What Is the Best Fishing Lure for Largemouth Bass?

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Largemouth bass are aggressive predators. However, they can also be quite picky. This is why it is important to use the right lure when fishing these species. The right lure can make your fishing time a lot more productive. So, what is the best fishing lure for largemouth bass?

What Is the Best Fishing Lure for Largemouth Bass?

Spinnerbaits are the best fishing lures for fishing largemouth bass. This is primarily because of their versatility and quietness. They are so versatile that they can be used to fish these species all year round in a wide range of locations. Their quietness also gives them a better appeal to big hungry bass.

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While the spinnerbaits sit at the top of the list, the best choice of lure for this bass in any given scenario will depend on the combination of a few variable factors. These include:

  • The season
  • The location where you are fishing, and
  • The time of the day

However, there are some lures that you can use in most situations.

Fishing Lure Options for Largemouth Bass

When it comes to choosing a fishing lure for this bass, there are several available options you can go with. A lot of these options can only be used in specific instances like when you are fishing in shallow waters or clear waters.

There are some that can serve a more general purpose and should be in every angler’s fishing box. Here is a brief rundown of the top general lures you can use to fish these species:


As stated earlier, the spinnerbait is a very versatile choice of lure for fishing this species of bass. The spinnerbait has the appearance of an open safety pin. It has spinning blades attached to its wire framework. These blades allow the spinnerbait to mimic the movement of live bait, drawing in unsuspecting bass.

Their safety pin design also makes them highly resistant to snagging. This means that they are a good choice when fishing for this fish in areas with lots of grass and vegetation. They can be used in almost any weather or water condition.

Plastic Worms

Plastic worms are some of the best lures you can use to catch these species. This soft-plastic lure imitates the movements of real-life worms. They are arguably the most effective fishing lure for this bass species on this list. This is because bass find them irresistible partly due to their simple, yet attractive colors.

Plastic worms are suitable in almost every condition except when bass are very active. In such instances, it is best to use faster lures like the crankbait or spinnerbait. Consider using smaller plastic worms in colder or deep waters and longer plastic worms in warmer waters. You can rig the plastic worm using the Carolina rig and Texas rig.


The jig has a reputation for being effective not only with this bass species. It also works very well with big bass. Jigs are available in various colors and are often designed to mimic the natural movement of the natural prey of this fish. Be sure to choose a jig that matches the natural environment where you will be fishing.

Jigs are an excellent choice when you need to fish for this bass species in areas that have a lot of:

You can use jigs all year round. However, they are more suitable for spring and summer. You can also use them in cold waters when you fish them slowly.

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Crankbaits are another versatile choice of fishing lure for largemouth bass and they are an excellent choice when fishing fast as they can cover a lot of water in very little time. This lure is available in various sizes, weights, shapes, and running depths. This makes it important to choose the right crankbait whenever you are fishing for this bass species.

Once your selection of crankbait is right, you can use the crankbait during any season. Go for natural colors in warm water, the more pronounced wobble in warmer waters, and tighter wobbles in cold waters. Also, ensure you pay attention to the speed and depth of your crankbait. Those factors can strongly influence your success when fishing this bass.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Attracts Bass the Most?

When it comes to live baits, minnows, shads, shinners, and crawfish attract bass the most. This is because they are part of the natural diet of this fish. The best fishing lures tend to be those that can mimic the appearance and movements of these prey to attract hungry bass.

What Color of Fishing Lures Should You Use for Largemouth Bass?

As a rule of thumb, you should use brightly colored lures, like orange, chartreuse, and yellow, in clear waters and dark-colored lures like black in murky waters.


You now have an idea of the best fishing lures for largemouth bass. However, these are not the only lures you can use. These ones are just very dependable and general. Be sure to try each of them out in multiple scenarios.