How to Go Bass Fishing at Night

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Bass fishing is an interesting sport, and if you have already discussed it with seasoned anglers, you would know that night fishing is even more thrilling. Learn how to go bass fishing at night and enjoy catching bass like never before.

How to Go Bass Fishing at Night

Bass fishing is a sought-after sport for many anglers, and if you haven’t tried it out yet, you have been thinking about it! Imagine the number of anglers that head out to lakes and reservoirs to catch some bass. However, when night comes, there are fewer anglers on the lakes, and the bass becomes an easier target.

Moreover, the bass comes near the surface to feed on smaller fish. Therefore, you can catch more, and the fight with this hungry predator is more thrilling. Anglers who are in the game for the excitement will love to go fishing at night. All you need is to know a few things that will ensure a successful fishing trip.

Anglers who are prepared for the night fishing experience will see a lot of success because the fish are ready to come up to eat. If you understand the necessary rig and if you carry the right kind of accessories and personal items, the trip will become an unforgettable event!

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Some Points to Remember When Night Fishing for Bass

A few changes to your tackle and gear, along with a few facts about bass, can make all the difference in your bass fishing adventure at night. Get the best of summer fishing at night by keeping the following points in mind.

Dim Light Is Crucial

The reason bass comes closer to the surface at night is that they are aggressive predators and like to attack fish when the lights are low. Anglers might wonder how they will be able to see in the dark themselves. However, there can be many smart ways to ensure that bass does not get to see the lights!

Install a Black Light

Anglers can use a black light system on the boat’s rub rail, and it can light up a clear or blue fluorescent monofilament line in the water. Bass will not be able to see this light, while anglers will be able to see the line clearly, and it will help them identify movement, so they can retrieve the line at the right time.

The boat light must be in the center facing forward so that the bass does not get to see a loud light bulb shining into the water! Anglers will have to keep in mind that fish are smart and if they suspect any unusual thing out of the water, they will stay far from the spot.

Use Bold Lures

At night, bass will come for a bright little fish swimming near the surface, so use lures that are bright in color. During summer days, the water temperature is higher near the surface, so bass swims a little deeper. At night these predators come up to feed on whatever bait they can find. Since smaller fish are close to the surface, that’s where you will find hungry bass.

The Best Lure Choices and Colors

Here are some of the most effective lures to use at night for bass:

  • Texas Rig worms
  • Spinnerbait
  • Buzzbait
  • Topwater bait
  • Lures with rattles
  • Topwater and rattling frogs

If you use bright-colored and noisy lures, big bass is bound to come near within minutes. A Colorado blade spinner bait with a plastic craw will work well as there will be enough vibration and color to attract bass. Another good option for anglers can be using a jig with a crayfish lure.

Surface lures like buzz baits and topwater baits can also be excellent choices for night fishing as they can entice fish to come up to the surface to get hooked. You should use lures that imitate real fish and move quickly, as that movement is alluring and enticing for bass.

Follow the Moon Color

Seasoned anglers suggest that the moon and clouds must be taken into consideration when selecting lures. When the night is dark, you can select black, blue, and brown lures. On the contrary, a full moon means that the colors of the lure are also bright.

A person holding a bright lamp at the edge of a small boat in a dark lake

Loud colors and combinations such as green and orange or yellow and red. These color combinations match the bass’s moods and energy to come closer to the floating fish to eat it. When the sky is cloudy, anglers can select red, blue or green lures with black shades.

Targeting Spawners

The summer season is when bass spawns at the bottom of the water, and even though there may be many bass appearing in shallow waters, there are some big ones in ridges, or dark corners in shallow waters as well. You can target these fish with a slow-moving worm and a lure that creates vibration.

Spawning bass move to the bottom of the lake, or they prepare the spawning beds in hidden areas. Anglers can get some spawners out of their beds if they lower the lure a little deeper in the water. If you are looking for spawning bass, use crankbaits and jigs to lure the bass that is swimming deeper in the water and does not suspect a hook at night.

Muddy Waters Are a Big No

When night fishing for bass, water clarity plays an integral role. It is better to plan a fishing trip to lake spots that have clear water at night. Shallow waters can often be muddy and that is when the visibility will be low for bass, and it will also be low for anglers.

Choose a day when the weather is good and the wind is calm. The water will be clear and you will be able to see various bass fish swimming only a few feet in the water. The boat lights will already be dim and if you select a muddy spot, chances are you will be returning with no catches at all.

Things to Carry When Bass Fishing at Night

Anglers should be well-equipped, and that does not mean tackle only. A good spinning rod and a monofilament line will prove to be suitable gear for night fishing. Moreover, there are other things that can add to the experience and make the night fishing trip a comfortable time on the water.

  • Bug spray
  • Drinking water and snack
  • Scissors, pliers
  • Headlamp or torch

Anglers must ensure that they carry bug sprays because night fishing in summers or even in the fall and March can result in some big bugs landing near your eyes or trying to get close to your hands as you reel in the fish. It is best to protect yourself from pests, and a bug spray will come in handy.

Other Essentials to Carry in the Kit

Many anglers focus on the sport so much that they forget their personal needs. If you are planning a night fishing trip, it means you will be on the water for many hours, and if you get lucky with continuous catches, you will want to stay longer.

Carry a first-aid kit and some snacks to keep you upbeat and energetic. Moreover, it is always a good idea to take a friend along because even if you are having a lot of fun, it is always better to have a friend who can witness your success!


Anglers who know how to go bass fishing at night can experience the sport to a higher degree because the hungry fish comes near the surface, and you can catch many big bass. The fight that they put up is also more aggressive.