What to Fish With in April for Bass?

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Bass fishing becomes the sport of choice for anglers as soon as spring comes around. If you are also planning to fish for bass this season, you might wonder what to fish with in April for bass. When you have the right gear and a well-packed tackle box, bass fishing will become a success.

What to Fish With in April for Bass?

You can fish bass in April with a good bait casting, or flipping rod. The best fishing line to use with these rods will be monofilament or braid. The lures that work best in April for bass are jerk baits, crankbaits, jigs, plastic worms, and drop shots.

In April, bass enters shallow waters from the deep winter hideouts. The fish feeds aggressively on all kinds of bait fish and would race to any lure lowered only a few feet into the water, or at the top of it. A good bait casting rod will ensure that you can cover more areas of the lake.

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Selecting the Rod and Reel to Fish for Bass in April

Bass behavior will change quickly during spring because of the changing weather, and winds. When the water is clear in spring, the fishing line can be visible to bass. However, if it is windy, anglers can use thicker lines as bass will not be able to detect any line leading the lure.

The fishing rod that you need for bass during the spring season can be a casting rod or a flipping rod according to the difference in weather and the stillness of the water. Since bass is aggressive and hungry in spring, monofilament will be a good choice.

Selecting the Right Lure for Bass Fishing in April

For bass fishing in lakes, you can use any of the lures that imitate the fish living there. The crawfish, shad, and minnows available in bright colors at the nearest tackle shop can be a good addition as they ensure a quick bite from the bass swimming in shallow waters.

While bass fish like to feed on live shad, minnows, and small fish, the lures that work best will be favorable for the unique weather conditions in April. You can rely on the following lures to catch big bass

  • Plastic worms on a clear day.
  • Jig baits near vegetation or in shallow areas.
  • Drop shot rigs for bass swimming a few feet deeper, and
  • Crankbaits, or jerk baits on colder spring days.

Plastic Worms

Anglers can also use plastic worms that mimic live worms on a thin line. Catching bass becomes easy when they come to the surface to feed on the worm and get hooked. These worms will work well in areas where bass are congregating when the water is clear.

Jig Baits

Jigs are a great choice for bass fishing in spring if you select a rocky spot or a shallow point with plants underwater. The jig moves slowly and it gives time to the hidden bass to notice it. Moreover, this kind of lure is good for covering more area, at a range of depths.

Drop Shot Rigs

In April, bass is still moving to shallow waters from the deeper spots. Drop shot rigs have a weight attached at the bottom so you can lower them a few feet into the water to attract bass. The slow movement with sudden jerks will get a bite soon.

Jerk Baits and Crankbaits

On colder spring days, anglers can select jerk baits or crank baits that imitate the slow bait fish of winter. Bass fish is cold-blooded and behaves differently in every season. It is coming into shallow waters from their wintering spots in April and will come up to catch these lures.

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Finding the Right Rig Combination

When you head out to a lake for bass fishing in April, you might need some techniques to catch bass quickly. These techniques will rely on how you cast the lure. Try out the various lures that work in different situations in spring.

Related Questions

If you are a first-time bass angler, you may have numerous other questions about fishing in April. When you head out to the lake to catch fish, you will find the answers to many of your questions through the experience of the adventure.

What Month Is the Best to Catch Bass?

The best month to catch bass is April. Bass is the biggest at this time of the year because it is the pre-spawn season. At other times of the year, you will be able to catch bass, however, they will not be as big as they are during April.

What Do Bass Bite on in April?

Bass bite on crankbaits, jigs, worms, and drop shot rigs in April. The slow dragging motion of these lures is attractive and when bass are moving from the deep wintering spots to shallow waters to feed, they bite these lures quickly.


Anglers must know what to fish with in April for bass so that they can catch some big fish and make their fishing trip an adventure to remember. Various lures can be used with the right fishing rod and line to get the best results.