How Long Does the Tuna Fishing Season Last?

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Offshore anglers enjoy tuna fishing more than other fishing trips because of the adventure, and challenge of catching the fish that puts up a long fight. However, it is essential to know how long the tuna fishing season lasts.

How Long Does the Tuna Fishing Season Last?

The tuna fishing season lasts from March to November in the United States. In other regions, the season begins in June and ends in November. Depending on the different types of tuna and the location of the fish, the months vary in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

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Tuna fish are migratory and you can catch them in different regions at different times between the months mentioned.  Generally, tuna fishing season ends in winter and starts in early summer in the United States.

If you plan to travel to other places for your next adventure, the time of the trip must be according to the variety of tuna fish that is found in that particular region. The duration of the tuna fishing season every year also depends on the harshness of the winters of the previous year. 

Types of Tuna

There are many types of tuna fish, and the fishing season for each of them varies. Along the coastline of America, you can find Bluefin and Yellowfin tuna. Bluefin tuna is more abundant in the Atlantic waters. The fishing season for the Atlantic Bluefin is between June and November.

Bluefin tuna is also found in the Pacific ocean, and you can catch it between May and October. Pacific Yellowfin fishing, mostly in California, is open from March to November, and the best time is between April and September.

Tuna Fishing Season in Different Regions

The exact time of the year for tuna fishing is different in different locations. You can plan a trip to different places according to the tuna fishing season in that location. The various types of tuna found along the different coastlines are most accessible during a particular season. 

The Yellowfin tuna are found in tropical, or subtropical ocean waters, and in America, the Pacific Coast is perfect for this kind of fish. You can go Yellowfin tuna fishing in southern California or off the Pacific Islands, and Hawaii.

You can go Bluefin tuna fishing in the Mediterranean Sea, and the eastern and western Atlantic region during the summer months from May until October. The coast of New York and New Jersey are a great place to find Bluefin tuna from June to November.

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How to Understand the Tuna Fishing Season

Tuna fish are warm-blooded, and they remain active in the winters. You can sharpen your skills in selecting the right location if you can understand the migratory passage of tuna near the coastline.

  • Louisiana and Florida are great places to catch Atlantic Bluefin tuna, Yellowfin, and the Blackfin tuna. This means that you get the full spectrum when it comes to fishing months. The season in these states is from May till November. 
  • The Pacific coast and Hawaii shores have a longer tuna fishing season, and the best months for all kinds of tuna are between May and October. 

Related Questions

Which Month Is Best for Tuna Fishing?

August and September are the best months for tuna fishing. If you are in America, or even if you plan a trip to other places, these two months will be most suitable for all anglers. Yellowfin and Bluefin tuna are both in season and in abundance during these months. 

How Many Fish Can I Catch in a Day?

You can catch one bluefin tuna in a day in the Atlantic waters off the coast of America. The daily bag limit for Yellowfin tuna in California is five fish per d

ay. Since 2019, the NOAA Fisheries authority has directed anglers to follow this limit. On the Pacific shores of Hawaii, there are no federal regulations for recreational fishing of Yellowfin tuna.  

How Long Is the Tuna Fishing Season in the Outer Banks?

In the Outer Banks tuna fishing season is from March to November, and the most abundant period is around October. You can find plenty of Bluefin tuna in the Atlantic off North Carolina so plan a trip during these months. 


All anglers wonder how long the tuna fishing season lasts, so we have explained the types of tuna fish, their location and the fishing season durations. Read through before you plan the upcoming trip!