How to Trout Fish Without a Fly Rod

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Trout fishing is an adventure all anglers mark on their bucket list. You may think that the best methods for catching trout require particular fishing rigs. However, if you learn how to trout fish without a fly rod, you will be prepared for an exciting adventure on the lake.

How to Trout Fish Without a Fly Rod

Trout fishing with a flying rod is a common method and many anglers preach that it is the best way to catch trout. This choice varies with individuals and you might want to try fishing in unconventional ways. However, try to fish for trout without a fly rod and you will still be catching enough fish.

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Every angler does not own special fishing rods, and many do not know how to use one. However, that does not mean that they cannot go fishing for trout. There are many other ways of catching fish, and the choice of a fishing rod should not hold you back from enjoying the trout experience.

Alternatives of Fly Rod

When you plan your next fishing trip and aim to catch trout, you can work with various rigs and the outcome will always be many catches! Trout is an energetic fish and it gives you a good run when it gets hooked. Fly fishing is a successful technique to catch this fish, however, there are numerous alternatives.

  • Spinning rod method
  • Egg roll method
  • Live bait
  • Lure

Spinning Rod Method

Spinning rods are suitable for trout fishing as they bend from the tip when fish get hooked. This rod does not put undue pressure on the fish as it gets hooked because of this bending action. This rod is easy to use and entry-level anglers will be comfortable with it.

You will need a fast action spinning rod for trout and the lure you use with it should be light. The most suitable length of a spinning rod for trout must be between six and seven feet. However, if you are fishing in a narrow stream, it can be shorter.

Since you have to cast ultra-light lures, the reel and hook must be fine as well. A fluorocarbon line will blend into the water and will not be visible. Moreover, the hook can be between sizes eight and twelve to catch the trout without injuring it.

How to Fish With a Spinning Rod

If you are planning on catching the trout to release it, the hook should not have a barb. However, if you plan to keep the trout, you can use a hook with a barb with a spinning rod. The barb can be removed with the help of pliers if needed.

  1. Cast the lure in the direction opposite to where you are.
  2. Pull the line so the lure moves against the water current, or away from the ripples.
  3. Pull the lure steadily as you wait for the fish to bite.
  4. The increase in the line vibration indicates that you caught trout.

Egg Roll Method

The egg roll method works when you are fishing during the spawning season, which is late spring or early summer. Trout feed on eggs during this season and if you use it as bait, you will be able to catch some big fish.

Anglers can attach salmon or trout eggs to the hook and cast them in a way that they move slowly on the surface before sinking. This floating action is bound to bring in some trout. However, the egg does not pop as that would make the whole exercise ineffective.

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How to Fish With the Egg Roll Method

The egg roll method might work at any time of the year, however, it is most successful when trout spawn. Anglers will have to be careful while attaching the egg because it can be tricky to keep it from popping. You can learn how to cure salmon eggs to use as bait, and use them effectively.

  1. Fix the egg in the hook shank or attach it to the line while ensuring that it does not pop.
  2. Cast the egg and pull the line gently to make it move slightly as it sinks. Do not reel as the egg sinks.
  3. Pull the line gently when you feel that the trout is hooked.

Live Bait Method

Trouts feed on smaller trout, eggs, and other smaller fish, and anglers can take advantage of their feeding preferences to catch big fish. Live bait like worms, shad, minnows, and shiners are some common small bait that trout will come to bite. Anglers can also use corn as bait for trout.

You can get live bait from any tackle store and keep it as a bonus lure to catch some big fish. Live bait works at all times of the year. If you want a quick catch, the smell of real fish works wonders and you will be pulling in a big fish sooner than you thought.

How to Fish With Live Bait

Live bait can never go wrong because trout will be able to smell the real fish swimming near the surface even if they are deeper in the lake. The closer to nature it is, the better for you.

  1. Attach the live fish to your hook and lower it into the water.
  2. Gently tug at the line to make the fish move in a frenzy.
  3. Pull steadily as trout bites the bait.

Lure Method

There are numerous plastic lures and swimbaits that are suitable for fishing trout. Anglers can get various kinds of lures and all of them will prove to be lucky. You can try light lures like worms, crayfish, or shiner lures that look and move like real fish. There are many options!

How to Fish With Lures

Trout fish feed aggressively and it will come up to bite any lure that imitates real fish or insects. You can use plastic lures at any time of the year and catch some big fish. Entry-level anglers will enjoy trout fishing with small lures as they attract trout quickly.

  1. Attach the plastic lure to the hook.
  2. Lower the lure in the downstream direction or away from the boat if you are fishing for trout in a lake.
  3. Pull the line very slowly even when the vibration in the line increases.
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Advantages of Fishing Trout Without a Fly Rod

Trout fishing without a fly rod can be advantageous in numerous ways. Firstly, this kind of rod is not suitable for all seasons because you cannot cast eggs into the water with this kind of rod. Spinning rods can be used anywhere at any time.

Moreover, the setup for this kind of rod is not known to anglers who fish for various kinds of fish and not only trout. First-time trout anglers might not want to invest in a new fly rod to enjoy the adventurous sport of trout fishing.

Trout hides under rocks and near the banks, where using a fly rod might be difficult. You can catch more fish with a spinning rod if you are fishing close to the banks or near a big rock. Jigging is a good way of fishing for trout in these areas, and fly fishing rod will not allow this technique.


Many anglers believe that fly fishing is the only way to catch trout in lakes and rivers. You can enjoy the energy and refreshing experience that it provides, even if you know how to trout fish without a fly rod. Try out any of the alternate techniques and you will make the most of your fishing trip.