a good choice to find a variety of fishing rods and other equipment as you only get recommended poles!

If you visit the website, you will see that there is a separate tab for rods, and the best devices for trout and panfish are included in the category. However, anglers must know what kind of rod will work for trout fish so they can decide which one to pick, even if it falls in other categories.

The Best Fishing Rods for Trout

Trout can be caught with the help of both spinning, and fly rods. Since this species is not very large, you can work with a medium or light action rod. The best fishing pole for this fish species can be between six feet and seven feet.

Spinning rods work well for this fish, however, you can even work with ultralight devices that can help anglers detect when the fish comes to bite the bait. Since trout is not a very big fish, its light action should be identified by the vibration in the long pole.

Trout is primarily found in lakes and ponds where smaller bait fish is also found. This species feeds on small creatures and therefore, you will need lightweight, and smaller bait or artificial lures to attract this fish.

The Location for Trout and Rod Selection

When you are looking through the various rods on Fishing Syndicate, you will come across various categories. While there is a trout category too, it will be good if you see the other options so that you can match the right rod with the kind of water body that you plan to explore.

If you are fishing in a narrow stream, or a small tributary in the lake, the right size for this device is around five feet. In narrow places, you will need a fishing rod that does not take up a lot of space and with which you can cast the bait properly.

Categories on the Website

On the contrary, offshore or boat fishing in wider areas will require a longer rod of more than six feet. This website has the following categories:

  • All purpose composite series
  • All purpose graphite series
  • Bays and lakes graphite series
  • Big game/offshore composite series
  • Inshore graphite series
  • Trout and Panfish series
An image of trout fish freshly caught

While most novice anglers might rely on the last category for their upcoming trout fishing trip, it is best to look through the inshore graphite series as well. Graphite is a lightweight material and has light action, which is good for trout. This category is worth exploring!

The Ultra-Light Graphite Series for Trout

Anglers who are looking for this specific species can shop for the three models of ultra-light graphite fishing poles available on the website. These models have various lengths and specifications that can fit most anglers.

These graphite lightweight spinning rods have enough strength to fight an energetic trout, however, they are sensitive enough to be used with mini jigs. You can select lengths between six feet and eight feet.

While carbon fiber rods are also popular for light action, graphite is an excellent option and all the fishing poles for trout on this website are made from this sturdy, yet light material. Anglers who want to select a long-standing device can pick one of the options on this website and they will find a good companion.

Rod Descriptions

The graphite rods on the website are manufactured with RX6 graphite, and the diameter is quite thin. This makes the rods super light and you get to enjoy the fast action. These light poles are available in different colors like green and rainbow.

Anglers can select the right length according to their need. Sometimes it is not just trout that you have to catch, and you may even want to use the equipment for other fish and these poles will fit right in to help you catch any other species.

Fishing Syndicate offers good quality equipment and the EVA/Cork split grip handles, reel seats and black Alps guides testify to this quality. You may have explored the fishing equipment market and observed that these features are not added to super light fishing rods by manufacturers.

The Fishing Syndicate Rods vs. Other Trout Rods

There are a few fishing pole models that are famous for trout. If I compare them with the six feet, or seven feet long poles available on the website, there are a few differences that may convince you to give the Fishing Syndicate trout rods some more points.

The Fenwick Eagle is quite popular for its lightweight and super-sensitive nature and this rod is also available in a smaller length of 5.6 feet. However, the Eagle is not as durable as the FS trout poles. The tip of the former is stiff and makes it fragile in rocky areas or heavy covers.

An image of trout fish caught by fly rod

Another very popular choice among trout anglers is the St. Croix Triumph Carbon fiber pole. This one-piece fishing pole is six feet long and has features similar to the FS 600, which is also six feet long and is a one-piece device. However, the St. Croix is made of carbon and is not suitable for use with heavier tackle.

The Advantages of Fishing Syndicate Rods

One of the biggest advantages that the FS fishing poles for trout have over other options available in the market is the price range. Yes, there may be some lesser priced options, however, they will either be a different material than graphite, or they will not be as durable and reliable as the ones available on this website.

Another advantage of The Fishing Syndicate is that the equipment is made by experienced fishermen, who have considered all the aspects of the specific fish species. If you are a novice angler, you will be ready to make an investment that can go a long way for light fish such as trout.

Additionally, there are some convenience features like two-piece or one-piece rod options according to length. If a rod is more than 6.6 feet, it is available in a two-piece option, which is convenient for anglers to carry out in boats. Similarly, the use of various tackle is compatible with the action of these poles and that gives anglers the flexibility of using these devices for not only one kind of fish.


The Fishing Syndicate trout rods are a good option for anglers who are heading out to catch this active and energetic fish. The features of these rods are quite interesting and the materials are also suitable for each fish species. Anglers can invest in these rods to enjoy a memorable trip resulting in adventurous catches.