How to Make Sea Fishing Rigs for Bass

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Many tackle options are available at shops and anglers can rely on these ready-made rigs to fish for some aggressive fish species in lakes. However, knowing how to make sea fishing rigs for bass will open up a whole world of fishing experiences for you in wider waters.

How to Make Sea Fishing Rigs for Bass

If you have a collection of various kinds of tackle items, you can create different rigs to work in different water conditions or particular types of terrains. When anglers head out to sea, it is the technique that will get you a lot of catches.

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There are some tackle items that anglers must carry to create different kinds of rigs. However, you will need to know what kind of rig is suitable for various waters and the physical features of the water body. If you have the following items in your tackle box, you are covered,

  • Top swivel to clip the rig to the mainline and avoid twisting the line
  • Clip to attach the weight to the line
  • Rig body line must be strong so that it can take the rough terrain
  • Snoods branch off the mainline and are used to attach hooks

The Common Rigs Used for Bass in the Sea

Bass anglers who go out to lakes and ponds to catch fish know of a few rigs that are famous for all kinds of water conditions and seasons. They say that these popular rigs must be known if you want to catch bass, and therefore, they use the same rigs for catching bass in the sea.

The rigs that bass anglers can use for saltwater fishing will have to be successful in muddy water. Moreover, the rig will need some weight that is free to move so that the bass can get hooked without any suspicion.

The drop shot rig and the Ned rig are used for freshwater fishing mostly, although they can give you good results in the sea as well! Moreover, there is the Running Ledger Rig that uses the same principle of a moving weight attached to the mainline while a swivel is attached below it and connects with a weaker line that is attached to the hook.

The Various Kinds of Rigs for Sea

Anglers can use flapping or clipped down rigs for sea bass. These rigs are developed over time to ensure that you always bring home some big fish after enjoying an aggressive resistance, and an exciting fishing experience. Some popular sea bass rigs are

  • 2/0 pulley pennel
  • 4/0 pulley pennel
  • 3/0 single hook pulley
  • Running ledger

Apart from knowing how to make these rigs, you must also know what kind of line to use. Moreover, should you be using a swivel or weight? Every sea has unique conditions such as rocky edges, or shallow areas, and steep deep cuts. Every rig using a suitable line and tackle can make a big difference.

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The Making of a Pulley Pennel Rig

The pulley rig is simple and gets the job done easily. Some people use two hooks on it, although you can work with one hook too. This rig involves a swivel, beads, and a long line that has a lead link or any other bait at the end. Novice anglers may get overwhelmed by the numerous components, although this rig is simple to make. You will need:

  • Two beads
  • Two swivels
  • Snood with a hook and bead attached to the swivel
  • Lead link and lure

The mushroom-shaped link at the end opens up when it goes into the water, and this movement makes the bait move slowly and naturally in the water. Bass fish in the sea are found in heavy covers, or in rocky ridges. If you are fishing near rocky edges, the hook pulley rig will be suitable.

The Making of a Hook Pulley Rig

This rig works like a pulley when the fish is hooked as the weight on the rig moves up. This rig can simply be made with a hook attached to the end of the line, and a medium swivel with pulley beads in the middle. On the other side of the swivel is the snood with another hook on the other end.

However, there is a more complicated way of tying the pulley rig as well, and this involves some specific tackle that anglers must keep in their tacklebox when going out to sea to catch some big bass. The more complicated hook pulley rig will require the following components

  • A weak link 10-pound line
  • A gemini breaker attached to this line with a bead at the joint
  • Impact shield that opens up like a mushroom top in water
  • Micro beads

The Making of Running Ledger

The running ledger requires very few components, although it works like a charm in sea water for bass. This rig has been proven over years and may be more commonly-used in America than the pulley pennel and hook pulley. For this rig you will need

  • A weight, or sinker
  • Beads
  • Swivel
  • Thinner line to attach the hook

This rig works well as the weight is movable and does not make the bass wary of any line attached to the bait. You can use all kinds of bait with this rig and it works well for deep fishing spots as well as shallow edges. The bass in saltwater swim a few feet deep and come up for a bite whenever they see a small fish or worm near them.

Anglers can learn how to make the running ledger easily as it is not complicated as numerous other sea rigs. However, many freshwater rigs that you may have used before can also get you some good catches in the sea.

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Simple Bass Rigs vs. Special Rigs for Saltwater Bass Fishing

If you are planning a bass fishing trip to the sea for the first time, the use of specific saltwater rigs like the pulley rigs and running ledger might confuse you since the more commonly used rigs like Ned rig and drop shot rig work in the sea as well. Why should you use these special rigs?

The coast is not physically the same all around the country. Some places have gradual beaches that are shallow, and then open up in the deep at a distance. Other seas have rocky edges and maybe deeper. Every rig behaves differently in water and you will have to select the one that suits the fishing spot the most.

The Physical Features and Depth of Sea Matter

The running ledger or hook pulley works well in murky water where clarity is low. The lead link or the impact shield that opens up like a mushroom head will make the bait appear as if it is swimming towards the coast. On the contrary, the drop shot rig makes the lure appear to be at the bottom of the water.

You can use the hook pulley, pulley pennel, and running ledger in deeper sea areas while the drop shot will be more successful for shore fishing, where the water is not that deep. Whichever rig that you are comfortable with will work for you, however, you must learn to make and use the special rigs to explore the best bass fishing spots in the sea.


Sea fishing for bass can be great fun and the accomplishment of catching bass from the deep waters is a great feeling. To successfully catch fish, learn how to make sea fishing rigs for bass so that you maximize the adventure and take home some big fish.