What to Feed Bass in a Fish Tank?

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When you think of setting up an aquarium, bass and other large fish are not usually the first choice. However, since bass is energetic and they move around fast, they can be an attractive addition. What to feed bass in a tank? Knowing the right foods for bass can be the first step to maintaining the fish in a tank.

What to Feed Bass in a Fish Tank?

You can feed worms, insects, small fish, and pellets to bass fish in a tank at home. While many fish have a limited palate, this species is diverse and can feed on numerous kinds of fish and insects. Additionally, fish food available at aquarium shops will also be suitable for bass.

An image of crickets that you can feed bass in a fish tank

Once the bass is accustomed to the food you give it in the tank, it will learn the time and will follow you in the water as you move towards the opening in the top to feed it. The small fish for bass can be shrimp or whitebait. The insects that bass feed on in captivity can include bloodworms, crickets, and mealworms.

How Much Food Does Bass Need in a Day?

Bass eats almost two-thirds of its body weight every day. Since you will get the bass from an aquarium shop rather than catching it from a lake, you can get a small one that is only three to five inches long and weighs almost a half-pound.

This species of fish grows quickly and it will grow to almost 2.20 pounds during the first year and its maximum weight will be almost 10 pounds in captivity. You can feed bass according to their body weight at all ages.

Are Pellets Good for Bass?

Bass might not eat dried fish food in the lakes, however, they can enjoy this food in a fish tank. The advantage of pellets and fish flakes is that they are designed to provide bass with the essential nutrients in balanced proportions. Your bass pet will thrive on this food.

You can buy dried fish food from aquarium shops and while some foods are made for smaller fish, bass food pellets will contain the balanced amount of nutrients fit for this species. Bass can be an interesting fish to keep in a tank, and this food will help them grow well and healthy.

Will Bass Eat Frozen Foods in a Tank?

Yes, bass can eat frozen shrimps and small fish without any difficulty. Tank fish does not behave like bass in rivers or lakes. While wild bass will not eat dead fish, frozen fish is acceptable for bass in captivity. Moreover, getting fresh fish every day can be a problem for aquarium owners.

How Much of Each Food Type to Feed Bass in a Tank?

Owners can alternate different foods for bass in the tank to ensure that it gets proper nutrition. Bass is an aggressive predator and eats plenty of bait fish in lakes. However, in captivity, owners will have to mix it up and give their pet bass portions of all kinds of foods. Insects for your bass include

  • Crickets
  • Bloodworms
  • Mealworms
  • Bugs
  • Superworms
  • Dubia Roaches, and
  • Earthworms
An image of shrimps that you can feed bass in a fish tank

Keeping Bait for Bass in a Tank

Owners can grow bait fish, which means that you can let smaller fish live in the same tank. As bass feeds on them, these smaller fish will be reproducing more bait for it. You can even buy shad and minnows from the tackle store and keep them in the tank.

What Not to Feed Bass in a Tank

Pet owners must not feed live frogs and bigger fish to bass in a tank. The reason to avoid this food is that bass does not swim great distances in captivity and will not be able to digest it. In lakes, bass swims around fast and can digest fats. However, bass tanks are almost three feet long and do not offer enough space.

Related Questions

Bass enthusiasts may know how to keep these active fish in a tank and what to feed them. However, if you are a new fish owner, you may have different questions about what to give bass for a balanced diet. 

What Does Small Bass Eat?

Small bass can have fish flakes, worms, and small fish like minnows, and guppies. Pet owners can feed smaller bass different things on different days. For example, one day they can eat live fish, the next day they can be insects, then one day, they can be shrimp or any frozen food. Small bass can have dried food pellets as well.

Are Bass Picky Eaters?

No, bass fish are not picky eaters and they can eat any kind of bait fish or even frozen food. This fish does not avoid the dried food pellets that you can buy from any aquarium shop. However, you must ensure that you feed them according to their body weight and requirements.


Many pet owners and fish keepers would enjoy keeping bass in a tank at home. This fish is interesting to watch as it grows within two years. However, it is essential for all fish owners to know what to feed bass in a fish tank.