What to Fish With in the Winter for Bass?

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Bass fishing in the winter can be fun, and it challenges the anglers to enjoy the adventure further. You can head out to any lake with a frosty top and there is a chance you will come back with many catches if you know what to fish with in the winter for bass.

What to Fish With in the Winter for Bass

You can fish for bass in winters with soft plastic bait fish that imitates shad and can attract bass from the depths due to its attractive movement in the water. The fishing rod and reel can be of your choice. However, they must be compatible. You will also need good hooks that do not injure the fish.

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The baits have to sink below the water surface because bass will not come to the colder water surface from the slightly warmer depth. Bass is a cold-blooded fish and it requires moderate water temperatures in every season. When the water is too cold in winters, bass move to the bottom of the lake and will not move to waste their energy unless the bait is nearby and a bite is easily available.

The Right Lure Type

One of the first things that you need for winter fishing is the correct type of lures for bass. You will need some finesse in the way you fish in winter, and preparation is a necessary part of the technique too. You cannot make use of noisy, or fast lures so select bottom feeders and slower jigs.

The best baits for bass in winter include:

  • Hair jigs
  • shad
  • Blade baits
  • Jerk baits
  • Rubber worms
  • Spinner bait

The idea is to catch bass from the deep waters, where it does not avoid a bait because it is too far from it. The movement of the bait or lure must be convincing for the bass to come out of its winter bed and bite. You should select the kind of lures that look natural and appealing.

What You Need for Bass Fishing in Winters

Wintertime fishing for bass will require some essentials like rods, reels, and hooks. Moreover, you must have the right tackle to ensure you get the attention of your target.

A fishing rod. You can select a spinning or casting rod according to your choice.

  • Boots, gloves, a good jacket, and waders. Standing on an icy cold lake is not going to be easy
  • A heater might be a good idea
  • Fishing lures that are not very fast. For example, blade baits, jigs, and soft plastic crawfish, and shad

Even if the water is not frozen at the surface, you will require winter gear to be able to tolerate the low temperatures while you wait for bass. Winter fishing can take longer because bass will not feed quickly.

Bass Feeding Patterns in Winter

Bass feed heavily in the fall season to prepare for the winters ahead. During winters, they will feed if there is bait fish around. Crawfish and many other bait fish disappear. However, some small bait fish may be around. If you know which fish bass feeds on in a particular lake, you can select the correct winter lure accordingly.

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Bass eat less in winter and they do not cover great distances for a small bait fish. If you use top water lures, they will not work. However, using umbrella rigs and jigs will work because the movement is more attractive for bass. You can learn from the winter fishing experiences shared by anglers. However, keeping the right lures in the tackle box will be the best technique!

Some Related Questions

What Colors Are Best for Winter Bass Fishing?

Black, blue, and brown are the best colors for wintertime fishing for bass. The idea is to make the lure look real so that the bass moves from the depth of the lake to bite it.

Will I Need a Special Fishing Rod and Reel Combo for Winters?

You will not need a special rod and reel for winter fishing for bass. You can use the rod of your choice, and the reel must be able to take the fight when the bass gets hooked. However, the lures are the most crucial choice that can make your wintertime trip worthwhile.


Bass anglers who wonder what to fish with in the winter for bass must know that the most crucial part of their rig and tackle lures. You can use various kinds of lures to catch bass. You will need winter gear and some special baits to get some good catches to make wintertime fishing for bass memorable.