How to Fish For Largemouth Bass in the Fall

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Fall is a great time to fish for bass because it is hungry, and will usually bite anything to fill its belly. Novice anglers want to try this sport, and seasoned ones see it as a thrilling hobby. If you learn how to fish for largemouth bass in fall, you will want to make it an annual affair.

How to Fish For Largemouth Bass in the Fall

Largemouth bass is found in numerous lakes and reservoirs in America, and it is one of the primary types of this species that are caught for pleasure and consumption. This fish gives anglers a hefty fight after getting hooked and that is why every fishing enthusiast has bass fishing on their bucket lists.

Two men fishing using black rods and reels while seated on big rocks in the lake

In fall, largemouth bass come up to the surface to feed and they do it aggressively because they have to prepare for the winter months ahead. Since this fish species is cold-blooded, it needs to stay lower in the water, in narrow places where the water is not as cold as the surface, and bait is not available. This means that fall is the time these fish feed to store energy.

The Pattern and Timing of Fish Locations

Largemouth Bass prepare for the winter season and therefore, even when the water is cool in fall, you will find many of them in the lake! The pattern of bass in fall is hard to follow because water temperatures drop throughout the day.

You may catch largemouth bass in the evening when the fish is near the surface, or you can take advantage of the fall transition by planning a trip in the evening. The target fish may be swimming in shallow waters near bait balls to get a big meal before it gets dark and the water gets cold.

In lakes, these bass species are found in hard-bottom areas near deeper points and you can focus on these spots and surrounding spots where the vegetation is dense so that you can get more catches by presenting the fish with some of the most effective lures.

Where to Fish for Bass in Fall?

The narrow ridges and creeks in lakes and ponds are the highway tracks for bait and bigger fish, therefore you will always feel lucky when you target these areas. However, there have to be some typical places to find bass in the fall season. Anglers can look for the following landmarks

  • Weed covers
  • Shallow waters
  • Edges of the water
  • Deep crevices
  • Under the Docks

The best way to look for any fish species in the fall is to see where the food is. If a particular type of fish feeds on minnows, and other small fish, it will be hiding in weeds and plantations under the water where these small fish may be looking for food.

Locations in Lakes

Additionally, the deep crevices and rocky ridges where bass hide in the shade or rocks will also be a good spot to search in fall. Under the docks, the water is a little less cold, and this fish species will hide there while waiting for bait fish to come near.

A man in a brown and yellow jacket caught a fresh fish using a black fishing rod and reel in the lake

The feeding spree for bass in the fall season can be at the outer edges of water rather than the deep lake center. This is due to the water temperature, and also the amount of small fish near smaller weeds and plants.

If there are tributaries from where water runs into the main lake area, you can look for secondary points or spots where the rocks have deep ridges. Apart from the rocky places, this fish species will hang around heavy covers to catch small fish that are coming in with the water.

The Best Bait for Largemouth Bass Fishing in the Fall

This fish species may be feeding heavily during fall, however, there are going to be some favorite foods for Largemouth Bass and the better you know them, the more fish you will catch! The plastic lures that anglers use during fall should look like the creatures that they eat during that time of the year.

For example, using frogs and larvae lures in summer is a good idea because bass feed on these during the hot months. However, in fall the water temperature is lower and minnows, crayfish, worms and other small fish are found near the surface or in vegetation.

The lures that have proved to be most successful for Largemouth species are

  • Spinner baits
  • Shallow crankbaits
  • Jigs
  • Plastics
  • Ned Rig

Spinner Baits

One of the most favorite lures for the fall season are spinner baits and many anglers say it is the best choice for aggressively feeding fish. The technique involves throwing in the lure and then retrieving it at a slow pace. While the movement is on point and attracts this bass species, the Colorado blade helps in creating vibration and reflecting light as well.

Since this species of fish swims vertically during the fall season, spinner baits will be able to get their attention even when they are deeper in the water. Vertical swimming means that the fish goes deeper when the water temperature falls, and then again comes up to catch small bait fish when the water temperature increases.

Shallow Crankbaits

The Squarebill crankbait is quite a popular lure for this fish species and you can use it with the same technique of slow retrieval to create a stir in the water and get a quick bite and hookup. These lures have a natural movement and since they are a few inches in the water, they appear to be moving towards the surface to eat.

A man in a gray jacket and gray pants used a black rod with a white fishing line in fishing at the lake


A bug, a beaver, or even a small crab can be a good attraction for the largemouth bass variation in the fall. While the movement is important, so is the appearance and if a hungry fish sees a creature that can be a tasty treat, they will not take a long time to come up and bite it.

Shads and bright color crawdads are good choices for anglers, however, the other options include plastic fish with a glittery finish and glowing worms. Plastic lures have another advantage in that the hooks can be hidden in a Texas Rig or a Carolina Rig.


Jigs are attractive because there is a lot of movement that is bound to attract largemouth Bass. This fish species can bite into a slightly bigger lure as well and the jigging movement is enticing for the active predator ready to feed on anything that looks good!

If you imagine how a fish might feel when it sees a thick creature that is moving actively in water, you would understand how effective a jig can be in the fall, when the fish is hungry! These lures work very well and will get a big catch within minutes.

Ned Rig

The Ned Rig is famous for its buoyancy and the natural movement with the water ripples will make it enticing for the target fish. When you go fishing in the fall, this rig will help you catch the big ones because it seems like an easy bite and will not cause any suspicion.

Of course, there are many other lures that will help fish for largemouth Bass in the season, however these ones are more popular and many anglers vouch for their efficiency in getting many catches within a short period.


Fall is a good time for fishing and if anglers know how to fish for Largemouth Bass in the fall, they can enjoy the sport even more! You will need to carry some special lures and identify the right spots to get some big catches.