Tuna Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

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Tuna fishing rod and reel combos are an essential part of the fishing trip. If anglers do not have the proper rod and reel, they may not be able to catch big fish. Tuna is a giant fish and therefore, the right type of rod and reel make all the difference.

Tuna Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

When anglers decide to go tuna fishing, they will have to rig up for the sport because tuna is bigger than most other fish that anglers target in lakes or at sea. This fish species can weigh between 300 and 1200 pounds so if your rod and reel are not good enough, there may be no catch!

Man holding a fishing reel

Tuna fishing requires heavy action, although heavier fishing rods may become too difficult to handle. Similarly, you will need a reel that can handle a heavier line and a heavy drag mechanism to handle the size of the fish. Again, the reel will have to be sturdy, yet light enough for an angler to handle.

The Right Fishing Rods for Tuna Fishing

Catching a sea monster many times the weight of the angler can be a challenge. However, anglers love to take it up and prepare for it beforehand. The right kind of fishing rods for this species is the composite, lightweight pole made of fiberglass and graphite.

Since the advancements in creating new build materials, it has become possible for anglers to expect lightweight composite rods to get them closer to a giant tuna. The strength of fiberglass, and the precision and sensitivity of graphite make these rods the best choice.

The composite material rods are further specified according to the fishing method. The most popular composite rod types for various tuna fishing techniques include

  • Trolling
  • Jigging
  • Spinning

Factors to Consider for the Best Fishing Rod for Tuna

When you are selecting the best fishing rod for your upcoming tuna fishing trip, make sure you know what kinds of features to consider before you invest in the device. If you select a rod that is closest to what you require, success will follow.


Action of the rod is the bending, and flexibility in the pole that helps anglers adjust their grip according to the movement of the fish when hooked. Jigging needs extra-fast rods while spinning requires lighter rods. Trolling will need a sturdy rod with medium to heavy action.

Two tuna fishing rod and reel combo placed on the ground


All anglers know that a composite rod is lighter than a fiberglass rod, even though the latter is famous for its durability and strength. If you are trolling, and tying the fishing rod to the boat, a fiberglass pole may work well. However, heavier poles with a giant tuna on the line can be a challenge to use! Embrace new, lighter fishing poles and you will not have to exert more force. 


Power is the pressure that is needed to bend the rod. A low-power rod is suitable for smaller fish species. For tuna, you will need a high-power rod that can take the amount of weight and tugging that it can tolerate. Jigging for tuna will require a medium to high power rods that can endure the weight, and spinning can work with a medium power rod.

The Fishing Reel for Tuna

A fishing reel is an important tool as this device allows anglers to release the line with bait that will attract tuna. When the giant fish is hooked, the reel is again in action to retrieve the fish and place it onto the boat.

The best fishing reel for this kind of sport must be compatible with the rod that you select. Choosing a spinning rod, and using a reel that does not support its action will be futile and anglers may return without a single catch!

The best kind of fishing reel for this giant species is going to be between the 130 and 150 pound test range. Anglers can imagine the size of this enormous fish and that would require a powerful and sturdy reel that can support a 200-pound fishing line. Reeling in the fish with this line strength involves control, which will come from a heavy reel only.

The Reason to Choose a Strong Reel

The weight of the tuna is one thing, and when it fights to break free from the hook, the force that it exerts on the line, reel and rod is the real challenge. A heavy line will be able to sustain the pushing, pulling and fast races away from the boat.

This heavy line needs to be controlled by a reel that can wind with a strong drag to release the line as the anglers require. A scared tuna will apply all its strength to run away from the line and hook, which will strain the reel and in turn, the rod.

Additionally, a strong reel also ensures that the hardware, and the reel’s movement will not allow the line to tangle or twist. A small complication like tangling of the line can cause a big loss because tuna fish will not come near if the movement of the bait is not natural. Moreover, one missed fish means sending a signal to all the fish nearby.

Man trying to fish with a fishing reel near a river

The Best Saltwater Reels for Tuna

There are numerous options for anglers when it comes to picking the right reel. Of course, some factors will determine the best pick. However, saltwater reels are powerful and designed to support big fish. One of the best options for tuna fishing reels is the PENN Fathom, which has the drag and power that can control the feisty fish.

Drag is essential for saltwater fishing reels and it also reduces the human effort needed to reel in the giant sea monster that may be difficult to pull towards the boat. If the reel is not efficient, the catch can be tough and then getting the fish to the boat also becomes tough.

Factors to Consider When Buying Reel for Tuna

Anglers may think that they need to determine which reel will be best for tuna fishing, however, once you get the rod, you must match the reel to that. If a rod has powerful action and can handle heavy weight, the reel must be able to handle a heavy line and tolerate the force that tuna will exert on it.

The best reel for tuna will be the one that suits your fishing pole. Entry-level anglers may make the mistake of following other anglers’ reviews of selecting the reel that they found best without considering which rod the reviewers used. The same reel might not work for you if your rod is not the same as theirs.

Select the reel that matches the style of fishing, and rod that you selected so that the fishing trip results in a big catch. Reviews are always helpful if you take the reviewer’s rig and fishing style in account. The right combination of rod and reel will get you to success.

Some Popular Rod and Reel Combos

When anglers step out to buy the right rod and reel combo for tuna fishing, there can be numerous options as many anglers share their reviews and often base their recommendations on their experiences. A few popular model from famous brands due to performance include


Tuna fishing rod and reels combo are the make or break factor when it comes to catching big fish efficiently. No matter which technique of fishing you apply, be sure to buy the right rod and reel for tuna so that you can return with trophy fish every time.