What Type of Reel Is Best for Bass Fishing?

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Bass fishing is one of the favorite sports for anglers due to the adventure, and challenge of putting up with the energy of this fish. It is essential to have the right gear to ensure success, therefore, anglers often ask what type of reel is best for bass fishing, and the answer is quite straightforward.

What Type of Reel Is Best for Bass Fishing?

Bait casting reels are the best for bass fishing. For a long time, this reel has been considered the workhorse reel as it can help wind the line and get bass onto the boat within a short period. Bass is famous for giving anglers a hard time when it gets hooked. Bait casting reel helps put up with this fight.

Man holding his bass catch

Bait casting allows anglers to set up the bass lure at a distance, with more accuracy and control. These reels work best with crankbaits and spinnerbaits. A bait casting reel is most often used by anglers who want to combat the fierce fight and resisting movements by bass.

Whichever method they use, a bait casting reel will work efficiently to get the fierce bass on board.

Bait Casting Reels for Bass

Bait casting reel is different from spin casting reels as it is wound around a moving spool and gives anglers the flexibility to use this for various methods. You can cast the lure by flipping, or you can even use this reel for a drop shot rig, and it will efficiently draw the line off its top.

When anglers turn the handle to wind the line, the spool turns towards the angler and in an effortless movement brings in the bass. The bait caster does not only put up with the energetic fish, it also reduces human effort of reeling in the bass.

The new bait casting reels use magnets for speed control, which is easier to use because of the use of magnets to control the speed of the spool. This enables novice anglers to cast a further distance without getting a backlash in the reel.

Using Other Kinds of Reel for Bass

Bass anglers know that a bait casting reel will do the job well. However, if you have a spinning, or a spin casting reel, catching a bass fish will still be possible, albeit with more effort and skill. The various types of reels that anglers use include

  • Spin casting reels
  • Fly fishing reels 
  • Bait casting reels 

Spin Casting Reels

Spin casting reels have a cover with a hole through which the line is let out. The button at the end of the rod is used to set up the bass fishing line and hold it in place as anglers cast the bait. The reel points up towards the angler, and as the lure is lowered into the water, the movement of the line can be controlled with the button only.

Fishing reel placed on a board walk

This kind of reel is typically used by novice anglers since it is very easy to cast a long distance with just a push of the button with a long swing of the rod. This reel is easier to cast and when fighting the bass you have to shift the rod to the weaker hand. That means you’re reeling with your strong hand and lifting with your weaker one.

Fly Fishing Reels

If you’re fly fishing for bass in a lake, fly fishing reels are recommended with bass fly fishing because of the drag system. However, all models of fly fishing reels do not have this system. While the spin casting, and bait casting reels have more technology involved, the fly fishing reel is a simple spool and you will need to do some manual work even after you release the bass off the hook.

Unlike the other two reels, fly fishing reel requires more skill as anglers have to cast longer distances, and the reel will not control the amount of line that unwinds and passes through the guides on the rod you’ve been using. The weight of the fly line leads itself off the reel, and that is why anglers require a longer fly fishing line.

Related Questions

Every angler wants to try bass fishing, and before they plan a fishing trip, they must prepare everything they need to start bass fishing.

Why Do Bass Anglers Prefer Bait Casting Reels?

Bass fishing requires all kinds of baits and lures including heavy crankbaits, and spinnerbaits. Moreover, bass fishing in heavy covers will need a strong line. Bait casting reels have more torque and can handle heavy lines better than other reels.

Which Line Works Well With Bait Casting Reels?

Bass anglers should use 8 to 12 pound test monofilament, or fluorocarbon line. If you are using bigger swimbaits, topwater tackle or jigs, the line must be between 30 to 50-pound test range.


Anglers who are planning a bass fishing trip must know what type of reel is best for bass fishing. While technique plays an integral role in catching big bass, the right rig will get you the biggest catches! The correct use of a fishing reel can be the game changer for a feisty fish like bass.