What Color Are Bass Fish?

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Anglers must know how to recognize a fish that they want to catch. Many novice anglers ask, ‘what color are bass fish?’ If you are planning a bass fishing trip, get to know the basic details of this species so that you can enjoy the thrill of catching that particular type of fish.

What Color Are Bass Fish?

Bass fish are olive, dark green, brown, silver, striped and dark brown in color. They have a shiny silver tone and their belly is usually white. There are different types of bass and largemouth is darker in color while striped bass has stripes on the body. Black bass and white bass get their name due to their dark and light coloring respectively.

An image of largemouth bass fish

Bass is a medium-sized fish that is found in lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and even in the sea. This fish species is energetic, and active, and preys on baitfish. Anglers love to catch bass because it gives the fight and resistance that make the sport more fun. It is good if anglers can recognize the fish when they catch one. It adds to the ecstatic feeling of accomplishment.

The Various Types of Bass and Their Colors

In America, there are numerous kinds of bass that are caught in lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and the sea. Moreover, there are numerous commercial breeders that farm bass to sell them to restaurants and markets for sale. According to seasons, and locations the various types of bass are equally popular among anglers.

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass is olive green or brown. You can recognize this fish by its broad mouth as well. However, the dark colors of largemouth make it challenging catch in muddy waters or in deep lakes where there is the heavy cover. The brassy green fish has a long sloping mouth, which is its primary identity feature.

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass is dark green, or olive in color and has golden flecks on most of its scales. Apart from the color distinction, this fish is recognized by the small mouth that does not extend farther outwards than the eyes.

Striped Bass

This fish species is very popular and it is easily recognizable due to its dark grey, blue stripes, and silver color. The Striped Bass has a white belly and it is one of the most common fish types that anglers target in lakes and reservoirs almost all year round.

White Bass

White bass species is silver in color and its belly is white. This fish has lines on the sides, although they are too narrow to be visible from a distance. This fish is shorter than other bass, however, it is a sought-after variation as this fish speeds away from the boat as you hook it!

All these variants of bass are different in appearance, although each of them put up a competitive fight when they are hooked. Anglers enjoy the sport due to the shiny, and beautiful fish they catch, however, their energy is what makes the game exciting. Knowing how each bass colors vary, anglers can enjoy boasting about their catches among other anglers!

The Colors That Attract Bass

The kind of lures that you use to catch any fish is a crucial choice. For bass, you will need to present lures in red, orange, silver, and dark colors such as green and blue. While this fish is noticeable from a distance, it also has sharp vision and can see far. The lures that anglers use to attract bass can be

  • Plastic worms
  • Minnows
  • Shad
  • Small fish imitations in bright and shiny colors
An image of a hand holding a bass fish

Some Related Questions

Bass anglers and adventurers like to know about the various fish they want to catch. Bass is a popular species among anglers and they ask all kinds of questions regarding this feisty fish. Some of these questions are asked more frequently.

What Color Is Bass Meat?

Bass meat is white and white fish is popular among health-conscious and mindful eaters everywhere. Red meat fish like tuna contains more fat and therefore becomes a high-calorie food whereas white meat fish is light and low in calories. It still offers all the benefits of fish, such as minerals and protein.

Can I Mistake Another Fish for Bass?

Bass has distinct colors and can be recognized easily. In ponds where the bass is found, the other species are trout, catfish, and a few other medium-sized fish. Out of all of these, bass has unique features such as a broader body. Moreover, you can recognize striped bass, white, or largemouth bass due to their physical features that are mirrored in the names.


If you are an ardent angler, you must have heard stories about the fish species that make fishing a thrilling hobby. Get to know what bass looks like so that you can tell stories about your adventure without being unsure of what color bass is!