What’s the Best Time to Fish For Striped Bass?

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Striped bass are among the fiercest fighters when they are hooked. You will find many of them in shallow waters or under covers like rocks. However, what’s the best time to fish for striped bass? If you want to catch some big ones, it would help to know the best time of the day and the best season for bass fishing.

What’s the Best Time to Fish For Striped Bass?

The best time to fish for striped bass is during the early morning, or late evening hours when the light is low. Striped bass is an active fish, and it feeds during low light periods when the smaller fish cannot see it. 

Striped bass

It’s ideal to catch bass when the water temperature is between 55°F and 68°F, during the high or low tide, and pre or post spawning period. You can have a successful fishing day if you combine all these factors and narrow down the best time to plan a fishing trip. 

Is It Better to Fish For Striped Bass in the Morning or Evening?

It is better to fish for striped bass when the light is low, whether it is early morning or late in the evening. At both these times, bass comes up for a bite because it is actively feeding on smaller fish. 

When Is the Best Time Each Season to Catch Striped Bass?

Fishing for striped bass can be more fruitful at certain times during each season. Knowing the right weather, time of the day and season can be beneficial for all anglers.


If you are fishing in lakes or shallow reservoirs, spring is the best season to fish for striped bass, since the water is not too hot. Early spring can be slightly cold, so afternoon timing will be best. 


Early morning and late evening can be best timing for striped bass fishing in summer. The oxygen level is higher in cool waters during summer season, and even if striped bass moves to hot regions for spawning, it returns to the most favorable temperature zones.


Early afternoon is the best time to fish for bass during the fall season. Every angler will enjoy bass fishing in fall because the fish is eager to feed, and falls for the lure rather quickly. Striped bass feeds heavily during fall to prepare for the winter season ahead. 

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If you can’t make time for an October fishing trip, the best time to fish for striped bass in winters is the hottest part of the day, when the sun is overhead. Striped bass will be easy to fish as long as bait is available. During winters, striped bass move to deeper parts of the lake. However, they will come for a bite if you lower the lure. 

When Are Striped Bass Most Active?

Striped bass is most active during the darker hours of dawn and dusk. Bass preys on fish when the vision is low for bait to detect predators nearby. The most active times may expand according to season. 

Saltwater Striped Bass

The best time to fish for saltwater striped bass is during the morning and later afternoon hours. The bass bites are strong during the high and low tides as well so if you keep a check on the local fishing forecasts, you can get lucky with some big catches.

Freshwater Striped Bass

You can catch striped bass in lakes and reservoirs during the early morning and late afternoons as they will be more active. However, you can go fishing at any time of the day and catch striped bass if you use the right bait. 

Are Striped Bass Active During Rain and Cold Snaps?

Feeding activity for striped bass increases as soon as low pressure due to cold or rain seeps in. Striped bass becomes an aggressive eater when a cold spell or rainy day is approaching. This time can be a great opportunity for bass anglers. However, after the cold spell passes, feeding slows down. 

Person showing off his Striped bass catch

Related Questions

Many anglers ask about striped bass, and the best time to fish for bass. Collecting all information before planning a fishing trip is a great idea.

Is Winter a Good Season for Striped Bass Fishing?

Winters are not a favorable season for striped bass fishing. Striped bass is cold-blooded and in winter the metabolism of this species slows down. However, if you go fishing in New Jersey, you may catch one or two, although it will take time and the climate will not be suitable for anglers. 

How Does Moon Phase Affect Striped Bass Fishing?

Moon phases impact bass activity significantly. Planning a daytime fishing trip three days before or after full moon or new moon will be a great way to cash in on the increased activity of striped bass. 


The best time to fish for striped bass is early in the morning, or late in the evening when light is low. Moreover, seasons also play an integral role in making your trip a success. However, you can enhance your fishing adventure by selecting the leader lines, right bait, lures and fishing gear.