How to Rig a Senko Worm for Bass Fishing

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Do you know how to rig a Senko worm for bass fishing? If you learn this clever technique, you will be able to upgrade your sport and become a top angler for bass. It is easy to use this plastic worm and you would be surprised at how quickly it gets those big bass hooked.

How to Rig a Senko Worm for Bass Fishing

Numerous anglers have made the Senko worm a clever tool to trick bass in different ways. Stick worms have become a popular lure and that is since anglers realized that they can use it in different ways without weights, and it will still link along slowly, moving in a tempting way.

A man in a black jacket used a Senko rig worm and a black fishing rod to fish while on a red kayak

The Senko plastic worms are easy to use, however, there are various ways to rig them and you will see their efficiency increase. Most anglers are already aware of these rigs and may have used them many times before this. However, rigging a Senko will help catch bigger bass with these stick worms.

The Texas Rig

Anglers are aware of this rig and its success in catching bass. This rig works brilliantly when you need the worm to go into the heavy cover areas with its head down first. The nose dive that this plastic worm takes is natural action and will get some bass attentive from the minute it begins moving in the water.

You can use a 3/0 or a 4/0 hook along with a standard weight. This rig will move naturally in areas where there is long grass, and bushes where bass hide to ambush prey as soon as it comes near. The Texas Rig allows the worm to swim through the greenery without getting stuck or making bass suspicious.

Wacky Style Rig

If you have seen any small fish or worm in a frenzy, you will understand how the Wacky rig makes the Senko worm move. With this rig, the pulsating movement of the lure becomes more attractive for fish and they come rushing in to bite. You can use this rig by following some easy steps

  1. Hold the worm with your index finger and thumb to find the center of gravity
  2. Pierce the center of the worm with a 4/0 hook and let the worm hang on both sides
  3. The hook will be exposed in this rig

Make the worm move like a crippled creature. You can jerk the line a few times to raise, and then drop the worm a few times before it finally rests on the floor of the lake. The Wacky Rig makes the worm fall sideways and this movement will get bass out from the hiding places under docks and in shaded areas.

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Drop Shot Rig

If you are targeting hungry and aggressive bass in deep waters, the drop shot rig will get you great catches with a Senko worm. Anglers can use a 2/0 hook with a three-inch Senko to reach the lower areas of the water column, while making it look like a real worm, falling down in the water. The weedless worm will move with the water flow easily while the weight will be more than a foot below the worm.

Carolina Rig

You can throw in the worm to greater depths if you tie it with the line and hook using the Carolina Rig. This rig allows the worm to move freely while it entices spawning fish in the depths of the lake. Use bright, and dark color worms to target the spawning bass attentive.

  1. Use a four, to five-inch Senko worm
  2. Attach it to a 4/0 hook, which will not be visible in low light
  3. Attach a tungsten weight that will allow it to fall to the depth needed
  4.  Use a leader attached to the line so that the fall is gentle and natural

Carolina rig has been successful for anglers during the spawning season, and even in the winter. Moreover, you can use this technique whenever the bass will be swimming slightly deeper. This aggressive fish is hungry for easy bait and the gradually moving worm will entice it.

Shaky Stick Bait

Senko worms move like real worms and as they are light, they can move in the water to create a scene! However, if you use a jig head with this lure, it will move like a worm, bending and relaxing in the water, while your work will be reduced.

One of the popular finesses tactics includes this worm and jig combination. It will allow you to present the bait at varying depths, only by changing the size of the jig. This rig is one of the few that anglers can rely on for success in every season.

Furthermore, this rig is useful in various kinds of water. Heavy vegetation cover, under the docks, and even in the main water body are all going to be easy spots if you use this finesse tactic. A little shake of the line will create a natural movement, and that’s what will get bass coming in from all corners!

Which Is the Best Rig?

There is no best rig for Senko because each of them will get you excellent results in various situations. Anglers will have to use a different rig. If you are fishing for bass in summer or winter, a weight attached to the line and a Senko worm rigged using the Carolina Rig will be a good idea.

Similarly, with the Texas Rig you can cover a lot of area, and simultaneously you can even reach difficult rocky places in the lake. Covering depths with the Texas Rig is also possible, and that is why some anglers prefer it.

A young man holds a Senko worm beside his grandfather seated on a wooden dock

The Most Suitable Presentation for Senko Worm for Bass

Whichever of the five Senko worm rigs you use, the presentation is almost the same. Anglers need to cast the bait far, shake the line a little so that the lure moves with the water. Moreover, the addition of sinkers and weights may change the rig, although the way you retrieve the lure will be quite similar.

Anglers love fishing for bass because it is furious, aggressive and quite a forceful opponent when hooked. If you present the Senko worm using any of the popular rigs according to the water depth, and season. You will have to ensure that the right rig and presentation are used for more catches.

Tips for Using Senko Worms

Senko worms from various lure manufacturers are useful, and common soft plastic bait to use for various fish. Like every rig you use, and the various lures, these worms must be used in specific ways for best results.

When you fish with Senkos, the weight hangs below and the worm swims in the water as it moves. A little finesse allows anglers to change its use according to the different depths. If the water is shallow, you can attach leaders and heavier lines to go with these worms if you are bait casting.

Use the rig that keeps the worm where you want it, if you are looking to reach lower, then use weights, otherwise keep it simple and let the water movement create some real-life motion for the soft plastic. Leader length is also essential and you must remember to keep the retrieval slow.


Anglers love to fish for bass, and are on the lookout for successful lures and rigging methods that can get them more catches each season. If you know how to rig a Senko worm for bass fishing, the sport will become more exciting.