How to Fish for Bass in October

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Before the winters begin, bass fish change their behavior to prepare themselves for the cold season. The fall season is an angler’s delight, and if you want to learn how to fish for bass in October, you will have to know all about this behavior change.

How to Fish for Bass in October

Bass fishing in October can be a great experience because the fish tries to feed more before the temperatures fall and winter begins. In October, bass fish feeds on any bait that it finds to prepare for the winter season ahead. Anglers can catch bass easily as it comes and bites strong. Anglers can catch bass easily as the bass comes close to the surface to bite bait, and can get hooked within minutes of throwing in the lure.

Bass in lakes and other restricted water bodies move deeper into the water during the cold winters and in summers when they look for spawn beds. Anglers can make the most of their fishing trips if they plan to head out in October when the fish is closer to the surface and found abundantly in shallow spots where bait fish is present.

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How Does Bass Change Behavior in October? 

Bass is a cold blooded fish that lives in moderate temperatures of 55°F to 65°F. In summers when the surface temperature is more, this fish swims deeper into the lake. In winters, the metabolism of bass fish reduces along with the activity levels. 

In October, the water temperature is most suitable for bass so there will be more fish around your boat in the lake, or river. Moreover, due to the approaching winters, bass will come up to bite whenever it sees an attractive lure, imitating the movement of bait fish.

How to Improve Bass Fishing in October

During fall, days are shorter than nights, and the air temperature decreases as the water cools.  Bass activity increases, and it becomes aggressive in search of feed. Anglers have to keep their game strong to catch the aggressive bass in October.

Pick the Right Location

Bass spread out in the water instead of grouping in the fall. It is harder to look for bass fish when they are not swimming together. You can find bass in shaded areas in the lake, which include plantation spots, shadows on rocks, under boat docks, or even under your boat.

As the water cools down in the evenings, rocks remain warm for longer, and you can find bass near them. You can also locate baitfish, and bass will be swimming around nearby.

Bass fish need to be in oxygen-rich areas during fall. Shallow waters are more oxygenated, and baitfish are more abundant in these waters. Therefore, bass will be in the vicinity. They come closer to the surface during the fall to eat.

Stay Discrete

Anglers must ensure that bass fish do not see their shadows. This fish species is quite alert and will not come close to the bait if it sees humans near its feed. You can use a long line and stay low on the boat until the fish gets hooked.

Use the Correct Lures

Anglers must use the right lures to catch bass. Remember that the lure must imitate the fish that the bass is presently feeding on. For example, if bass feed on shad in a particular lake, you should select a lure that is silver, gray, and moves like shad.

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Look for attractive, colorful lures of significant sizes to keep the bass focused on them rather than you. There are a few lures that have proved to be more beneficial than others, and it will be helpful if you understand which one will work best for you.

What Are the Best Types of Lures in October?

The essential part of making your bass fishing trip successful in the past is the selection of lures. Bass will come closer only if the lure moves like baitfish and is bright enough to be visible from a distance.


In October, fishing for bass can be more fun with the spinner bait lures. This lure will spin around and draw the attention of the bass. Use this metallic lure near rocks or in shallow water, and very soon, you will be pulling bass out of the water.


This kind of lure is famous for fall and spring fishing as the bass move towards shallow waters. Remember to lower the lure into clear water areas and not weedy patches. This lure can easily get tangled, and the whole drill can fail.


Jerkbait is an excellent choice as it imitates the movement of small baitfish. Whenever you see baitfish in the water, the bass is nearby, and when you lower a similar-looking lure, the bass is bound to come near and get hooked. You will need to be more prepared as the bass will come up to the lure and bite fiercely.

Jerkbait is ideal for the snap and retrieves action. Anglers can make the most of this lure by moving it in the water as natural baitfish swim near the surface. Keep the movements controlled and slow like a live fish coming up for food.


Topwater lures are meant to float on water like frogs. Frogs are found in shallow waters, and any bass fish lurking around will prey on these amphibians. Topwater lures look like frogs, and hence, bass fish will come rushing towards them and bite hard.

What Hooks to Use for Bass Fishing in October

The best hooks for bass fishing are straight shank or offset round bend hooks. The most appropriate size is between 1/0 and 6/0 as they provide a wide gap. Light wire hooks are not visible and will ensure a hook-up each time.

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The offset bend hooks have a Z bend behind the eye, which allows more space for the lure to remain in place. Lures and bait can slide down the straight shank hooks and this impacts the movement of the lure.

Can Bait Fish Be Used for Bass?

When fish are cruising near the surface, you can use a topwater lure to attract bass. Natural-looking bait will be most effective because it will be able to get you the fish in less time. If you are looking for bigger bass, you may have to take your boat to sea waters, and use live bait.

The best baitfish that you can use to catch bass are:

  • Live eel
  • Menhaden or bunker
  • Herring
  • Worms
  • Clams and crabs

Famous Spots for Bass Fishing in October

If you plan a fishing trip, it is an excellent idea to seek professional guides who can help you find the perfect spots for bass fishing in different cities. Additionally, you can get information on the correct tackle, the best bait, and the most suitable lures. Here are some of the most famous fishing spots for saltwater and freshwater bass fishing:

However, when you plan a fishing trip to the sea, find out about the recreational fishing regulations for bass in that area. All lakes and recreational fishing spots may have specific rules that anglers must be familiar with.


When planning a fishing trip for bass in October, anglers must know how the fish behaves during the fall season and the best weather for bass fishing. Moreover, the right skill and the best lures and baitfish will ensure that your adventure is successful.