Best Bait for Yellowfin Tuna [2024 Review]

Yellowfin tuna bait in fishing rods

Catching a big yellowfin tuna is an offshore fisherman’s dream. Yellowfin tuna is one of the most commonly caught offshore game fish. They are hard to catch and if you’re planning to catch one you should use the best bait for yellowfin tuna. My Top Yellowfin Tuna Bait Reccomendations Yellowfin tuna are strong fighters. They …

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How to Bleed a Tuna

Cutting the head of a tuna

If you’ve ever been out at sea tuna fishing with some experienced anglers or fishermen, you may have noticed them cutting some parts of the tuna and letting it bleed. This is a technique to keep the meat clean. Impress your fellow anglers on your next tuna fishing trip by learning how to bleed a …

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How to Rig a Senko Worm for Bass Fishing

A man in a green and yellow jacket holds a black rod fixing his bait to use for fishing while seated on a wooden chair

Do you know how to rig a Senko worm for bass fishing? If you learn this clever technique, you will be able to upgrade your sport and become a top angler for bass. It is easy to use this plastic worm and you would be surprised at how quickly it gets those big bass hooked. …

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Best Reel for Tuna Fishing [2024 Review]

Silver fishing reel with a black rod being held by a man trying to catch a tuna while standing on a white boat

Fishing for tuna can be quite difficult, especially if you lack the right gear which makes your experience easier. Tuna fishing reels are a key part of your fishing gear and using the right reel is vital to having a successful expedition. This is why using only the best reels on the market would do.  …

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How to Fish For Largemouth Bass From the Shore

A man in a white shirt and gray shorts wears a bucket hat using a black rod and black reel to fish on the shore

The largemouth bass is a sought-after fish for anglers who like to improve their skill and enjoy fishing while they aim for some of the most difficult fish to catch. You can collect all the tips on how to fish for largemouth bass from the shore and experience the fishing trip of your lifetime! How …

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Best Tuna Fishing in Florida

Fishing boat returning from fishing in Florida

Whether you are a local trying to broaden your options on the best places to fish for blackfin tuna, Skipjack tuna, and yellowfin tuna in the state or a tourist hoping to have a swell time on your next fishing trip, here are the best tuna fishing spots in Florida. Best Tuna Fishing Spots in …

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Best Lure for Yellowfin Tuna [2024 Review]

Different types of the best fishing lure for yellowfin tuna

Due to their speed, strength, and sharp instincts, yellowfin tuna is one of the most difficult species of tuna to catch. However, with the best lure for yellowfin tuna, you can make a great and productive sport out of your yellowfin tuna fishing experience. My Top Yellowfin Tuna Lures Recommendations Tuna fishing lures generally come …

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Best Lures to Catch Striped Bass [2024 Review]

A fresh striped bass caught by a person while in a yellow kayak

When upgrading your tackle box for an upcoming trip, make sure you have the best lures to catch striped bass. Catching this energetic fish can be thrilling, and you must be prepared to get them hooked within a short time. Our Top Striped Bass Lure Recommendations Anglers look forward to bass fishing because it is …

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Best Tuna Rods [2024 Review]

When it comes to bluefin tuna fishing, there is just no way to go about it without a good fishing rod. In the waters, you are left with just your fishing skills and your fishing rods, and you should definitely have the best of both worlds. Going tuna fishing with the right rod can make …

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How to Fish For Largemouth Bass in the Fall

Two men fishing using black rods and reels while seated on big rocks in the lake

Fall is a great time to fish for bass because it is hungry, and will usually bite anything to fill its belly. Novice anglers want to try this sport, and seasoned ones see it as a thrilling hobby. If you learn how to fish for largemouth bass in fall, you will want to make it …

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How to Fish a New Lake for Bass

Two men hold black fishing rods while seated on a brown rock in the lake

Fishing a new lake is exciting, however, if you have not done it before, you would want to know how to fish a new lake for bass. Catching this fish species is challenging and fun, and when it combines with the challenges of finding fish in a new lake, your trip will be adventurous. How …

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How to Fish a Trick Worm for Bass

Two pieces of neon green plastic worms with black and silver glitter were placed on top of a gray surface

The Trick Worm is no newcomer to the game of bass fishing. For decades, it has been the go-to for anglers seeking a bass fishing bait that is both easy to use and effective in a wide variety of conditions. Its effectiveness and versatility make it essential to know how to fish a trick worm …

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