What Is the Size Braid for Bass Fishing?

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If anglers do not carry the right equipment for bass fishing, it will not give the results they planned as they headed out for the trip. What is the size braid for bass fishing, and how will it help? You should know what kind of line will work best for catching bass.

What Is the Size Braid for Bass Fishing?

Bass anglers use 30 to 65-pound test braid with bait casting reels. You cannot use a braid lower than 30-pound braid because it will cut and bind into the reel. The size of the braid to use for bass will vary according to the method of fishing. However, the range here is most suitable and will help catch big fish every time.

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Anglers also use 15 to 25 pound test monofilament, or fluorocarbon reel if they are using a spinning rod and a reel with light action. This setup will require a lighter line than a braid, however, many conventional anglers love to use a braid because of its sturdiness and reliable strength.

Other Types of Lines for Bass Fishing

For various kinds of fish, different fishing lines are popular for yielding the desired results. Bass is a hard fish to catch. Even if it gets hooked easily, this species fights with the line and tries to break loose from the hook. The line you use will have to be sturdy so that it can take the resistance without snapping! The main kinds of lines used for bass are

  • Monofilament
  • Fluorocarbon
  • Braided

The traits that you must look for in a fishing line are sensitivity, invisibility and of course, sturdiness to take the hefty fight from bass! While monofilament is quite invisible, the stretch in this line might make it hard for anglers to detect a bite. Fluorocarbon is widely preferred by all. This line has lesser stretch and is invisible, however, it is hard for some anglers to use with a reel as it is stiff.

Advantages of Using Braided Lines

Braided lines have numerous advantages and many seasoned anglers prefer to use this kind of line. Firstly, braids do not have any stretch, and they are sturdy enough to get a big fish out of the thick vegetation. This line is used with frogs, jigs, crankbaits, and buzz baits. You can use them in muddy waters, and heavy covers. Braids work best for long casts.

The Right Technique for Using Braids

Every line size is suited for a particular technique and if you are using braids, you will need various sizes for the kind of bait you use. The use of finesse soft plastics will require 10 to 20-pound braid, while the use of Texas or Carolina Rig will need a heftier braid of 40 to 50 pounds. If you are using swim baits, they will require a braid of more than 50 pounds.

Similarly, the rod and reel combo also favors the use of some fishing lines more than others. If you are spinning for bass, a 20-pound test braid will work well. This line will support finesse baits such as wacky rigs or drop shots.

Braids work best when you use them for bait casting in areas where there is thick plantation or bass hide in rocky crevices. This type of line is reliable and can make it easier to pull the fish out of a tough spot. Largemouth bass and other species are caught with this line. The only time when you can rely on another line is when the water is extremely clear and there is a chance that bass will be able to see the braid line.

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Some Related Questions

Novice anglers often aim to go bass fishing someday so that they can enjoy the adventurous sport, and for that, they want to know all about the right equipment and tackle. May anglers ask the same kinds of questions about the braid size and other things that make bass fishing fun, and successful.

What Is the Best Line Setup for Bass?

The best line setup for bass will be a rig that can be fished in all seasons and all kinds of weather conditions. Texas Rig suits all water depths, muddy and clear water and you can present it in any season to catch many big bass.

Is Braid Good for Bass Fishing?

Braid is good for bass fishing because it has no stretch, which helps anglers know when the fish is hooked. Moreover, it has a thin diameter so is not very visible. Braids are strong and reliable when you are catching feisty fish like bass.


When collecting the right gear for a bass fishing trip, novice anglers might ask about the rod, reel, and line to be used. What is the size braid for bass fishing? Make sure you carry the right size braid so that it helps you catch the fighting fish.