How to Fish For Striped Bass From Shore

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Bass fishing does not require a big boat or expensive rig and it is an exciting sport because of the challenging techniques and behavior of the fish. If you learn how to fish for striped bass from shore, you will enjoy every trip because of the big fish, and lots of catches.

How to Fish For Striped Bass From Shore

Striped bass is a saltwater fish, while other types of this species are easily accessible in lakes, rivers and reservoirs, you will find some big stripers in the ocean. This fish species is celebrated as an adventurous catch and with the right rig, and technique, you will be able to catch many of them.

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The striper is a bigger fish than the freshwater species. This feisty, and energetic creature can weigh more than 40 pounds, and that means that your tools and technique need to be on point. Moreover, the fight that these big ones put up after getting hooked is going to be exciting and challenging.

Some of the factors that will help anglers determine how to catch big striped bass from shore are:

  • The right water temperature
  • The right season
  • The favorable spots in the water
  • Winds
  • Moon phases
  • Bait
  • The technique of fishing

What Is the Best Time to Fish For Striped Bass?

Bass travels along the East Coast from spring to fall. From March until late April, you will find these silver creatures south of New Jersey and Delaware. However, as you move north, the summer months from June until August will be a more favorable time to get hold of some big fish. Fishing for bass in Michigan and other states is unique because you get fierce feeders in late spring and fall.

The cold-blooded fish moves up and down the east coast all year to live in favorable water temperatures during each season. In the north, you will find bass in the warmer months from March to June. As you move south, you will find bass near the shore in the post-summer months of August until October.

However, in the months of May and June, you can fish for bass all along the coast because the water temperatures remain between 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which suits this fish. Bass swims deep during summers and feed heavily in fall, and anglers can benefit from this behavior.

What Is the Best Time of the Day for Shore Fishing for Bass?

The best time to head out to the shore for bass fishing is when the light is low. You can go fishing at dawn, or even after dusk. Night fishing is also successful when you aim to catch bass. They feed at night because the low light keeps the prey from seeing them.

If you go fishing at night, use a red light lamp, which will not alert the bass. As these fish feed at night, they will come to the surface to bite the lures lowered by anglers. Prepare to fight some big fish when you go fishing during the late-night or early morning hours.

Where to Fish for Bass?

Understanding the best spots to catch striped bass, or stripers is crucial as it determines the success of your trip. Even if you head out at the right time of the year, or day, if you do not choose the best spot, you will not be able to catch many fish.

In early spring, bass will be near estuaries, creeks, and bays. However, as the migration period starts in late spring, these fish move north and that means you can fish on the beaches. In summers, stripers swim deeper in cool waters and you will find them abundantly near the northern rivers, and bays.

Bass fish is found near schools of bait fish near big rocks or structures such as reefs, under bridges, ledges, and jetties. If you want to catch some big stripers, look for water areas that will have optimum temperature for this species.

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Which Moon Phase Is Best for Striped Bass Fishing?

Moon phases play a crucial role in bass fish behavior as the ocean current changes. Stripers thrive at high tide and so, the full moon is the most favorable phase for your fishing adventures. As the tide changes, the bass comes up to the surface and bites more. Therefore, anglers can get many catches during this phase.

How Does the Wind Affect Bass Fishing?

If anglers learn how winds impact bass behavior, they can benefit from it significantly. The Northeastern winds in the fall make stripers feed heavily. Similarly, when the winds pick up speed, the water becomes murky and the bass will feed heavily because the bait fish will not be able to see the predator.

When the winds blow, bass behaves as if they panic that they will not be able to get enough to eat. On any windy day, you can head out to the shore and fish some big ones because these silver fish become active. Anglers who are ready to stand rough waters will find a good reward waiting in the waters!

Which Bait to Use for Striped Bass?

Bass fish are not picky about their food, and this particular type of bass in saltwater are open to all kinds of small fish in the sea. Crabs, insects, and bait fish like herring, mackerel and eels are all on the menu. If you are going for live bait, you can select any of these sea creatures and attract bass for a quick bite.

Many anglers prefer live bait because bass will be attracted to the kind of food that it gets in the natural habitat. You can cut live bait into chunks and it works well in catching big bass. This technique of ‘chunking’ is suitable for all techniques of fishing.


Artificial lures are an excellent way to get striper. You can select a variety of topwater, or sinkers and all of them will be effective. Some of the most common choices of lures for striped bass include:

  • Pencil popper,
  • Shad lures,
  • Minnow plugs,
  • Metal lures,
  • Soft plastic fish that imitates small bait fish.
  • Umbrella rigs,

What Is the Best Technique to Fish Striped Bass From Shore?

Various techniques can prove fruitful for bass fishing from shore. Anglers can select the most suitable technique according to their skill, and experience. Chunking is an easier method for catching bass, and it will bring a hungry fish to bite in a short while.

Surf Fishing

Methods like surf fishing are very fruitful. This technique involves casting bait at a distance, and as you pull it back towards the shore, a big fish will get attracted to the moving bait and come up for a strong bite. This technique will require a longer fishing rod.

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Fly Fishing

Another popular method is fly fishing, although it requires a higher level of skill. The precision, patience, and control needed for this technique make it a hard choice for new anglers. However, if you learn to fly fish, it will make you convert to this method as it is more rewarding.

Kayak Fishing

This technique involves launching a kayak from shore and is convenient for anglers as the kayak can take you out further from shore for fishing bass. Anglers will enjoy the adventure more when the ride is exciting too. However, rainy and windy days will not be the best time for this technique.


Bass fishing is an exciting sport and you can enjoy it more if you know how to fish for striped bass from shore. The right technique, the most favorable time, and many other factors make it an adventure to remember.