What Fishing Line to Use for Striped Bass?

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Striper fishing can be an amazing experience, or it can be an event you would remember for all the wrong reasons. Anglers must have the right equipment to be able to catch this fish, which can be a challenging catch. What Fishing line to use for striped bass? Get to know the answer so you are fully prepared.

What Fishing Line to Use for Striped Bass?

The fishing line for striped bass can be a 10 to 12 pound test, which will make fishing more thrilling. However, open saltwater casting for this fish would require a heavier line of 20 to 30 pound test, and if you are casting in the surf, the line can be as heavy as 40-pound line.

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While fishing experts suggest that anglers must be comfortable with the rod length and the line weight so that they can easily catch this aggressive fish species. However, if you carry a 10 to 20 pound line to catch stripers, you can comfortably cast and drift.

Types of Lines for Striped Bass

Anglers can use three types of fishing lines to target this fish species. Since this fish is actively feeding in shallow waters, you can use a lure with a sinker to present the lure lower in the water. However, anglers may get confused about the type of line that will be suitable for them.


As the name implies, this fishing line is made with one strand and is easy to use. This type of line has been in use for a long time now. Anglers prefer to use this line because it is thin, and is good for spinning.

This line can stretch and that makes it a good choice for catching striped bass since it is bigger than other lake fish and exerts a lot of force on the line and rod. Anglers feel less of a burden when the line can take up a bit of the force that the fish is applying to break free from the hook.

Braided Line

Braided lines can be tough, although they are easy to cast. Again, the name explains that it is made with multiple strands. These lines are sensitive and anglers can feel the slightest vibration, however, there is no stretch in this line. Using softer action will allow good use of this line’s strength and that is why it is better for casting. If you use a fishing line in a rod holder, mono will work better.

Fluorocarbon Line

This type of line is new and it is also a single strand. The stretch of this line is less than a monofilament, and more than a braided line. For striper fishing, you can use this kind of line because it can work like a monofilament and is quite invisible.

The Best Setup for Striped Bass in Shallow Sea

The best line for striped bass can be a monofilament or fluorocarbon as you need sturdiness while the line has to be thin so that it is not too prominent and visible. With this line, you can use the following equipment to maximize your success on water:

A green fishing rod with a white fishing line is used to fish in the lake
  • Four to eight feet of mono or fluorocarbon leader attached to the main line
  • A lure that imitates natural fish
  • A circle hook of average size
  • Sinker egg or sliding sinker on the leader
  • A three-way swivel up the leader

As the lure will be near the floor of the shallow sea area, it will move with the current and the thin line will not raise any suspicion. You will feel a strong bite within a short period and the striper will be hooked despite strong resistance. As you reel in the fish, the line takes up much of the stress.

Some Related Questions

Many novice anglers find more clarity on any subject when they read what other anglers are asking and how experts respond.

What Size Hooks for Striped Bass?

The best hook size for small stripers is 2/0 and for bigger ones, you can use 7/0. However, since it is hard to tell what size of fish you will be catching, it is best to use a hook size between 2/0 and 4/0 to fit the bill.

Why Is Monofilament Better for Striped Bass Fishing?

Monofilament line is thin, it has a stretch and it is not very heavy. All these factors make it a good choice for catching stripers because they exert force and the stretch can counter it. Moreover, there is the visibility factor. This type of bass are alert and active fish and therefore, anglers need a line that will not be visible and does not cause suspicion.


When you are planning a striped bass fishing trip, be sure to pick the right fishing line so that you do not need to exert too much force and can get the fish hooked within a short time. The best fishing line for this species will have to be one that can handle the fierce resistance from the fish.