How Much Are Tuna Fishing Rods?

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Tuna fishing is one of the most exciting water sports because of the active, aggressive, and always ready-to-fight tuna fish. If you are a new tuna angler, the next adventure plan needs more prep, and you might be wondering how much are tuna fishing rods?

How Much are Tuna Fishing Rods?

Tuna fishing rods can cost between $80 and $1200. A reliable tuna fishing rod will be more expensive because the best tuna fishing gear is made from high-end materials. The hardware, and strength of high-quality rods are more, and therefore the price is high.

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Tuna fishing rods have to hold more weight than other rods since tuna can weigh between 35 pounds and a whopping 650 pounds or even more. They can be heavier than 650 pounds as well and that requires weight-tested fishing rods, which come with a high price.

The fishing rod you need for tuna fishing has to sustain the restless fish, and it should also be able to take the fight and the commotion that the tuna fish creates. The reliable tuna fishing rods will have a higher price since they are made to take the weight, and the fight, and still stand victorious.

The Prices of Different Tuna Fishing Rods

Tuna fishing rods will vary in cost due to the material of the rod. Fiberglass, composite, graphite, aluminum, and carbon materials will vary in price. Moreover, the combination of reels will also depend on the rod you select. Remember these points when you decide to buy a rod:

  • The various tuna fishing styles 
  • As long as you are only fishing for tuna, the bait, rod, and reel can be the same no matter which method you select.
Brand of Fishing RodPrice
Fiblink Saltwater Offshore Trolling Rod$70.99
Penn Squall Reel and Rod Combo$248.76
Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod$59.99
Okuma Cedros E-Glass Jigging Rods$129.99
Shimano Trevala Casting, Graphite Rod$299.99

The Cost for Rod and Reel

Some expensive reels include PENN Squall and GOMEXUS HX trolling reel, which cost between $150 and $420. New anglers might need a spinning combination of rod and reels. The kit with the combo, harpoon, gaff, and revolver rod holders can cost more than $1000. This will all affect the price of your tuna fishing rods.

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Yet, the price of tuna fishing rods is not the only payable for anglers. When looking for the best tuna fishing rod options, consider the rod and reel cost together, as the reel is essential for the fishing experience.

The minimum price of a good reel for tuna is above $60, whereas the smaller ones can be as low as $35. While understanding how much a tuna fishing rod will cost, it is essential to know what you need along with the rod to make your fishing trip a success.

The Size of Rods Impact Cost

By now, we would have a fair idea of how much are tuna fishing rods. However, the cost of the rod also depends on the size. If you are going to catch smaller tuna, you won’t require a sturdy, powerful, high-end rod to pull it out of the water.

On the contrary, some types of tuna are big and heavy, requiring a big rod too! The optimum size of a tuna fishing rod is between five to six feet. The material of this rod will be more robust, and the compatible reel will be heavier too.

Related Questions

Is an $80 Tuna Fishing Rod As Reliable As a $1200 Fishing Rod?

An $80 tuna fishing rod is not as reliable as a $1200 fishing rod. The cost of tuna fishing rods depends on various factors such as material, strength, weight-testing, and hardware. All of these factors impact the tuna fishing experience. 

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How Many Pounds of Rod Do You Need for Tuna?

You will need a 30 to 50 pound rod for tuna fishing. You do not need a heavier fishing rod because you cannot hold it for a longer period. On the contrary, a lighter rod will not be able to sustain the force exerted by a fighting tuna fish! 

What Kind of Rod Do You Need for Tuna Fishing?

You will need a composite rod made of graphite and fiberglass for tuna fishing. Anglers can rely on this rod because of its strength and lightweight construction.


Many anglers ask how much are tuna fishing rods, and the answer is that they cost much more than ordinary rods. The difference is that tuna fish weigh more and are active fish pushing and pulling when hooked. The rod has to be sturdy to endure the weight and handle the fast movements.